Friday, May 6, 2016

Cinco de Friday!

Friday has made it here yet again! When Monday rolls around it always feels like an eternity until Friday. Yet every week seems to go by pretty fast. I mean, I did just talk about that on Wednesday! No matter what, I still get excited for Fridays.

Did y'all have a good Cinco de Mayo?! Since I live in Houston, I usually have to celebrate with Mexican food and margaritas. This year I celebrated with pizza rolls and Aggie baseball! JP had a recruiting event for work with a group of students from our major's {Industrial Distribution, yes we have the same degree :)} honor society. We went up to College Station Wednesday night and stayed until after lunch Friday. Since JP's parents live there, it was great to spend time with them! While JP was at his dinner, we went to the baseball game. Chloe was a big hit and she was such a good girl. She loved the first 7 innings then got fussy and zonked out when Jojo took her for a walk around the concourse!

We may not have celebrated on Cinco de Mayo, but we'll be celebrating on Siete de Mayo at our bimonthly game night!

Sass. She constantly cracks my up with her facial expressions. There is so much attitude and personality packed into such a little package!

I curled my hair this week! It was my first time to try and curl my short hair, so I was nervous I would look like Shirley Temple. I actually had time and free hands to give it a try since we were staying at my parents house. I think it turned out pretty cute for my first try! What do you think? Any tips or tutorials I should check out?

I'm giving y'all a sneak peek at my new kitchen! I mentioned about two weeks ago that we were renovating our kitchen, and here it is with our new counter tops. These are our original cabinets and don't worry, we kept them! They just got a fresh coat of paint. Now our counters and backsplash are updated; we got new appliances; our fireplace was re-tiled; and our floors were stained and refinished! They've completely finished the kitchen and most of our flooring on the main floor. Today they're finishing the flooring and doing touch ups on the walls and cabinets. I can't wait to share before and afters next week!

Just add water. Literally that's all you need to make this little girl happy. She's been teething like crazy lately. Her top 4 teeth are all trying to push through and she's in so much pain. It hurts my momma heart. Luckily if you put this kid in water she is the happiest little trooper! Baths, pools, sinks, puddles, you name it and it has water then she loves it!

If that smile doesn't brighten up your Friday, I don't know what will! Happy Friday y'all and have a wonderful weekend.

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