Monday, September 12, 2016

Marathon to Mom: How to dress for runDisney!

Alright y'all. It's official. I'm in training mode. I still haven't settled on a fall half marathon, but I have two in mind in either mid November or early December. After that I'll have a little over two months to get ready for the Glass Slipper Challenge! Since that is a 5K, 10K and half marathon on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'll need to work on running 3 days in a row. I think training for a fall half will really help me ease back into running before I jump into GSC training!

Since last Monday was a holiday, I didn't blog. I was pretty lazy...but I did get my run in! So here are my workouts the last two weeks. I'm proud to say that I got all of my runs in and even went further than planed on one!

Past Two Weeks
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Cycle + Tabata
Tuesday: 3.75 miles
Wednesday: Kickboxing + 2 miles
Thursday: 2 mile walk
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: 1.5 mile walk
Wednesday: 2 miles speed work + strength
Thursday: Cycle
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6 miles

This Week Proposed
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Cycle + Tabata
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 2 miles speed work
Thursday: Walk
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6 miles

Now anyone that has been following A Balancing Act for a while knows that I live for runDisney. I ran my first Disney Princess race in 2011 and was completely hooked. I thought I'd share some of my better runDisney costumes.

If you're planning on doing a runDisney race, the first thing you're probably thinking is what am I going to wear?! Costumes and runDisney go hand in hand. As runDisney has become bigger and bigger, costumes have become crazier and more elaborate! I like to think that over the years mine have gotten a bit better too. My first few years I rocked a tutu and a tiara, but I wasn't a specific character. By 2013, I started to up my game.

2013: Queen of Hearts
Red leggings {Walmart}
Tiny Tiara

2014: Cinderella
Blue Nike Tank
Blue tutu 
{I added ribbon & sparkle tulle to create the effect of the sides of Cinderella's ballgown}
Black ribbon chocker
Black Sparkle Sweaty Band
Black run crops

2015: Olaf
White Nike Cold Gear
Black leggings
Olaf Hat

2016: Snow White
Blue Champion Running Tank
Black biker shorts

Santa hat {cut off ball}
Santa beard {cut off mustache}
Red Champion Running Shirt
{Used my Cricut to iron GRUMPY letters on}
Black running shorts

For cuteness factor, here's mini Snow White with us!

So there you have it! My runDisney costumes past. Now I have to think about what I want to be for Princess Weekend this year. I need 3 costume ideas.

Any thoughts or recommendations as to what I should be? 
I'll be running with two of my girlfriends, so any group costume thoughts?

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