Thursday, August 23, 2018

40 Week Bumpdate

The day is finally here! The day that I've had a big heart around on my calendar since the morning of December 15th when I found out I was pregnant. Today is officially my due date. I didn't make it to my due date with Chloe due to a couple of reasons. I chose to be induced at 39+5 for severe back pain and the fact that my dad was starting a traveling job that would have him in Denver for a few weeks with no chance to get back to meet his first grandchild. {You can read more about Chloe's birth story here if you haven't already!} That being said, I've never been this pregnant before! I'd get into the emotions of it right now, but scroll down a little further and you'll see how I feel.

One thing to note, all of my momma's babies were late. I pretty much wrecked her poor world coming a whopping 2 weeks late. Emily was a week and a half, Ben about a week and Matt was 2 days. Each baby came a little earlier, but never before their due date. Maybe Chloe was going to come late too? Who knows? Technically this little boy still has time before he's considered late. I'm not giving up hope yet!

How Far Along? 
40 weeks y'all! Today is my due date!

Size of Baby: 
A watermelon. That's right, a big ole watermelon is currently hanging out in my uterus.
He could range from about 7-9lbs and lengths from 19-21 inches. Now we just have to wait and see how big he'll be! My doctor thinks he'll only be a little bit bigger than Chloe was at 7lb6oz. We'll see soon enough!

Weight Gain: 
Something like 33-34lbs. I'm retaining water pretty bad this week!

Stretch marks: 
I'm lucky enough not to have any! Just the ones under my boobies from their first great expansion when I was pregnant with Chloe. Going from a barely B to a DD will do that to a girl.

The hip pain and pelvic pressure has been really rough the last few days. My pelvic complex feels so loose because well, it is. All of the relaxin in my body is working hard to loosen my ligaments and open up my pelvis for baby boy's exit. If only he'd decide to descend and make his debut! Other than that I'm dealing with mild nausea when I wake up and LOTS of Braxton-Hicks contractions every evening. 

Tacos, cereal, peanut butter, sweets and other things that really aren't good for me.

All over the place. Did you know that in the last few weeks of a woman's pregnancy she produces the same amount of estrogen that a normal woman produces in a year? Yeah, that's why we're crazy! The raging hormones are no joke. I can go from happy to bawling in a matter of seconds. Emotionally I'm so ready to meet this baby. I can't wait to see his face and watch his sister interact with him for the first time. I know I'll be a hot mess. I also know that things will get harder once he's here {as people are constantly reminding me these days...I don't need this advice y'all, I just want to be unpregnant!}, but I knew this going into getting pregnant again. I'm as ready as I'll ever be for these changes. I know I'll have to take it one day at a time and that I'll be incredibly sleep deprived, but it too will pass. Right now I'm just uncomfortable and want this beachball to come out. End mini rant.


In case you missed the reveal post, check it out here!

Can't stop, won't stop. A lot of babies slow down their movements at this time in pregnancy because they're running out of room. Not this guy! Apparently he still has plenty of room thanks to all of the fluid I still have. We did an ultrasound yesterday to make sure his fluid levels were safe. Not only were they safe, but they were double what my OB wanted to see!

I'm lucky enough to still be sleeping pretty well all things considered. I'm trying to soak it up while I can because I know that will be changing shortly! I'm still getting up 3-4 times a night to go potty,  and I have trouble falling asleep after at least one potty break each night. I always fall asleep eventually though!

Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk! If you follow along with me on Instagram, I have been posting updates every morning after my walk. I actually didn't post the other day and I got so many messages from people asking if I was in labor. Nope, I was just grumpy and over being pregnant so I didn't post. That backfired! But yeah, I literally walk 2-3 miles every morning for the last 4 weeks. I think I've only skipped a handful of mornings for one reason or another. It's definitely getting harder and I'm getting slower, but it's so worth it.

What I Miss: 
Tying my shoes without wincing in pain. Laying on the couch in whatever position I want. Wine. Margaritas. I think wine and margs would definitely help my state of mind these days!

Labor Signs: 
Contractions every night that are inconsistent and always die off after about an hour or so. I'm currently dilated to 3.5cm and 60% effaced. My doctor said that baby boy has descended some more, but my cervix is still high. We're both honestly shocked that I'm still pregnant at this point since I started progressing weeks ago. We did an ultrasound yesterday to check fluid levels since my fundal height came back a bit smaller than the week before. She was worried that my levels may have dropped and wanted them to be above a 6. Well it turns out they're at a 15! No wonder he's so comfy in there, he still has a nice cushion to relax and hang out in. On the plus side, we're both incredibly healthy and willing to wait it out a bit longer!

Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: 
Soaking up moments with my baby girl before she officially becomes a big sister from couch snuggles to outings. She's been a bit of a mess lately which definitely stresses me out from time to time {just kidding it stresses me out at some point daily lately!}, but I know it's because of all of these changes headed her way. She doesn't even realize what's truly about to happen.

Looking forward to: 
Going into labor, giving birth and meeting this baby boy!

There you have it! My 40 Week Bumpdate which I wasn't even able to do with Chloe. I'll admit, I was reaaaallllly hoping that I wouldn't get to do it with this baby either, but here we are! My next doctor's appointment is on Monday and at that point we'll discuss induction options. Until then I'm going to keep up with all the old wives tales and hope that eventually something will work and he'll come out on his own!

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

39 Week Bumpdate

I officially made it to 39 weeks! Only 7 days until my due date and who knows how many days until his birthday. Chloe was born at 39 + 5 and I'd be okay if he follow suit and came a little early like his sister. Overall I'm feeling good. I'm in a good headspace and really looking forward to labor and bringing my son into the world. Now we just wait and see what happens!

How Far Along?
39 weeks today! Houston, we have a full term baby!

Size of Baby:
Little man is the size of a watermelon, mini skateboard or pumpkin depending on who you ask.
I feel like he's going to be bigger than Chloe, but my doctor seems to think that he shouldn't be much bigger than her! At this point babies weights range from about 7-9lbs and lengths from 19-21 inches. Now we just have to wait and see how big he'll be!

Weight Gain:
Somewhere between 30-32 lbs. I was just shy of a 32 lb gain at my appointment yesterday. 

Holy pelvic pressure! This week baby has dropped...finally! He's been all up in my ribs and at some point on Tuesday I could just feel him descend. I'm also having Braxton-Hicks contraction every single evening for a couple of hours. They're all over the place and never get more intense which is why I'm obviously still pregnant!

Peanut butter and jelly, ice cream, sno cones, carrots, 

Depends on the time of day. Mornings are great! I'm usually in a pretty good mood and feeling my best. As the day goes on I get more irritable and uncomfortable. I'm not particularly proud of my attitude in the evenings! I'm so uncomfortable and just over the day. The BH contractions are uncomfortable and frustrating, and I'm usually just achy and tired. God bless my husband for being one of the most patient men on the planet. He ignores the fact that I am kind of a jerk and even rubs my feet and back!

All done and I am completely in love. Check out my full nursery post to see all of the details!

He is the most active kid ever! He is constantly rolling and kicking and punching. His movements have gotten much bigger over the past couple of weeks. He's so strong!

Hit or miss these days. I'm still falling asleep with ease and waking up between 2-5 times every night for potty breaks. My bladder is just preparing me for those middle of the night feedings! Sometimes I fall back to sleep with no problems at all, and sometimes it takes me an hour to actually fall asleep again. The nights where sleep is rough makes for an interesting next day chasing around a toddler!

Last Monday was my last class at the Health Club where I taught for almost 5 years. It was so bittersweet! I'm happy to have been part of such a great place, but I know it was time to move on. Driving into downtown Houston just won't be as reasonable once we have two kiddos and JP is working in the office again.

As for my workouts, I'm all about the walking! Last week I walked 2 miles or more 6 different days! This week I've already racked up 4 walks, so you could say that I'm determined to stay active, keep moving and walk this baby out. I'm also trying to do lots of squats, but I'll admit, I haven't done any upper body since my final class last week!

What I Miss:
My body. While part of me loves this baby belly, another part of me misses feeling like myself. I want to be able to tie my shoes and lounge on the couch comfortably!

Labor Signs:
I'm currently 3cm dilated and 70% effaced. My cervix is still pretty high, but baby boy has dropped! Baby steps. My body is doing what it's supposed to so now we wait. I did have a membrane sweep at my appointment yesterday to see if that would help give him an extra push!

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Nothing in particular. I get nauseous randomly and its usually in the evenings on days that I do too much. 

Best Moments The Past Weeks:
Just doing as much as we can as a family of three before baby boy comes!
Check out our "maternity shoot" that we did on my iPhone in my parents' backyard!

Looking forward to:
Going into labor
Experiencing labor
Meeting our little boy
{And yes, I'm excited about labor. I know it will be hard, but I'm really looking forward to it at this point!}

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

An Impromptu Maternity Shoot

Why hello friends! I'm still here and still pregnant getting bigger and bigger by the day! Today I'm 38 weeks and 5 days. I have my weekly OB appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping to do a membrane sweep to help jump start labor. We'll see what happens. Stay tuned for my 39 week bumpdate later this week to see!

Today I wanted to share some special pictures with y'all, but first a little explanation behind them. When I was pregnant with Chloe, I did maternity pictures around the 32-33 week mark. I loved capturing that phase of life with my little bump, and we have several of the shots captured framed in our home. This time around I decided not to a professional maternity shoot. I honestly can't tell you why I made this decision, but lately I started to regret it! I think my original thought was that we did a family shoot when I was 13 weeks pregnant and got some sweet announcement shots, so we didn't need to do another one. I also kept saying that this is my second pregnancy, so I didn't need to do it again. Ummm...wrong on both accounts. Family pictures are great anytime and are always worth it, and every pregnancy is different and deserves to be documented and remembered forever! That being said, this Sunday, my little family was all dolled up from a Sunday baptism of my dear friends' twins, and I had to take advantage! We were stopping by my parents' house to hang out for a bit after the baptism, so we snapped some quick pictures in their backyard. Luckily my sister was there to help out.

Now that you know the back story, let me show you what we came up with on a whim! Now remember, these were all taken by my sister on my iPhone 7 and edited by me in Lightroom. Nothing fancy, but I love how they turned out and that we were able to capture this stage of life!

There you have it! These were taken at 38 weeks and 3 days. You can definitely tell I'm towards the end of my pregnancy! My face is starting to swell a bit, but I'm so thankful to have these memories! To top it off, we did this in all of about 10-15 minutes.

It's crazy to think that he could be here literally any day now. Chloe came via induction at 39 weeks and 5 days due to a week of nearly constant prodromal labor and my desire to get her out before my dad left to start his job in Colorado on August 2nd! So I want to know...

What are y'alls guesses...when will this little boy make his debut? What will his birthday be and how much will he weight? Reminder, I'm 38 + 5 TODAY and Chloe weighed 7lb and 6oz at 39 + 5 to help you guess!

Monday, August 6, 2018

World Breastfeeding Week 2018

World Breastfeeding Week is wrapping up tomorrow and I had to take a moment to reflect on the beauty that this week represents. While I'm not actively breastfeeding this particular week, it's only a matter of days before I am in the throes of the early days of breastfeeding! Not only that, I spend most of the year helping my mom prepare for her annual WBW event at the hospital, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Breastfeeding was something that I knew I wanted to do as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Chloe. Having a mom as a lactation consultant definitely helps not only when it comes to making the decision to breastfeed, but also when it comes to having the appropriate support needed to succeed. Breastfeeding isn't easy in the early days. The difficulty coupled with hormones can often break mommas down and cause them to give up. Another factor is support. You need the support and encouragement of everyone around you to succeed. That's what gets you past those hard days and hormones. Even though it was 3 years ago for me, I remember it all too well!

I wanted to look back on my breastfeeding journey and share a couple of posts from the past few years that I thought y'all may enjoy. 

This past Thursday was the Community Baby Shower hosted by my mom at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital! This is the 4th year for the event and it was by far the best. We say it every year, but each year truly gets better and bigger.

We had several community partners come like The Lactation Foundation, GiGi's Playhouse, the local library, WIC and La Leche League! Everyone brought lots of good information, handouts and giveaways for our mommas.

This year was the first year that vendors were allowed to set up booths for moms and moms-to-be to shop around and learn about new products.

We also had the Sugar Land Police Department there to discuss car seat safety. He showed parents the proper way to have baby buckled into their carseats. He was able to examine any babies that had their carseats there to confirm or adjust if necessary, and he even went out to people's cars if they asked to assess the carseat bases! I feel like he is such an important part of this event year after year.

Another one of my favorites is Baby Wearing International! They bring various types of wraps and carriers for moms to try out and see which ones they like! It was because of them that I found out how much I liked the Tula with Chloe. I wish I would have known more about them when she was an infant. This year they helped me with my new ring sling and showed me how to thread it and wear it so that I can start using it safely as soon as baby boy arrives. My sister and other moms were also able to test out the different types of carriers to see which one best suits them. One of the ladies said that structured carriers are like a good pair of jeans, you just have to try on several to see which on fits your body best! 

The event itself was incredibly successful. We had over 250 people attend with 18 baskets to raffle, 10 vendors, about 15 community partners, tons of hourly giveaways and hundreds of burp cloths and reusable breast pads for every mom that attended. Not only did every mom that attended receive a burp cloth and set of pads but we sent 100 to WIC, 100 La Leche League and 100 to the Lactation Foundation! There may even be more that I'm missing, but my mom has all of those stats.

Breastfeeding has been a special journey in my life. I nursed Chloe for the first 18 months of her life before she decided to self wean completely on her own. I love breastfeeding and I can't wait to start the journey with my baby boy. I know the beginning will come with its challenges and I'll have to face some adversity, but I can't wait! Here are just a few pictures I found from my days nursing Chloe.

While I haven't had many negative experiences with people making rude comments to my face about breastfeeding, I know that many women have. I hope that with time we can continue to normalize breastfeeding and the beauty that comes along with it. It is such a magical bonding experience between mother and baby. There are countless benefits! Just because someone doesn't understand it, doesn't mean they have the right to bring down a mother who is just trying to feed her baby. So here's to breastfeeding!

Do you want to share your breastfeeding story? I'd love to feature some on my blog over the month of August! Write a comment or shoot me an e-mail at and we can figure out how to share!

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