Thursday, September 27, 2018

James Brody: One Month Old

They say time flies by and that they grow up so fast. They're so right. And this is something I already know! I have another baby after all. It doesn't matter how many times people tell you or how many times you've experienced it already, it's still shocking how fast they grow. Today my little man is already one month old. A month ago, I walked into my doctor's office and told her that I concede and was ready to meet my son. A month ago, I was feeling miserable and like my baby would never be born! I knew I would look back and laugh at myself for wanting so desperately to get him out then and there. I'm at that point now as I look at my perfect son who is already a month old. How did that happen?

Since Brody was only born a month ago and this is his first monthly update, he has quite a few firsts. I'm just going to highlight the fun stuff because let's be real, no one wants to know about his first blow out, spit up or time he peed all over dad. {Okay you may want to know about those. Let's just leave it at the peeing all over dad was hilarious and has happened on more than one occasion!

First baby shower
Brody attended his first baby shower before he was even two weeks old! If you haven't gotten the chance to read about my sister's baby shower, be sure to take a look! Brody can't wait to meet his cousin and built in best friend.

First bath
His umbilical cord stump fell off mostly when he was 12 days old. By 13 days, it was completely gone and Brody was ready for his first real bath in a tub! Nonna was also itching to give him one. She actually was the first one to clean up both of my babies post delivery and give them their first real baths at home. It's so special having a mom that is a nurse!

First road trip
Just like his sister, Brody's first road trip was to College Station, TX! Since Jojo and Pops live there, it's the perfect place to go during Aggie home games. We get lots of extra love and time with JP's family, and we get to go to the Aggie football games. I don't go to all of them, but occasionally it's nice to get away. I'm so fortunately to have a rockstar mother-in-love that is always willing to watch my babies and give me a little break.

First visit to Jojo & Pops house
This kind of coincides with his first road trip, but I do believe that his first visit to his Jojo and Pops house is worth documenting! We're already looking for trip number two in just a couple of weeks!

First thumb suck
The picture above not only documented his first visit to Jojo and Pops', but it also captured this little guy's first thumb suck! He is completely obsessed with his hands, so it makes sense that he's found his thumb. He hasn't really quick figured it all out, but he's found it a few times since then.

First out of state visitor
Brody's Auntie Ali and one of my very best friends flew in from Chicago last weekend just to meet this little guy...and to see me I like to think! She was actually in the delivery room with me when Chloe was born, so it was hard to have her far away when Brody came into the world. Luckily she was able to come down and snuggle him before he hit the one month mark. We can still tell him one day that she's known him his whole life. It was a wonderful visit that included lots of love, friends and Aggie football. Of course we lost to Bama, but one day we'll beat them again! I was hoping Brody would be the Aggies good luck charm.

Brody loves...
  • nursing! I have another boobie baby that just loves to eat!
  • his big sister Chloe. I love watching them interact and she is just smitten with him.
  • being worn in a carrier. We've tried all four and he loves all of them.
  • snuggling whoever will hold him. He's the snuggliest, most loving little guy.
  • being in motion. Walks and car rides are him jam. Just don't stop. Red lights are not fun.
  • staring at fans, blinds and mobiles. 
  • swinging in his swing. It combines his love of being in motion and mobiles!

Brody dislikes...
  • diaper changes.
  • getting dressed or changing cloths.
  • drying off after bath time.

My sweet Brody Boy,

This last month with you in the world has been the best. I was worried before you arrived about how you would fit into our family, about how Chloe would react to you, about how I could love you as much as I do her. It's silly to think about it now because loving you is like breathing and I couldn't imagine our family without you. In just 31 days, you have changed our lives as we know it! In the best way of course. 

You are the sweetest, cuddliest boy and I could hold you for hours. I love having visitors, but when they leave, I'm thankful to have you to myself again. I love to wear you around the house just to hold you close to me for as long as possible. You rarely cry, but when you do, boy are you mad! You turn beet red like Baby Jack Jack from The Incredibles and you forehead turns purple. It's actually quite comical minus the fact that you're incredibly loud. But for the most part, you're easy going and put up with all of our family antics.

I can't wait to see where each month takes us, but I'm okay for everything to come slowly. I need to soak you up as much as possible because before I know it, you'll be a wild 3 year old like your sister. Until then, I'm going to memorize your facial expressions, hold you as much as possible and see where life takes us. I love you to the moon and back James Brody and I can't believe that God chose me to be your momma.

I love you without wax,

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

4 Week Unbumpdate

It's time for another Unbumpdate! These are my postpartum diaries following along the lines of my pregnancy bumpdates. It's a way for me to be real and honest about what's happening during the 4th trimester or the first 3 months of Brody's life.

Over the last 4 weeks, I've been fortunate enough to have my husband at home with me to help with the kids and to give me time to myself. I know that this is definitely helping my mood and my healing process. I still have him for another 4 weeks! I am one lucky momma!

How Old is Brody? 
He is 4 weeks old yesterday

Size of Brody: 
He's definitely a hearty boy. Check back Thursday for this one month post to see where he's at!

Weight Loss: 
I'm about 12lbs from my prepregnancy weight. I'll admit, other than walking, I haven't started try to lose the weight! I've been doing a little indulging in sweets and carbs lately. Going forward, I'm going to keep myself to eating dessert only once a day as opposed to once a meal! Haha. Breastfeeding cravings are no joke y'all!

Postpartum Aches and Pains: 
Postpartum pains went away much quicker this time around! I cramped pretty bad for the first two weeks or so, but after that it was gone. Since I didn't tear the perineum pain was gone by the time I had my 2 week postpartum check up! That has been the biggest blessing since I remember being so sore for weeks after a second degree tear with Chloe. As far as my postpartum bleeding goes, it has subsided over the last week which was nice. {I stopped bleeding around week 4 with Chloe as well.}

My biggest complaint is back and neck pains. This momma needs to make an appointment with the chiropractor and get a massage! 

I've been in a pretty good headspace for the most part! The baby blues we definitely present in the early days which is incredibly common. Some days I'm still weepier than necessary over some things; mostly just mom guilt and silly things that I don't need to worry about. I think my weepier days coincide with my lack of sleep. After a few bad nights, I'm a bit more emotional.

I'm still trying to be very aware of my emotions and whether any signs of postpartum depression or anxiety develop. I did deal with some postpartum anxiety that was diagnosed late with Chloe. If for some reason these feelings develop, I want to be on top of them this time around! But overall I'm loving this new season of life I'm in! 

Some nights are better than others! Brody pretty consistently wakes up every 3 hours to feed. About every other night or every 2 nights, we get a solid 5 hour stretch which is amazing! I'm a bit foggy brained these days, but it's nothing I can't handle. Thank goodness for JP who takes night time diaper duty, so I can just lay in bed and feed Brody. When I get out of bed, it's so much harder for me to fall back asleep. I'd say I'm averaging about 5-6 hours a night which isn't too bad for a 4 week old.

I am one of the fortunate ones that has a pretty easy time breastfeeding. Chloe and Brody were both great eaters that just seemed to know what they were doing. Brody is continuing to do a great job eating and gaining weight. He's a little champ! Since we're entering his first mental leap, he's a bit fussier than normal and is wanting to cluster feed again. I don't mind doing it, but it does give one tender nipples. Take a look at my postpartum favorites post to see what I use to help that!

Breastfeeding cravings are just as intense as pregnancy cravings if you ask me! Also, I find that I need to eat more when breastfeeding versus being pregnant. The average breastfeeding mom actually burns about 500 extra calories a day to product milk. Lately my cravings are all the carbs I can get my hands on. I'm more of a grazer, so lots of snacks to get me through to dinner time. I indulged quite a bit the first few weeks, and I'm trying to make healthier choices now that life is getting back to the swing of things.

After my 2 week postpartum appointment, my OB cleared me to start walking again and to begin easing into slow postpartum workouts. She was so impressed with my ability to walk and workout up until the day that I delivered that she gave me the okay a little earlier than normal. 

I've been very aware of my body and how I'm feeling, so I'm easing into everything. The past two weeks I've walked 3 days a week and seemed to pick up my pace a bit each time. 

Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: 
Watching Chloe love on and interact with her baby brother! She's constantly asking "where's brother?" or "where did you put the baby?" when she knows exactly where he is. It's kind of weird and adorable all at the same time.

Another best moment was when Auntie Ali came to visit from Chicago and meet Brody! It was so wonderful watching them interact, plus Ashley, Ali and I were reunited for a girls weekend. Football, sleepover and brunch included.

If you haven't seen it already, be sure to check out Brody's Birth Story. There is a part 2 in progress, but I'll admit that I'm a bit slow and behind!

Monday, September 17, 2018

A Nautical Baby Shower

After all of the pregnancy and baby posts for my sweet boy James Brody the last few months, you may think that this is another post celebrating him. Nope! There's another bundle of joy coming into our lives in a matter of weeks; my very first nephew Gabriel Francis Lewis! That's right, I'm going to be an auntie and I couldn't be more excited. Don't get me wrong, I feel like an auntie to my very best friends babies because I love and care for them so much, but this time it's my sister that's pregnant and it feels so special.

My sister is 9.5 weeks behind me in pregnancy, so yesterday she hit the 34 week mark. We're looking at just about a month and a half until we're back in labor and delivery again to meet Baby Gabe! It was so much fun being pregnant together, and it's going to be even more fun raising our sons together! The fact that she lives only 5 minutes from me is the absolute best. Chloe's going to love having two little boys to boss around in a few years.

My mom, our friends Meena and Kelsey, and I hosted Gabe's nautical themed baby shower. His nursery is going to be ocean/whale themed, so we were able to incorporate lots of decorations that could be used in his nursery as well. 

Of course we had to do a whale themed clothes line to help her get his wardrobe started! Most of these items can be found at Carters or Target! The Nautical bandana bibs are from Amazon. {4 for only $14.99!} They have other patterns if you're interested too. I received the dinosaur set at my shower and had to get some for Gabe. The burp cloths and breast pads are handmade by family friends, and the personalized onesies and bibs are made by our friend Amy Jo who has an Etsy shop called Milk Belly Designs!

Speaking of Amy Jo, she also created this gorgeous diaper cake for Gabe! Even though she couldn't be at the shower, her personalized touches were all over the place!

The diaper cake sat in the middle of our under the sea candy bar! We had everything from sour seaweed to the catch of the day, gummy sharks to fish bait, and salt water taffy to a school of fish! We bought some white treat bags from Amazon and some sweet thank you whale stickers to add on for guests to fill up and take home with them. It was definitely a hit.

Here is what our Under the Sea candy bar consisted of:

Fish Food: M&M's
Salt Water Taffy
Whale Kisses: Dark and milk chocolate kisses
Seaweed: Sour noodles (blue and green separated)
Fishing Bait: Sour noodles (red separated)
Gummy Octopus
Whale Poop: Peanut M&M's
Gummy Sharks
School of Fish: Swedish Fish
Catch of the Day: Tropical Fish Lollipops
Chocolate dipped pretzels

As far as baby shower games go, we didn't really go the traditional route. Since the shower was co-ed, it was really more of an opportunity to just hang out, mingle, eat good food and open lots of presents. But you can't have a baby shower without a little something! This time we put a spin on the traditional "Don't Say Baby" game. Instead of using clothes pins, we used lifesaver necklaces made with mint Life Savers and bakers twine. Whenever someone said "Baby" if you caught them, you could steal their necklace. Whoever had the most necklaces at the end of the night, won a gift card!

We also had a diaper raffle for everyone who brought a pack of diapers for the parents-to-be! You can never have too many diapers when welcoming a little one into the world. Everyone that brought some was able to enter their name for each package they brought and at the end of the night we drew a winner for another gift card! Speaking of diapers, we also set up a "Midnight Changing Station." The idea is to write a silly note of the back of a diaper to lighten the mood when changing diapers in the wee hours. I love doing this for new parents because they get lots diapers and a few laughs too.

As far as food goes, we had quite the assortment! Since it was an evening shower, we provided dinner. My dad smoked some pork and brisket on the pit, so we had sliders with all the fixin's and sides! We also had buffalo chicken dip, raspberry chipotle meatballs, baked beans, coleslaw, veggies, chips and dips. On top of that, we had tons of desserts to choose from aside from the candy bar. Brownies, a truffle pudding, sopapilla cheesecake, an actual cheesecake and two cakes! I completely forgot to get pictures of all the food before everyone started digging in, but I did snap a picture of the vanilla cake with it's sweet whale topper that we found at Hobby Lobby.

I think that covers all the details of the shower! Now it's all about the mom and dad-to-be and the ones who love them most. It's not a party without a moment to take ALL the pictures.

Just before pictures, we had to snap a picture of Matt and Emily, but of course Chloe had to be in it. Emily is quite possibly Chloe's favorite person in the world.

Then we had to get the traditional hostess, parents, best friends and family pictures at the end of the night.

Hostesses with Emily and Matt
Kelsey-Amy-Donna (Mom)-Emily-Matt-Meena

Emily & Matt with all the parents...and Chloe (at least she's smiling this time!)

It was an absolutely wonderful shower! The new parents received so many amazing gifts and were showered with love the whole night. It's always wonderful to see people come together and celebrate especially when it's for two very deserving people.

Emily and Matt,
We love you both so much and can't wait to meet your baby boy. He is going to be the most perfect addition to our crazy family. I'm already excited to see him and Brody grow up together as best friends and cousins! Prayers for an easy rest of the pregnancy and labor and delivery. I can't think of two more amazing parents than y'all. Gabe is a lucky little boy.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Brody's Birth Story Part 1: The Birth

At 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I was so done. I was emotional, exhausted, hurting and just ready to meet my baby boy. My body has shown signs of progression for several weeks, yet it wasn't kicking into active labor. I had done everything possible to prepare my body and get things going. I even dealt with a day of prodromal labor and was sent home after going to the hospital at 40+1. Luckily the following Monday was my doctor's appointment where we planned to discuss what the next steps were, and this is where our story begins...

10:45am: I had my final OB appointment where I planned to waltz in and beg her to induce me! And that is exactly what I did. My doctor came in and asked me how I was holding up. I told her that I concede and would love to just be induced as early as possible! {For those of you new around here, I really wanted to go into labor naturally and not have to deal with the evil pitocin. I was induced with my daughter and knew the pain of pitocin contractions. Since I wanted to have a medicine free delivery, an induction free delivery was ideal.} She said she'd call the hospital as soon as she checked me. She checked and I was still sitting at about 3.5cm dilated, but she could stretch me to a 4. I had been walking around at 3cm for over 2 weeks! She also did another membrane sweep to hopefully help jump start things before she went straight to her phone to call the hospital. Meanwhile we waited for the ultrasound tech to call us back to check my fluid levels. My doctor had said if they couldn't get me in today that she would schedule my induction for the following night which pretty much was my worst case scenario. I needed that baby out! Only a few minutes later, she called me back and asked if I could go to the hospital straight away. Ummm...OF COURSE!

11:10am: We went straight to the hospital which was only about 10 minutes away. First, we called my dad who was working from home to see if he could come grab Chloe. He had a call to jump on, but luckily my sister-in-law Corbette was there and able to come grab her for us from the hospital before driving back to San Antonio for work! Then we called or texted the rest of the family to let them know what was going on and where to meet us once they got to the hospital. I was also texting all of my friends like crazy letting them know this was the real deal. I was going to have a baby soon!

11:30am: While JP waited for Corbette, I checked into hospital! My mom was working that day, so she walked from postpartum to labor and delivery to meet up with me. {My mom is a lactation consultant and former NICU nurse at the hospital where I delivered!} I waited for just a few minutes in the lobby before they called me back to my room. Luckily the VIP Princess Suite was available and ready for me! It's not really called that, but that's my name for the room because it's the largest L&D room and it even has it's own waiting room area attached.

I got all dolled up in my super sweet hospital gown and was ready and excited to get things going!

12:30pm: After answering all the questions and getting situated in my room my Pitocin and Penicillin were administered. I'm GBS positive, so I needed two doses of Penicillin in my system before baby was born to ensure that I don't pass it onto him! While it's harmless to adults, it can be deadly to babies. My pitocin levels were started at a 2 and could go as high as 36, but they gradually increase it in increments of 2 to slowly ramp up your labor.

My awesome nurse, Stephanie, was very supportive of my desire to have a med free delivery and presented me with several options to help aid my cause. First she brought in wireless monitors! That's right, I didn't have to stay in the bed with two monitors strapped to my belly reading baby's heart rate and my contractions. Instead, I had them taped to my belly and they were waterproof in case I wanted to get in the bath tub. Then she brought out the yoga ball for me to sit on if it felt right. In my case, it definitely did!

1:00-5:00pm: These 4 hours are kind of a blur as far as exact times go. There wasn't really anything too exciting about them other than the fact that I was indeed in labor and my people started arriving. Contractions over those hours gradually get more intense, but are manageable. They started as mild cramp about 5 minutes apart and picked up to a more moderate pain in the first couple of hours. My mom came and went as she had patients, and my sister arrived around 1:00pm. You know what else came at 1:00pm? That awesome tray of goodness you see in the picture above! When I was induced with Chloe it was ice chips only. This time my doctor allowed me to have clear fluids! I was all about the jello, sorbet and apple juice. Thank you Jesus. I know those sugars helped me to keep my energy up over the next several hours.

Around 3:00pm, my in laws arrived at the hospital from College Station. It was nice to have another mother in the room with me!

During this time, I labored standing up or on the medicine ball. Laying in bed was easily the most uncomfortable position I could possible be in! As the pitocin and my contractions picked up, I had to focus more on my breathing through the contractions, but they weren't the incredibly painful contractions that I knew would be coming. I was just wondering why they weren't here yet! At 4:00pm my sister left for her OB appointment. Funny story, we have the same doctor! I had a feeling that once my doctor was finished with my sister's appointment, she would be headed my way to break my water.

5:15pm: Emily returned from her appointment and only a few minutes later, my doctor comes in to check me and I'm only 3.5cm still! It was incredibly discouraging, but I knew that after they broke my water that things would pick up since that's what happened with Chloe. Brody had plenty of water in my tummy, so he wasn't able to descend and put pressure on my cervix, until some of that fluid was gone.

Luckily after both my doctor and nurse checked me, my doctor did indeed brake my water. This is where things picked up. Immediately my contractions were much worse. Literally the very first one after my water broke was painful. Instead of breathing through my contractions, I was moaning through them. I knew I couldn't stay on the bed, and my doctor again was awesome and encouraged me to get on the ball or stand whatever I needed to do except get in the tub. I was thankful because some doctors would prefer you to stay in bed after your water is broken. She was so respectful and encouraging of my wishes!

The ball became my happy place and I found a nice rhythm with my support team. With each contraction, JP would press his thumbs {and eventually decided his fists would be better} into my lower back while I push back with counter pressure. I kept my hands on my mom's legs and she helped me to breathe or moan through each contraction. It was incredibly empowering. My sister was also in the room taking pictures as well as my mother in law who was encouraging me the whole time.

7:00pm: It was shift change, so my lovely nurse was leaving me and I was introduced to my new nurse who turned out to be equally as awesome. She checked my cervix and I had progressed to 5cm, I was completely effaced and my cervix finally moved to an anterior position. I was bummed that I was only 5cm though because I started to feel like I was going through transition. You can see in the picture above that I'm in quite a bit of pain and transferring into the bed was the last thing I wanted to do!

At this point, JP turned on the Astros game for some distraction for me and entertainment for everyone else. {Yes, this turns out to be an important tid bit of information!} Then quite rapidly things began to change in the room. I was in an immense amount of pain and began shaking.

7:15pm: In between contractions, I talked with my mom and sister and decided that 3-4 more hours of contractions like that would be excruciating for me. I didn't think I could continue on if I was only 5cm dilated! I called my nurse and let her know that I decided that I wanted an epidural.

7:30pm: The anesthesiologist was actually nearby and finishing up with another patient, so he was in my room in 15 minutes. Getting from the ball to the bed was intense. I was shaking uncontrollably as I was sitting on the bed, but my nurse was amazing. She got me situated in the place I needed to be and just help me and helped me breathe through everything. She held my head to her chest and just encouraged me and made me feel safe, Poor JP didn't know what to do, so he just sat on the couch while everyone sat in the waiting room.

Then all of a sudden sh*t hit the fan. The anesthesiologist stuck me twice with the shots of Novocaine when I said, "I need to push right now. I'm pushing!" Just 30 minutes prior I was only 5cm! The anesthesiologist quickly stuck me with the epidural needle and I honestly didn't feel a thing. I was slowly doing little pushes to relieve the pain and pressure I was feeling.

They laid me back down and the room got frantic. All of my people in the waiting room didn't know it was showtime. My mom helped my nurse get everything ready by calling the nursery while my nurse got my doctor and everyone else necessary. During this time, the anesthesiologist was able to push the smallest dose of medicine through my epidural to take off the edge. Essentially it allowed me to feel calmed down and it numbed my butt. I still had full control of my entire body and I felt every single push.

7:45pm: Speaking of pushing, it was less than 15 minutes after the anesthesiologist arrived that I began my real pushes! I was able to hold my legs and give it my all with each contraction. Some people say they don't like it when the nurse or doctor counts to 10, but honestly it really helped me to concentrate on what I was doing. Pushing felt so amazing. Don't get me wrong, there was pain, but it was the greatest relief after going through transition. After the first few pushes, my doctor asked if I wanted to feel his head! Ummm...ABSOLUTELY! It was the greatest feeling knowing he was there and feeling his head of hair. I gave another couple of pushes after that and delivered his head. Just one push later my baby boy was here! Despite his quick delivery, I didn't even tear.

7:56pm: James Brody Gougler was born! He was immediately place on my chest and my legs finally got a chance to rest on the stirrups. I was so completely in love and flooded with emotions. I went from ugly tears and joyous laughter!

During this time, the Astros game was playing in the background. We were down 0-4 against the A's before I started pushing. By the time I finished pushing and Baby Brody was here, the Astros were up 5-4! JP was so proud and told everyone that I was the Astros good luck.

Now times get really fuzzy, so I'll just share the details. After a few moments on my chest, the nursery nurse had to take him from me because of fluid in his lungs. He came so fast that he didn't have time to descend and push the fluid out of his lungs. They suctioned 18 cc's of fluid from him, monitored his breathing, wiped him down, weighed and measured him!

Brody's grandpa arrived as I was pushing, so he was stuck out in the waiting room with the other gentlemen until I was decent. As you can see, he was itching to come in!

They only had Brody away from me for a few minutes. It didn't bother me too much because he was in the room and my mom was helping. Knowing she was there with him gave me a sense of ease. It's kind of funny because in all of these pictures, she looks like she's one of the nurses working since she had been working earlier that day!

While Brody was on the warmer, I easily delivered my placenta with a little push and no problems at all. I asked my doctor if I could see it, and not only did she show it to me, but she explained the different parts to me and my sister. It was so neat and fascinating. She also gave me one stitch because there was a loose piece of skin that she wanted to encourage to tighten up, so although I didn't tear, I had one stitch down there. The difference in the healing process tearing vs not tearing is incredibly different. I feel like I'm healing so much faster this time!

The only issue I had with Brody being away from me was the uncontrollable postpartum shakes! I was shaking like crazy when he wasn't on me. I needed him to help regulate my hormones!

James Brody Gougler was born at 7:56pm in Sugar Land, TX. He weight a whopping 8lbs 7oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.

My mom was able to hand him to me after his examination. If my mom hadn't been there, Brody would have gone to the NICU. It's standard procedure to take them if they have a certain amount of fluid on their lungs, so thank goodness for my mom and her expertise. I would have been devastated if he had to leave me!

After some skin to skin bonding, it was time for Brody's first breastfeeding session! How convenient to have a lactation consultant in the room with me. I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I kind of forgot what to do! It was nice to have my mom there to help with the first feed. After that, everything came naturally to me again.

Needless to say, Brody is a natural and a pro at this breastfeeding thing just like his sister!

Once we were situated, the whole gang was let in to meet the newest grandson and nephew! But I'm going to stop here for now. I promise to come back with Brody's Birth Story Part 2: The Recovery soon! I still have so many pictures and stories to share, but this is the perfect stopping point. My baby is here and we are so in love! 

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