Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Walk in the Park

We've been in our new home for just a few days shy of two months. Two months! Time is flying by and I'm loving our new neighborhood more and more. With my race around the corner, I've had plenty of time to explore while logging all my training miles. I've also been exploring with Chloe on pretty days! Since I'm staying at home with her now, we have lots of time to venture out and explore.

Last month, I received a new stroller from Evenflo. Since Chloe and I have been walking a lot and we're always on the go, I was super excited to have another way to tote my mini around. The Evenflo Sibby Travel System is perfect for us! Our recent go to to escape the indoors has been the neighborhood park. We get to walk by the lake to get there and it's only a half mile away. This stroller is a great fit for our short jaunt. It's lightweight, easy to push and has a cup holder for me to tote a water bottle along with us.

As soon as I got the stroller in the mail, JP put it together for us. I could have done it without a problem. The instructions were super easy, but since I have a perfectly capable man who loves to help me out, I took his assistance.

Once it was together, Chloe was pushing it around the house with her babies inside. The first things I noticed was how lightweight the stroller was and how easy it was to steer and direct. I mean Chloe could get it around and she couldn't even see anything. :) I wish I would have taken a picture of that! My girl loves taking care of her babies after all.

I've come to the decision that you can't really have too many strollers. They're all so different and can be used in different situations. I have a larger stroller that I used to use day to day, an umbrella stroller in JP's car just in case, as well as a jogging stroller. This one has become my go to for the day to day because it falls in between my larger daily stroller and the umbrella stroller. It's much lighter and easier to get around, but it's also sturdier than the little umbrella stroller. Of course different strollers come with different pros and cons. I wanted to share my opinions on the Evenflo Sibby.


  • Large bottom basket for storage
  • Small, lightweight frame
  • Easy to fold up and unfold
  • Momma cupholder
  • Lays back nicely
  • Sun shade covers child
  • Car seat is included in this travel system and can snap between car base and stroller with ease.


  • Cupholder is detachable and has fallen off. 
    • Not a huge problem as long as it's on securely!
  • Doesn't lay back completely flat
  • When the shade is down, you can't see your child.
    • See side by side picture above
  • No cupholders/snack tray in front of child.
The pros far outweigh the cons for this stroller! 

I said earlier that different strollers have different uses. I've found that this one has so many different uses in one! Like I've said, we use it multiple times a week to walk to the park and around the trails in our neighborhood. I also take it to the store if I know Chloe is tired. Instead of riding in the cart, she can ride in her stroller and fall asleep. You can see above how the stroller lays back nicely, but not quite all the way. This works just fine as far as Chloe is concerned! I snapped this during a Costco trip with my mom. One of us pushed the cart and the other pushed Chloe!

You know where else this stroller has been a life saver? The Houston Zoo! In the past I've lugged my heavy jogging stroller to the zoo. It's a great stroller, but it's heavy and harder to get around. The Evenflo Sibby Stroller is lightweight, easy to grab out of the car and go. The large basket underneath is perfect for a cooler or lunch box, and I can hook my purse or diaper bag on the stroller handles.

To make things even better, Chloe loves it. The handle bar in front allows Chloe to see everything, and she thinks it hilarious that she can prop her feet up on it if she feels like it!

This may seem like a lot of excitement over a stroller, but it is that awesome. I can tote this thing around everywhere! It's so light that I can lift it in and out of my car with ease. It folds up flat and doesn't take up much storage space. It pushes with ease over so many different surfaces. It holds everything that we need for our outings. Chloe is comfortable and likes riding in it. Win. Win. Win. It's my go to stroller these days, and I can't wait until we head to Europe in August because this baby is traveling with us for sure!

A big thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

6 years of runDisney!

UGHHHHH...things have been rough around here. Chloe and I have been sick and now JP is starting to feel under the weather. We've been moving in slow motion and I need to be better stat. It's DISNEY week after all! That's right, it's that time of year again...the Annual Girl's Disney Princess Trip!

Since I'm feeling crummy and I want to be better before Thursday, today I'm just going to look back at the past 6 years of runDisney races...

Last year we actually invited the boys and ran during marathon weekend. Ali & Philip did the 10K, JP & I did the half and Julie ran the FULL! It wasn't quite the same with the guys there, but we had a blast and I loved running with JP.

I was supposed to run the glass slipper challenge, but I tore up my ankle the week before the race. Oh and did I mention I was 17 weeks pregnant? It was still fun though! I managed to walk the 5K, skip the 10K and I walked 3 miles of the half marathon so I could say that I still attempted and get my medal! I ended up being pushed around in a wheel chair the majority of the weekend. I have the best friends ever!

One of our best years! All of my best girls together and no one was injured or incapable of running! And can we just look at how spot on all of our costumes are? I'm kind of obsessed.

I decided to forego the princess costume and ran as the Queen of Hearts! I was the Queen of Hearts my sophomore year in my school's production of Alice in Wonderland, so it was fitting that I ran as her. Oh and I'm bossy. The Queen and I have that in common.

I was able to wrangle my girls to come along with me this year. This was our first "official" annual girls weekend. I was able to convince my sister to miss a day of class to join us too! She didn't run, but she got up early to cheer us on!

My very first runDisney race! I kind of decided to do this race on a whim. I didn't have anyone to run with, but I was living across the country so I asked my mom to come with me! She's from Florida after all, so we invited her best friends (Ginny, Debbie & Trish) from Florida and her bestie from Texas (Robin)! We just went and it was awesome. It was by far our most relaxed trip. We spent our days by the resort pool mostly which was perfect.

Okay, I think I'm feeling a little bit better now. Yup, definitely better inside. If only that could translate to my lungs and sinuses.

I'm off to go rest and focus on getting better stat. I have a 6:20am flight to catch on Thursday morning and I plan to be a fully functioning princess by then! Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Master Retreat

Happy Home Hump Day! I hope everyone had the perfect Valentine's Day whatever that may look like to you. V-Day in the Gougler home was pretty wonderful. Homemade paleo banana muffins, couch snuggles, play time, a family walk and pizza for dinner. Yup, pretty wonderful.

Today I wanted to share another part of my new home with y'all! {Did you miss part 1? Check it out!} I practically finished our master bedroom, so here it is...


I created the canvases above our bed with Canvas on Demand. I've ordered 6 canvases from them and haven't been disappointed yet! The "You're Still the One" barn wood sign is from Hobby Lobby. I think I could have made it myself, but I don't have any palette wood right now.

I decided to decorate our room in shades of white, gold and black with our dark brown furniture. I wanted the decor to be simple, but pretty. I wanted a space that felt peaceful and easy. I wanted somewhere to relax and enjoy.

Before our master was kind of just a place to dump stuff. We had things all over the floor and stashed in corners. It wasn't a place we ever really hung out or relaxed in. That is something I wanted to change when we moved into this home! I knew I needed a retreat, and I think I've almost created that.

The main things left that I want to add to this space are an oversized chair or chaise lounge over by the windows and a full length jewelry mirror by my dresser. The chair/lounge is low on our priority list, but I just ordered the mirror! I'm excited to see how it looks when it comes in.


Here is what you see as you walk into our master bathroom! JP's sink is to the left and mine is to the right. Straight ahead you get to our workout area and finally the master closet.

My favorite part about the master bath is our separate sink areas. I'm a pretty organized person, but the one place I can't seem to keep it together is the bathroom sink. There is just too much stuff! And I need it all. Below you can see the cleaned up version of my sink. JP is just so much cleaner and neater as far as bathroom sinks go, so I'm pretty sure he loves our separate spaces. I also love my big bath tub and HUGE shower!

These pictures aren't exactly the best. The lighting was pretty rough when I took these, and instead of waiting another day to retake them, I said whatever. We can't all be perfect. Here is a look at one of the professional photos of the bathroom from the listing so you can get a better feel for how pretty it is.


In between the bathroom and master closet we have this neat little space that I have turned into our workout space. I have my mats, weights, kettle bell, BOSU, step, ball, foam rollers, everything! We also have our awesome medals and running photos on the walls. The left wall is all for runDisney! I'm ready to add 4 medals to that by the end of the month. The right wall has the rest of my race medals. Right now, JP's medals are on my rack. My plan for the back wall is to get him his own medal rack and hang his running and shooting pictures around it! {For those of you who don't know, he shot trap and skeet for A&M and the US National Team!} He doesn't call himself a runner, but he's run 8 half marathons in the past 6 years. Now I think he has earned his medal rack!

My closet is currently a mess. I still haven't found a place for several little things here and there. Plus one the florescent lights went out and we're working on getting that fixed! I opted out of taking pictures. Let me just tell you it is easily 3 time the size of our old closet and it's amazing!

There you have it, our master retreat! It's definitely coming together. I'm sure I'll continue to tweak and add things here and there, but so far I love it.

If you missed the first "showing" of my new home, check it out here!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Single Mom-ing It

There's nothing as sweet as me squatting down and this little girl running at me to give me a hug.

Actually, the one sweeter is seeing her do the same thing to her daddy after he's been overseas for a week! That's right, this last week was a doozy. I was a single mom to a silly toddler and it was kind of crazy. Doing it all is not easy. I have always admired the hard work of single mom's. Working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dogs, taking care of the baby. When does one have time for themselves? After bedtime. That's about it.

Chloe and I did quite a bit while we were here alone. We spent some days just at home, which was very needed! We ventured out to Target, had a lunch date one day, went to gymnastics twice, the dentist and the Children's Museum!

We had fun, but it was pretty exhausting for this momma. I missed my partner. I missed my best friend. I missed my husband. It's easy to forget how much they do for you in the throws of the day to day. When he's gone, I realize the little things he does that make my life easier. I had to cut up all of the chicken after I baked several chicken breasts for a few different meals. Something small, but so appreciated. Usually while he's helping me cut up the chicken, I can move onto the next step and get something else done. I had to do all of Chloe's bedtime routine alone. Usually I bathe her, JP dresses her, we play with her and read books in her room, and finally JP lays her down. Instead it was all me. Not bad, but not the same. I'm so glad to have my partner back. Life if just so much better when it's all 3 of us!

While he was gone, thank goodness for family! My mother-in-law checked in on me to make sure I didn't need anything, and I was able to spend the night at my parents' on Friday. I originally went over there because I needed them to watch Chloe Saturday morning while I got my 12 miler in. But after a bit of planning, there was another reason for our Friday gathering. I made dinner, a cake and cookies, and we had an adoption party for Meena! She said that she wanted to be a Timmer, so we made her one! Above you can see everyone but me {and Chloe...duh} taking a shot in Meena's honor. Like I said, I had 12 miles to run in the morning...

Which I did an dominated! I averaged about a 9:45 min/mile pace and felt pretty good despite the 95% humidity and 70 degree temperatures. Afterwards I rewarded myself with a snocone from Bahama Bucks!

I was pretty pooped the rest of the day. I ended up staying at my parents' all day. We went to Costco, swam in the hot tub with Chloe, lounged around on the couch and went to church all before I went home to wait for JP to get back. Unfortunately he didn't get back until 10:00pm and I was exhausted from my 5:45am wake up call and 12 mile run.

We did get to spend all of Sunday together at home! We worked on the house some...more pictures coming soon...and just relaxed together. I'm glad to have my partner home. I'm not really looking forward to his next trip away, but I know it's good experience for him and his job! It isn't easy for him being away from his girls either!

So here's to this week! It may be Monday, but it's going to be a good one. I can feel it! Happy Monday y'all!

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Glass Slipper Challenge Training!

It's that time of year again, time for DISNEY!!! Now last year, I went to Disney several times. JP gifted me an annual pass to Disney World for one year while my bestie Julie still lived there. I was able to take long weekends with Chloe and it was the absolute best. This year, I'm back to normal and only going for my annual girls trip for the Princess Half Marathon!

It's been a little while since I've truly run the Princess half! Last year we did the Disney World Half Marathon since we decided to bring the guys along with us. The year before I was pregnant and in a boot with a severely sprain ankle. That was the year I was supposed to complete the Glass Slipper Challenge. Instead I walked the 5K and about 3 miles of the half marathon. No Glass Slipper for this girl.

This year it's back on and I'm determined to rock the Glass Slipper Challenge! 5K Friday, 10K Saturday and half marathon Sunday. The 5K is two weeks from today and I have one long run standing between me and race day! I have a 6 miler planned for today and a 12 miler on Saturday. Take a look at my training plan.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Cycle since I teach it!
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Short run
Friday: Moderate run
Saturday: Long run

The main goal was to have 3 days of running in a row to practice being on my feet multiple days. I'm feeling confident that the running 3 days in a row won't get to me. The waking up at 3-4am 3 days in a row is probably going to be what kicks my booty!

Waking up at the crack of dawn is worth it though when you get to run by and even meet some pretty awesome characters! That plus running through the most magical place on earth with tons of cheerleaders and music along the way. It's pretty much the best race ever. My love of Disney may have me a bit biased. One thing for sure is that the medals and feeling of accomplishment at the end of it all will make waking up early totally worth it!

I have two more moderate runs and one long run to go before my training is complete! Only 13 days until I'm playing at Disney World with some of my best girls. {We're going to miss you so much Ash! But at least you have the sweetest twin babies to snuggle at home!}

Wish me luck!
Have you ever trained for a multi-race challenge? Any tips for me to be successful?!

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If you're interested in looking back at any of my Disney race recaps, check them out on my Races page!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A little LOVE

Remember last week when I was on the hunt to find the perfect Valentine's Day craft for me and little Chloe to do together? I think I posted about 8 different options and which one did I go with? None of them! When I got to the craft store, I completely lost all sense and just started picking up odds and ends. If I thought looked fun or pretty, I picked it up. Oh this has sparkles in it? We need that. I want to play with these dobbers. We should get them. I'm telling you, I lost all sense. It was kind of like a Target blackout. When you go in looking for 2 things and come out with 10 totally different things you don't even need. That's what I did at the craft store.

On the plus side, I ended up with some items that I could use for some sort of Valentine's craft. Plus the paint and dobbers could be reused for future projects! Luckily, the day I posted my craft ideas, a friend of mine sent me a few other ideas she had found. Once I got home and looked at the randomness of my haul, I realized that one of her options would work. That my friends is what I'm sharing with you today!

Here's what you need:

A toddler (pictured below)
Washable finger paints
Painters' tape
Canvas of choice - I used a wooden heart (one of my craft store grabs) and poster board
Optional: Paint dobbers to embellish


  1. Tear off pieces of Painters' tape and lay out on canvas to spell out LOVE. The letters can be as big or small as you want. You'll notice on our finished product that each canvas has a different size LOVE.
  2. Prepare a space that you don't mind getting messy and paint all over it.
  3. Take your toddler's clothes off. You'll thank me for this one.
  4. Pour out paint one color at a time. 
  5. Dip toddler's hand into paint, rub them together and let them smear it all over the canvas. 
  6. Repeat step 5 with different colors until the canvas has your toddler's beautiful paint smears all over!
  7. If you have paint dobbers, let your toddler dob and smash them all over the canvas. Feel free to help them a little bit.
  8. Let dry and remove Painters' tape. Congrats! You survived art time with your toddler!

The best part about this craft is that you may have most, if not all of the supplies at home. You can also change it up with the Painters' tape. Try writing Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, etc. I have a feeling that Chloe and I will be trying this one again. She had a blast playing with the paints and wiping her hands on her belly.

If you need a Valentine's gift for someone who loves your little one a whole lot, you can share a little LOVE with them! It's easy and there is still time before Valentine's Day gets here next Tuesday!

What are y'all getting your S.O.'s for Valentine's Day this year? Chloe may have her gifts ready, but I still don't!

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