Friday, June 30, 2017

Summertime Arms + {a 23 month old!}

Hello and happy Friday!!! This week had been pretty low key and uneventful which is definitely okay with me. I feel like I've been so busy this summer! One exciting thing that happened is yesterday, Chloe turned 23 months which means she's going to be two in less than a month! Okay fine quit begging me, here's a picture of my crazy almost two year old.

She rarely smiles and looks at the camera at the same time these days. Most of the time I'm lucky that she's being still enough to snap a pic! Okay enough about my girl {for now}, today I actually want to talk about arms! As a woman, I know that it's easy for me to get in a killer leg workout or an awesome cardio session, but it's easy to skip arms. Like really easy to skip arms. Even when I'm teaching my classes, I have a habit of skipping over the harder arm exercises to "make sure everyone else is doing it right." But let's be real, I skip them because they're hard and I'm tired. I teach a cycle class before, so I use it as an excuse to skip the exercises that I don't feel like doing. Today this stops! You have to step out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself right? It's easy to say you're going to do something, but harder to actually do it. I'll check back with y'all next week to let you know how it goes. In the mean time, I have a great arm workout for you!

I finished one round of this workout in just over 7 minutes and I was already starting to feel it. You can take this workout and use it a couple of different ways.

  • Do this workout once a day 5-6 days a week.
  • Do 3 rounds of this workout 2 days a week.
  • Use one set of moderate (5-8 lbs) weights on the bicep curls, bicep press outs and sit up press.
  • Use one set of light (3-5 lbs) weights on the arm circles, bicep curls, bicep press outs, sit up press and the plank bird dogs if you're feeling strong.
Like I said, one round only takes 7-8 minutes to complete. It's all about getting off the couch or even out of bed just 10 minutes early to knock it out and feel great. I did it yesterday and today with the moderate 8 lb weight option so far!

This is Amy circa summer 2014. Pre-baby, pre-crazy. I'm ready to look and feel like this girl again! I'm actually pretty close as I've been working really hard the last couple of months to refocus on me again. {Maybe I need to do a post about that!}

Now I'm off to finish packing, workout, help with tear down at a VBS {they're letting us reuse their decorations!} and then we're off again this weekend! This time we're headed to Baton Rouge for a wedding. Chloe doesn't love car trips longer than 2 hours and this one is going to be 4 1/2, so wish us luck! Have a happy Friday and wonderful weekend y'all!

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