Thursday, March 22, 2018

18 Week Bumpdate

It's kind of hard to believe that I'm already 18 weeks pregnant. It seems to be flying by this time. I'm so busy chasing after a two and a half year old, traveling, working on house projects and more that this pregnancy is going by so fast.

This week I actually had a little scare that I alluded to in an Instagram post. I thought I'd go ahead and share the details since I had so many people reach out to me in concern. It may be a little TMI for some. Last Friday my allergies got so bad, they took a turn for the worse. By Sunday, I developed a nonstop overnight cough and the pressure in my head from my sinuses became so intense that it felt like someone was hitting me with a hammer repeatedly. It was literally the worst headache I've ever had in my life. 

Sunday night I spent coughing so hard that my abs were sore and I started feeling crampy in my lower abdomen. Not really a good sign for a pregnant woman in her second trimester. I eventually got up to use the restroom and when I wiped, the paper was tinged with light pink blood. Cue freak out. Since I was coughing, JP was sleeping in another room and I didn't want to wake and worry him, so I climbed back into bed and tried to stay calm and not lose it. Needless to say, even though it was 3:00am, I didn't sleep anymore the rest of the night.

I got up around 7:00 trying to decide if I should go to work or the doctor. I hate missing work, but I knew I had to make sure everything was okay. I had a feeling that it wasn't anything since the spotting was gone by the time I got out of bed, but you can't leave something like this to chance. I called my OBGYN and they had me come in right when they opened. They were even moving offices and taking limited patients that day, but they didn't hesitate to tell me to come it. They were amazing! 
We did the ultrasounds and Baby Boy looked absolutely perfect. He was content and resting in his little home, and growing like a champ. His heart rate was perfect, my cervix was 3cm in length which is good and my placenta showed no abruptions. I got to talk to my doctor and she did a quick pelvic exam to rule everything out. It looks like the intensity of my cough just caused enough irritation of my cervix to cause minor spotting.

I also went to my primary care doctor to find out that I have a sinus and throat infection which is was caused the severe sinus pressure headache. I'm still feeling under the weather, but so much better! Now that the scare is out there, let's get to the fun and happy stuff!

How Far Along? 
18 weeks!

Size of Baby: 
An artichoke or a sweet potato {Of course sweet potatoes are so many different sizes these days!}
About 5.5 inches from crown to rump and around 6.5 oz!

Weight Gain: 
Around 5-6 lbs depending on the day

Maternity Clothes:
Still rocking my maternity shorts! Everything else seems to fit still.

Stretch marks: 

Hunger. I'm so hungry!
Congestion. My allergies have been terrible and even turned into a sinus infection this past week.

Salty snacks, buffalo sauce on everything, tuna sandwiches, cereal with milk, apples with peanut butter or chocolate hummus.

Healthy Baby BOY!

Happy and excited

Our whole house is currently being painted from top to bottom. Literally everything: ceilings, walls, doors, trim, even cabinets. The nursery is staying the mint blue/green, but we're having the doors and trim redone since the previous owners did it themselves. Other than that, no progress. The plan is to transition Chloe to a big girl bed after we get back from Europe, so that means I already have a crib!

I'm definitely feeling flutters. I feel a couple nearly every day but mostly at night when I'm relaxed on the couch.

I get up to potty at least once a night, but overall I'm sleeping hard.
This last week, I've had miserable sleep. The coughing wakes me up at night and I'll cough so long and hard that I can't go back to sleep and I'm in pain. Here's to hoping this subsides soon.

Before getting sick, I was working out like normal. Here's what last week looked like:

Monday: 45 minute spin class
45 minute HIIT Tabata class {I modified the jumping exercises}
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 1.5 mile walk
Thursday: 4 mile run
1 mile walk
Friday: 3 mile walk
Saturday: 3 mile walk
Sunday: Rest

I've rested pretty much since then recovering from this sinus and throat infection.

What I Miss: 
Sushi. We did go on a sushi date around 16 weeks to satisfy my cravings and ordered cooked sushi rolls, but it wasn't quite the same. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, just not the same.

Belly Button in or out?
Starting to flatten out, but still in.

Wedding rings on or off? 

Labor Signs: 
None and hopefully not for several more months!

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Raw meat. It still makes me gag. I can handle ground turkey, but that's about it. I also have a hard time with the smell of eggs and bananas, but I can eat them.

Best Moments The Past Weeks: 
Getting to hear Baby Boy's heartbeat at 15 weeks 5 days
Getting to see Baby Boy at 17 weeks 4 days even though it was a scary situation. I'm just happy that everything was okay!

Looking forward to:
Anatomy scan at 20 weeks
Babymoon adventure at 21 weeks

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Magical Kingdom Monday + {our next big trip!}

Oh what a Magical Monday it is! At least I'm really wanting it to be a magical Monday. I've been sick the last few days which is not fun at all especially when pregnant. I'm pretty sure I have a bad case of allergies gone wrong. The pollen in Houston is no joke. I tried to push through and pretend it was just allergies and such, but I think I pushed too hard.

I kind of disappeared last week because I had so much going on. I had some posts half ready to go, but couldn't quite get them finished. I was single mom-ing it while JP was in London for work, kind of. We were actually staying at my parents' house, so I had help, but it's not quite the same. Plus we had to get out of our house so that our painters could start painting the whole thing! Literally the entire interior. Checkout my Instagram Stories to see updates. We're hoping to be back in our home and putting it back together in the next couple of days.

Now let's forget about the craziness that was last week and look back to last month when I had the most wonderful time frolicking around Magic Kingdom.

When you're wearing skirts like these, you naturally frolick wherever you go. How could you not? In case you're wondering, that lovely lady in Punzie purple is the creative genius behind these skirts! You can check out all of her inventory or even create your own custom design by heading over to her Etsy shop: Pineapple Tree by Rae!

One of my most favorite things to do around Magic Kingdom is walk around, take in all of the magic, and snap all the pictures! Of course I love to ride the rides too, but sometimes waiting in long lines doesn't sound as appealing when your feet are aching from running all the races. This year we took LOTS of pictures, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the best photo shoot places in Magic Kingdom.

We're going to start with the most obvious...Cinderella's Castle!

The thing about Cindy's Castle is that there are so many places for you to get gorgeous shots. Some will have WAY less people in it if you know where to go. All of the photos above are shot in Main Street as you walk down the main entrance to Magic Kingdom. They're also all by Photopass Photographers, as are a majority of the pictures in this post. I can't stress enough how worth it Memory Maker is when planning your Disney trip! Beautiful, high quality pictures without having to worry about who is going to take your pictures or handing your phone over to strangers. Just saying. Anyways, there are tons of different spots along Main Street USA closer and further away from the castle that you can stop at to snap some pictures.

When in doubt, you can always get gorgeous castle pics from the hub grass! You can find the hub grass in two places: off to the left or right of the castle. This picture is shot on the right side towards Tomorrowland!

You can continue along the right side of the castle and snap some more pictures on the bridge to Tomorrowland! The best part of this spot is that you can get pictures without tons of people in them. In fact, you can get pictures with NO other people in them. There are Photopass Photographers over here, but not all the time like in front of the castle. We never had trouble getting one though!

Since you're on your way to Tomorrowland, you might as well stop and ride Buzz LightYear and Space Mountain! I mean you're there, so do it. I highly recommend getting a FastPass for one or both of these if you can.

If you head to the left of the castle towards Liberty Square, you can get another awesome shot on the bridge just in front of the Sleepy Hollow snack stand. It's a little bit closer to the castle and again you can get people free shots! 

While you're by Sleepy Hollow, you should get a Nutella and Fruit Waffle for breakfast or grab an ice cream cookie sandwich in the afternoon. You won't regret either choice. Trust me, I'm pregnant. 

This spot is also a great place to take post race medal pics! Sometimes there is a PhotoPass photographer hanging out over there for you. See below from our second day at Magic Kingdom!

Once you get your pictures, walk over to Haunted Mansion! It's one of my favorite rides. We had a FastPass for it on our last day there, but the ride had some technical issues. Sad day. Of course it was fixed shortly before we had to leave, but not enough time for us to actually ride it.

Then head back over to Sleepy Hollow and continue walking around the castle until you get to the backside. You'll be pleased to find some special guests.

The evil stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella! They are some of the most hilarious characters to meet. They rotate in and out with the Fairy Godmother who is also just magical. Photopass photographers are always at character meet and greets. They capture the sweetest moments! Be sure to check the app or the Disney Times Guide to see when they'll be out. They're usually easier to catch earlier in the day. You can always ask the character guide what times they'll be there.

Since you're in Fantasyland, you have so many options for great pictures spots. Rachael snapped this cute one below while we were waiting in line for Enchanted Tales with Belle! This "ride" is more of an interactive adventure. It's perfect for little ones, and you can meet Belle at the end.

After your enchanted adventure, keep walking along towards Gaston's Tavern where you can meet Gaston!

He's always good for a laugh and an insult. He definitely loved Alison's Belle skirt, but thought she was a little crazy pretending to be Belle. I personally thought she was fabulous.

Since you're in the area, you should definitely think about riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! This ride should be at the top of your FastPass list. The line is crazy long if you don't have one.

When you're done, don't forget to stop by Rapunzel's Tower! It's over by the Rapunzel bathrooms where you can also take some fabulous pictures. It's so magical and whimsical over there.

Then you can stop by and meet Rapunzel at the Princess meet and greet spot. The best part about this is that the line is inside in the air conditioning. Plus you get to meet two princesses at once! Right now it's Rapunzel and Tiana or Cinderella and Elena of Avalor.

It's always fun to meet the princesses! Their energy is contagious. Tiana is one of the most underrated princesses. First of all, she's gorgeous. Second, she's got such a fun personality and tons to talk about. Plus she likes to talk about food, and we all know just how much I like food!

Some other great spots in Fantasyland are meeting Ariel in her Grotto and snapping pictures by the Castle wall.

I bet you wouldn't think of going to Storybook Circus for pictures since that's where most of the younger kid rides and attractions live. However, you should definitely find some time to visit Pete's Sideshow for a chance to meet Madame Daisy Fortuna, Minnie Magnifique, The Astounding Donaldo and The Great Goofini. You can meet Daisy and Minnie in one queue and the boys in the other. The wait usually isn't too long and again, it's inside and out of the heat!

One more photo stop you need to check out is Merida! She has her own spot called Fairytale Garden around to the right of Cinderella's castle just where Tomorrowland and Fantasyland meet. Merida is super sassy and fun for a strong, powerful female to talk to!

There are lots of other places around the Kingdom to snap some gorgeous pics. I'll admit, we didn't spend too much time in Frontierland or Adventureland. I couldn't ride Big Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean was closed for refurbishment, so we just passed on those areas this time around.

Magic Kingdom really is the most magical place around. Looking back on all of these pictures has me wanting to be back right now even though I'm feeling bleh. Luckily, I have my next big trip planned, but it'll be a bit different this time around. In just a few weeks the Gouglers are headed to Disneyland Paris!!! I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it! First we'll be spending a week in Amsterdam. JP has three days of work meetings, so we decided to make this a family adventure. We're heading there a little early to get some family exploring in before JP has to work. After his work is over, we're taking a train to Paris to spend 4 days at Disneyland. It's going to be great!

Now if anyone has any tips, suggestions or must dos in Amsterdam or Disneyland Paris send them my way!

What's your favorite photo spot in Magic Kingdom? Mine is over by Sleepy Hollow!
Have y'all ever been to Amsterdam or Disneyland Paris? What do I need to know?

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Monday, March 12, 2018

I can go the distance!

I will find my way, if I can be strong. I know every mile, will be worth my while. When I go the distance, I'll be right where I belong.

Okay who needs a little motivation this Monday?

Below you can see me running as Hercules for the Enchanted 10K. Pregnant Hercules at 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant! Brittany is Minnie Mouse in the middle and Rachael is Megara in purple on the right! This picture was taken right around the halfway point, so let's rewind just a little bit.

The 10K starts in the same location as the 5K in the Epcot parking lot area. The first three miles are outside of the park along the back roads and backstage Epcot. There are a couple of character stops before you get into the park, but other than that, the first half of the race is like any typical race. This year they had Mulan and Mushu out first, but the line was CRAZY long already. Sometimes I wish that I would have stopped, but then I'm glad I didn't stand around for 15+ minutes at the beginning of the race. 

Rachael, Brittany and I ran the first half of the race together. Once we got into Epcot, I wanted to stop for some pictures, but the girls wanted to push through. Rachael's foot was injured, and she just wanted to go and get it done since we still had the parks and then a half marathon the next morning. I took the time to visit with a few "old friends" and pick up my speed the second half of the race, just to push myself a little.

The first old friend I stopped in to see was the Genie! He's always hanging out at runDisney races. I mean, he said he was going to Disney World once Aladdin freed him you know!

Like I said earlier, I picked up the pace in between characters. I've been slowing my running down due to pregnancy as well as heat and humidity, but I was feeling really good for the 10K and I love this course. I'm not saying I was running crazy fast, but I maintained about a 9:30 pace for the last 2.5 miles!

After I saw Genie, I continued around the World Showcase and then onto the Boardwalk! This is my favorite part of the race because you don't get to run it for the 5K or half marathon. It's such a special little area with tons of cheerleaders out making you feel awesome about yourself! In fact, Goofy was out there cheering us on too!

We got a quick picture together and then I was on my way once again. Hercules has places to go you know. Monsters and demons to fight. Damsels in distress to save. 10K's to conquer! 

At first glance spectators couldn't always tell who I was dressed as, but when people got it, they loved my costume! I had fun wearing it because it was something different for a change. I didn't see another Hercules on the course. 

After seeing Goofy on the boardwalk, I had a surge of excitement and energy. I'm telling you, I love the 10K distance! I was feeling great and having fun taking everything in. From the boardwalk we end up hopping back into the World Showcase before heading into Future World. As we were approaching Future World, I had to snap a selfie with the Spaceship Earth ball and Flower & Garden Festival flowers in the background!

Shortly after my quick selfie, I saw Pluto!!! I love Pluto and had to jump in and get a quick picture with him. Since he was about a half mile or so from the finish, his line was pretty short. He was awesome and threw up his muscle arm with me. Gotta show off the guns you know!

To finish off the race, we ran straight through the center of Future World and around Spaceship Earth...some may know this as the Epcot ball. I was honestly feeling really great. The quick stops for characters along with the extra boost from running through Disney just gives you a surge of energy. I was sure to make sure to strike a post when I saw the photopass photographers out along the course. I had to stay in character, Hercules wouldn't be tired.

After heading around the ball, you head backstage and to the finish line! I knew I wanted to "fly" through the finish line so I gave it my bounding best. The photographers actually caught it and I got this awesome mid air shot soaring across the finish.

I love this picture above because it really does show some of my musculature! You can see my calves and quads mid-run which makes me super proud.

My watch time for the 10K ended up being 1:06:38. I stopped it when I stopped for characters, so my actual clock finish time was probably at least 10 minutes slower and I'm okay with that. Disney is not a race that I run for time by any means. I was really proud that my last two miles were my fastest clocking in at a 9:32 and 9:28! Not too shabby for a pregnant lady just entering her second trimester.

After I took my finisher picture, I saw Rachael and Brittany not too far ahead of me and called out to them! I wanted to get a picture of Herc and Meg together and caught them at the perfect time just before it was too late.

We look pretty good together! Too bad the wet towels they gave us after the race gave me some awesome water marks that ended up looking like pit sweat and milk spots! That's what I get for wearing a brown shirt!

After the race, it was time for princess pictures! Princess weekend is a great chance to get pictures with all of your favorite princesses! They have tons out after the races and the lines move pretty quickly. 

We met Punzie and Princess Minnie! We were so excited to see Princess Minnie because she isn't always out. I sent these pictures to Chloe and she was obsessed. She still asks to see Mommy and Minnie!

Overall, it's safe to say the 10K was a great race. I personally love the course and think the race is the least crowded of the three. I wasn't dodging people as often as the 5K and the course doesn't narrow too much as it does in a few spots during the half marathon. And like I said before, I love the 10K distance. It may become my sweet spot after I have this baby. Who knows!

Looking back at this already has me excited for my next Disney race! Now to decide which one we'll do next year...

What runDisney race do you think I should do?
If you could run a race anywhere in the world, where would it be? And what distance?

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom. Some people try to say that it's just Disney's Zoo, but it's so much more than that! Safari rides, mountain coasters, character meet and greets, dinosaurs, Pandora, rides and much more. I've always had a special place in my heart for Animal Kingdom.

The addition of Pandora to Animal Kingdom has kind of brought this park back to life in the eyes of many Disney goers. There is a gorgeous new area to explore and wander around, two new fabulous rides and two new restaurants. When I say gorgeous, I mean it. Just look at the picture below. All of that is real except the flying creature of course. We didn't get the chance to ride Flight of Passage, but we did ride Na'vi River Journey and it was a beautiful ride! It's hard to get a fastpass to Flight of Passage, so to get one you'll have to try 60 days before your trip to the day to get one! Otherwise you're looking at a 90-180 minute wait which was not on our list of things to do this year.

One of my personal favorites about Animal Kingdom is Dinoland USA!!! There are several rides including a Dino Carnival! You can spot dinosaurs around and of course snap pictures with them. They also have this awesome "dig site" giant playground for kids. We haven't explored this completely just yet, but I know I'll be climbing around with Chloe next time we go together. Also, when in Dinoland USA, you must where your dino ears. Can you spot Rexxy on my dino ears?

Animal Kingdom is an awesome place to just walk around and take everything in. In Africa and Asia, there are tons of street parties with singing, dancing and other performances. Make sure to take in everything around you because there is so much going on including animals everywhere! Some of my favorites are the Gibbons in Asia and the Kilimanjaro Safari in Africa. The Safari ride is an awesome fastpass idea. We get it every year. You get to see so many animals like giraffes, elephants, hippos, lions and more.

There are also so many characters that you can meet in Animal Kingdom! Mickey and Minnie have a permanent location at the Adventurer's Outpost where you can meet them in their safari gear.

Pocahontas has a meet and greet just before you walk into Dinoland USA from Discovery Island. {You can kind of see a little bump from Baby Boy Gougler in this picture!}

One of my personal favorites is meeting Russell and sometime Dug too on Discovery Island! They're always super fun and who doesn't love Up? It's one of my favorite movies.

This year Russell saw our "I run fairy fast" shirts that we made and decided to challenge us to a race. Rachael, our girl with the foot injury, won the race while we had to help Russell cross the finish line. It was adorable and so much fun. I love when characters give groups of adults just as much attention as the little ones. We like to have fun too!

Rafiki is at Rafiki's Planet Watch along with Doc McStuffins! Their lines are almost always short because not as many people know about Rafiki's Planet Watch. You take about a 5 minute train ride and arrive! You can see lemurs, pet goats at the petting zoo, learn about taking care of the animals at Disney, and more.

Some other favorites of mine are Baloo and King Louis! They're in the Upcountry Landing between Africa and Asia. Helpful hint: They LOVE to dance. Go ahead and sing one of their songs and they'll boogie with you. Be prepared, if you sing "Wanna Be Like You", Baloo will get sad and you'll need to serenade him with "The Bare Necessities."

Other characters at Animal Kingdom are Flik and Tarzan on Discovery Island and Goofy, Pluto & Donald in Dinoland USA.

A must do in Animal Kingdom is watch the Festival of the Lion King! It's a beautiful show with dancing, acrobatics and singing. You can get a fastpass to this if you're interested. We usually do because it guarantees us a specific time that we can watch the show. Not only is the show actually really great to watch, but you also get 30 minutes to sit down in the A/C, rest your feet, cool off and enjoy the show.

Another awesome attraction in Animal Kingdom is the FOOD! Food is important in my life especially when pregnant. If you haven't already checked out my Disney Eats post, I highly recommend it. This year I had 3 separate amazing food experiences at Animal Kingdom alone. I'm still dreaming of that ice cream cookie sandwich.

I think that about covers the awesomeness that is Animal Kingdom! If you're planning a Disney trip, don't skip Animal Kingdom. It's worth the visit. If you have little ones, find the Wilderness Explorers station just inside so they can collect badges along your journey throughout the day! It's also a great park to take advantage of early magic hours if available. Then you can call it a day earlier to save you evening energy for a different day. Or you if you have a park hopper, you can hop over to Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios for their amazing fireworks shows. Okay, now that covers it! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Happy FriYAY y'all and have a fabulous weekend!

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