Monday, November 27, 2017

Family is Everything

Hey hey and happy Monday after Thanksgiving...also known as Cyber Monday! I'm not here to tell y'all about Cyber Monday deals or even talk about shopping though. I'm here to talk about my family and the wonderful Thanksgiving weekend we had. We had too much fun and spent too much time together not to share.

My family is my world. We are incredibly close and I am beyond grateful for that! On Wednesday night, the whole Timmer gang was together for a couple of hours. Last time we were all together was at Ben and Corbette's wedding in September {which I still need to share with y'all!!!} and we couldn't pass up the chance to take some pictures!

 Emily and Matt were taking a 6:00am flight to New York City on Thanksgiving morning, so we soaked up the time we had with them before they headed out on their adventure! We grilled burgers, took tequila shots, talked for hours and laughed so hard. Pretty much the perfect pre-Thanksgiving evening.

Side Note: Meens and Em are so mean. We took a picture and they were making silly faces and I was smiling, so I said wait let's do another so I can be fun like y'all! And this is what we ended up with. Thanks ladies, thanks. {I still love you both.}

We woke up to a big Turkey on Thanksgiving Day! Someone wanted to wear 7 bows and I obliged. She was too cute not to!

We went over to my parents around 10:00am to help get the festivities started! Chloe helped her Nonna peel potatoes and put them into the big pot. She loves getting to do anything with her Nonna!

I made the green bean casserole and deviled eggs because that's my job every year! Funny story: I don't eat deviled eggs, but apparently I'm pretty good at making them! {If you want, check out these awesome tie dyed deviled eggs I made one time!}

By about 1:00, we were shooed out of the house for the Annual Timmer Games while my mom and Aunt Dianne finished preparations for Thanksgiving Dinner! Every year we head out to the middle school football field to play some random games. We usually do games of skill, but this year was a little different.

Side note: On our way out, Maggie and Moose got jealous that we were leaving and busted THROUGH a small hole in my parents' fence! They thought it was great and we spent about 10-15 minutes trying to convince them to come back and stop running around like crazies!

Since Em & Matt weren't there, we didn't have quite as many people and I'm kind of down for the count. I may had reinjured my bad ankle at gymnastics the Friday before Thanksgiving. It appears to just be a minor sprain, but it doesn't feel good. I was on Chloe duty while the others took on a game of soccer! JP was the all time goalie while Ben and Matt took on Dad and Corbette.

It took a while, but Ben and Matt were the eventual champions winning 1-0! Chloe and I walked around the track, played with the frisbee and rolled in the grass.

After nearly 2 hours of chasing dogs and playing around, we headed home for our Thanksgiving meal! I didn't take a single picture for a few hours because we were just too busy enjoying each others company. We ate an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, took Chloe swimming in the hot tub, started up the fire pit, watched football and put up my parents' Christmas tree! We do have tree decorating pictures, but those are on my parents' phones. It was an amazing Thanksgiving day, and it completely wore Chloe out!

The day after Thanksgiving was quite a lazy one. We just hung out at our house and had a slow morning before Dad, Ben, Matt and Corbette came over to our house! Ben and Corbie still hadn't seen it since they were in Taiwan last year. After the grand tour, we went to shoot some skeet!

JP was on the USA shooting team in 2004/2005 and he won Collegiate Nationals all around in 2005, so he's pretty good. However, it's been a few years since he's shot. He still managed to get a 24 out of 25 missing the last shot on his first round back at it! I think we'll need to go more often since it made him so happy!

I didn't shoot much, but I did get a few shots in and even hit 6 targets!

 After shooting, we just loaded up the car and headed to College Station to spend the rest of the weekend with JP's family!

We had so much fun in College Station! Chloe spent most of her time convincing someone to take her outside to jump in her bounce house! Jojo got that baby a little bounce house and she is totally obsessed.

On Saturday night we went out to Central Park in College Station to see the Christmas lights! Chloe is obsessed with Christmas lights, so it was fun to see her reaction to everything.

She loved some lights and decided that others were "scary." I'm fairly certain that she wasn't actually scared, but now that she knows the word, she likes to use it.

She loved getting to hold everyone's hands and walk like a big girl through the park. I think holding Jojo and Pops's hands were her favorite. 

 She loved the big tree so much that we had to go back by it on our way out. I'm definitely looking forward to taking her again on Christmas night!

Sunday morning we had breakfast at First Watch...mmmm cinnamon chip pancakes! Then we just relaxed at my in laws! Chloe played outside with Jojo as much as possible in her bounce house. I read my book and rested my ankle. JP and Phil watched football. It was pretty much the perfect ending to an amazing weekend. I was bummed that this weekend had to end!!! The good thing is that the holidays have just begun. I know that every weekend will be amazing and we'll get more time with our amazing family and friends.

I hope that everyone has an amazing holiday weekend! Now back to the daily grind!
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Miss Maggie Mae

Y'all I've been so busy with trying to get my Scandinavian trip pictures up {it's taking freaking forever!!!} that I forgot to pay tribute to my first born last week!

On November 16th-ish, Maggie Mae Gougler was born into this world on an Amish farm in New Philadelphia, Ohio. From Heaven to Earth Rescue found her and her siblings and brought them back to their rescue to be adopted! JP and I moved to Pittsburgh, PA in the middle of a snow storm in January 2011. My one stipulation upon moving there was that I was going to get a dog. I started looking the moment we got there. I searched through all of the sites and found a picture of Maggie. I screen shotted it, sent it to my sister and mom, and told them that she was going to be my dog. I was kind of joking as I hadn't met her or even called the shelter yet! I ended up calling and expressed an interest in Maggie. They wanted me to meet several other dogs as well to see which one was the right fit for us. We met four puppies that night and I knew that Maggie was ours. She was drawn to us while the others walked away. There was something about her that I just loved. Her name at the shelter was Maggie which we thought was fitting because Maggie the Aggie since we're both Texas A&M graduates! So Maggie stuck and she became ours.

Over the years, this girl has been through a lot. She moved across the country, adapted to a new climate and lifestyle, got a baby brother pup, got an actual baby and moved homes! She is one of a kind to say the least. Everyone that knows her knows that she is quirky and that she is definitely my dog. I am her person and I love her so much. Now let's just take a quick walk down memory lane at the life of my first born!

8 Weeks Old January 2011

Playing in the snow February 2011

Puppy School Graduation March 2011

First Baseball Game June 2011

First Halloween October 2011

First Birthday November 2011

My Girl

2nd Halloween October 2012

2nd Birthday November 2012

Meeting her new little brother July 2013

3rd Birthday November 2013

Christmas Card Pictures November 2013

4th Halloween October 2014

4th Birthday November 2014

Checking on her baby just about a week after we came home from the hospital
August 2015

4th Birthday November 2015

Playing with her baby January 2016

6th Birthday November 2016

Face hugs with Momma Sometime 2017

7th Birthday November 2017

Maggie will always be our first born. Our crazy, spirited, bossy girl! Now that Chloe is here, my camera is filled with more pictures of Chloe than Maggie, but that doesn't mean we love her any less!

Happy 7th birthday old girl! You're officially a senior!

P.S. In case y'all were wondering, Maggie is doing much better after our scare a couple of weeks ago. Her face is healing nicely and her fur is growing back. She's completely back to her normal crazy self! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read and see some pathetic pictures of Maggie here!

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Friday, November 17, 2017

A Stroll Down Nyhavn

Happy Friday y'all! I'm back with one more travel post this week! Looking back and editing all of these pictures has me wanting to be back on our adventure. Today we're moving on to the third country and final city of our trip, Copenhagen!

We took a train from Stockholm to Copenhagen. It was about 5 hours long, but it didn't feel like it was that long! We had plenty of space and things to keep Chloe entertained. Plus we napped and apparently JP took the opportunity to capture the moment. I'm kind of glad that he did because my baby won't stay this little forever!

We got to Copenhagen, checked into our hotel, dropped our bags and set off to explore for the evening! First stop, Nyhavn!

We decided to walk through the city to get to the harbor. If you don't know about Nyhavn, it's the picturesque canal with all the colorful buildings from the 1700 and 1800's! It's known for it's history of drunken sailors, whore houses and literary exploits. Now it's known for it's beautiful views and restaurants.

At the end of the canal is a large anchor honoring the Danish sailors who lost their lives during World War II.

We decided to find a restaurant serving more traditional Danish food. There are tons of restaurant options and it's definitely more pricey than other restaurants around Copenhagen because of the location. We figured we had to have one meal there! The restaurant we chose was called Hyttefadet and I loved how they gave a history of the restaurant and Nyhavn on the menu!

I can't remember what exactly we ordered, but it was fish two ways with shrimp, aioli and asparagus. After dinner we walked back down the canal and found an ice cream shop! I think ice cream on vacation is one of my favorite things, and ice cream in Copenhagen is amazing.

We decided to walk back to our hotel along the water instead of through the city and that was the best choice we could have made! Along the way, we found some little trampolines to play on! Chloe was super excited since she's obsessed with jumping. But let's be real, I was the most excited and had a blast bouncing and flipping!

And that my friends was our first day in Copenhagen. We were pretty exhausted from the travel and walking the city, so we called it an early night. We had big plans for our first full day in Copenhagen!

If you're interested on catching up or checking our our Scandinavian adventures from the beginning, take a look:
Sneak Peek | Start of our Adventures | Oslo Part 1 | Oslo Part 2 | Lilleputthammer | Hiking in Norway | Charlotte & Ole's Wedding | Maihaugen | Gamla stan | Vasamuseet | Skansen
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