Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today is NOT Monday

Yesterday was the Monday-est Monday that I've had in a while! You know those days where you're in a funk. Nothing is terribly wrong, but nothing goes quite right either? Yup. That was yesterday. And it seemed like I wasn't the only one feeling it.

It all started when I woke up. I didn't get out on the wrong side of the bed or anything, it just wasn't the right side. When my alarm went off at 4:30am I was exhausted. Exhausted like I had gone to bed at midnight when in all reality, my happy booty was in bed by 8:45 Sunday night! I felt groggy and confused and just plain tired. I managed to get through my usual morning routine potty, brush my teeth, do my hair, deodorant, change my clothes, swipe on some mascara, go down stairs, Kyani, pump for a few minutes, eat something, make coffee, leave the house at 5:30. {It used to take me 30 minutes to get out the door, but pumping takes about 20 minutes with clean up. I'm hoping to cut out my early AM pump soon!}

I got to the gym at 5:40am and it was a normal day. The usual folks were there. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I couldn't stop yawning and wanting to go back to bed. My coworker Lauren felt the same way. We managed to train our morning clients {who also felt like it was a very Monday, Monday} and do our usual morning duties around the gym. Everything just felt blah.

After my coffee and an attempted to wake up by standing up and dancing around, I still couldn't shake my yawns and feeling like I needed a nap. Again, I made it through lunchtime which is impressive because I teach cycle at 11:00am and Tabata at 11:50am! Back to back classes needing energy and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I think I used it all up in cycling because I was dragging through my Tabata class. I also felt this weird pain in my back after cycle. It felt like a huge muscle knot at first, then it felt like my ribs were out of whack. It hurt to take deep breaths and everything. Luckily, my class is super awesome and understood how I felt. They also didn't judge me as I walked around pressing my back muscles into various objects around the room to see if I could relieve the pain.

I made it through work, so you would think that my day would get better right? Nope. Little miss was hell on wheels yesterday. Auntie Annie let me know that she was having a rough day. I hoped that since I was home she would start feeling better, but no. Instead she felt like she needed to tell me what a rough day she was having and cry and cry and cry. There were a few biting incidents thrown in there and she fell off the couch. Good thing I was holding her foot so she didn't actually hit the floor. Better yet, I caught it on video.

Thanks Snap Chat! I was trying to show my family how bratty she was being and then that happened. That's pretty much how she was all afternoon. I tried doing all of her favorite things: playing with Beatbo, throwing books and stuffed animals around her room, nursing her, taking a bath with her, feeding her puffs around the table, but nothing seemed to work. Even worse, she decided that she was NOT going to nap. She through the most hysterical hissy fit when I tried to put her in her crib. I even thought that I'd let her cry it out, so I could have some peace and get something done. Or perhaps just sit and rest. But no. She screamed for 15 minutes. You would have thought that I was the worst mom in all of the land if you had heard her. In the end, we survived.

Daddy came home to help a momma out. Apparently, all she wanted was JP because she played with him. Laughed at him. Loved on him. All she did was scream at me and bite me! But whatever works. Despite skipping nap time, we still managed to get her to sleep around 7:30. {Usually a skipped nap time means it's even harder to get her to bed!} So I guess there was some silver lining. That and JP and I teamed up and made a delicious dinner with spaghetti squash, mushrooms and Trader Joe's sweet basil pesto chicken sausages! Sometimes all you need is your partner and some delicious food to try and turn your day around I guess.

Yesterday was just a day. I'm glad that today is NOT Monday. I don't think I could handle two Mondays in a row. So here's to hoping that today is a better day. I already know that I got more sleep and I definitely got out on the right side of the bed.

Do you ever have one of THOSE days?
How do you shake off the Monday blues?

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