Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fun Workouts on Vacation

I'm back and slowly getting into action. We got home late Monday night and yesterday was filled with catching up on house work, smothering my girl with love, subbing a kickboxing class and errands! I haven't been in my computer to upload pictures let alone play around in this little space! So here I am typing to y'all from my phone at work during our down time! I obviously want to wait to share the awesome pictures and details from our trip, but that will take a little bit of time. Instead I wanted to share with y'all how I stay fit and active on vacation.

Don't get me wrong, I know that sometimes you just need to rest and relax. Especially on vacation, right? But there are always some awesome ways to explore a city or beach or countryside wherever you are while getting in a good workout!

There are so many bike friendly cities out there! Check and see if there is a bike tour or a shop that rents out bikes for self tours. Some cities are easier to navigate on your own. Do some research and see if a self guided ride is for you and you can save some money there! Plus you won't be paying for any other transportation that day!

Let's start with San Fransisco. I made plans to ride bikes on our first day there! I don't like sitting for long periods of time and that's pretty much required on a plane, so getting out and about to explore is always on my to do list for day 1 on vacation! SF is incredibly bike friendly. We chose to do the self guided tour, so we were given a map, a route and recommended stops along the way! We rode through the Presidio, Chrissy Field, stopped along the beach, visited the Fort Point for the most gorgeous view of the bridge, rode over the Golden Gate Bridge, to Salsalito! Then we explored on foot for a while, did some shopping and eating before taking the ferry back to San Fransisco. 

Next time you book a trip see if biking is an option! You'll be glad you did it. It was probably the best part of my trip!

I know not everyone is a runner, but you can walk/jog around to see a new area! I try to go on a run during every trip I take. I find that I see more, take more in and the run goes by so fast because I'm distracted by everything around me. 

It's also interesting to see how your body handles working out in different climates! Above was a run I went on in Golden, CO. Hello altitude! The weather felt great, but my lungs were killing me! I loved running around Colorado School of Mines campus and exploring their little city on foot. 

I know beaches are usually for relaxing, but a run or power walk on the beach can get your heart rate up and work some leg muscles that you didn't even know existed! 

Some of my favorite places to run were in Lillehammer and Rome! Here's a shot from Norway because I loved the trails so much!

Visiting a city with hilly or mountainous terrain? Go for a hike! You're bound to see some amazing scenery and things you wouldn't see from a vehicle. Since I'm from a city whose hills are mostly on and off ramps from a freeway, I love getting the chance to hike and explore this way. Best hiking experience to date was in Bergen, Norway. Good company also makes the hike even better!

Try to get a hotel that is closer so some of the things you want to see. This way you can walk instead of catching a cab or public transportation. The more you're moving the more you can counteract all the delicious food you're eating on your trip. We love to walk as much as possibles on vacation. I feel so accomplished 

In London we used the hop on and off bus tours to get us around town for a couple of days. Instead of the just staying on the bus, we took advantage of the hop on and off bit! We would hop off and explore a large area. Walk around, skip some stops and hop back on when our next destination was far away or we needed a break. It was a great option for us and we were able to see more than we would just driving by! 

There are also TONS of walking tours in most cities! If you like tours for sight seeing, then go for it! We did a walking tour to see the monuments in Washington D.C. and I learned so much!

Gym Time
I personally try to find ways to be active that don't involve the gym on vacation. Of course, I work in a gym, so it makes sense. But if you need to squeeze in a workout because it's going to be a pretty sedentary day, then this is a great option! 

Getting into a workout routine can be so hard. It's even harder to workout on vacation, but there are so many ways to make it fun! It's all about getting out and moving!

What are some ways that you workout while on vacation? 
What's your favorite vacation "workout" to date?


  1. I always enjoy walking around the city I'm vacationing in. In San Fran, we battled those hills and got a great workout. A couple years back, we were in NYC... walked EVERYWHERE... My body was so incredibly sore after that vacation, and I lost a few pounds for sure!

  2. This is such a great post! I always want to know of fun things to do while on vacation to burn calories

  3. We usually always stay active when we go on vacation and those beautiful scenic places make it so easy because we love site seeing. Love these great ideas and tips!

  4. We definitely make sure we walk whenever we are on vacation! Great tips!

  5. Great tips! I never get to work out when I'm on vacation, but these are so simple, I'm sure anyone can get this workout in!

  6. Love this post and workouts while traveling. Wish we had been able to bike around San Fran when we went-there is SO much to see. Glad you guys were able to enjoy your own tour.

  7. These are great tips to look into when on vacation! I feel San Fran is the perfect balance vacation between relaxing and working out because of all the hills and walking around that you do!

  8. Great tips! So easy and always a fun way to explore the city!

  9. Omg! Dying to go to San Fran! Thx for all the tips!

  10. This is awesome! You are super dedicated. I always say I want to workout while I'm on vacation but I don't haha.


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