Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chloe Grace: 2 Months Old

How is my tiny baby already 2 months old? The past 9 weeks have come and gone so fast. I cannot believe how time is flying by. It has been the best 2 months of my entire life. This little girl has not only brought so much joy to so many lives, but she has brought JP and I even closer together and made both of us better people. I thank God every day for allowing us to be her parents!

Yesterday, we went into the doctor for the dreaded 2 month shots. I'll admit, It wasn't that bad at all. I didn't think that I would cry, but I was still nervous. Chloe took her shots like a champ. In fact, she didn't even cry until the second shot! The third one kind of did her in though. She was hollering after that one, but luckily it was the last one and I just fed her immediately. This little chunk loves to eat, so it soothed her as soon as she latched. I'm so proud of my girl! And mom and dad didn't shed a tear. The rest of the day she was just sleepy, so we snuggled in our jams, read books and relaxed.

Chloe is growing so fast! She now weighs 11lb 7oz (52%), is 22 5/8 inches long (57%) and her head circumference is 15 1/2 inches (82%). She is right on track with the majority of 2 month old girls with her head slightly above average...still. She has her daddy's noggin that's for sure!

This month Chloe watched her first Aggie football game, went to her first tailgate, met a lot of her mommy & daddy's friends from college, took her first trip up to Dallas and spent lots of time with all of her grandparents!

She is so much more expressive and brings life to every room. I love seeing her smile when I talk to her or when I'm reading her stories. Morning time is our favorite time of the day because she is smiley and easy going. Some days I wish we could just sit in bed all day making funny faces, talking and hanging out. She is a complete wiggle worm and is living up to the name we gave her in the hospital: ChloWorm. It was originally because she looked like a Glow Worm all swaddled up. Now it's because her arms and legs don't stop moving. She's like her mom and thinks that sitting still for too long is hard! She loves to sit up right facing away from you so that she can see what's going on and she loves to stand up! She does a great job of putting weight on her feet and bouncing around. I just love my movin' and groovin' girl!

My darling Chloe Grace,

Time is flying by! You are growing so big and strong before our eyes. You love to lift your head and look around at everything around you. Your favorite things to stare at are fans, shadows, mobiles and mirrors. You're pretty darn beautiful, so I can't blame you for loving your mirrors!

My love for you continues to grow each and every day. I had no idea that my heart could be so full. Your daddy and I love spending evenings together just hanging out on the couch watching you and playing with you. You love your daddy's funny faces and noises that he does to make you smile. You love your mommy's voice and laying on my chest. I hope you love these things forever and ever. I know that one day you won't need us as much, but right now, we love being your whole world.

You're doing much better sleeping at night, but sometimes the struggle is real. You fall asleep around 9-10pm (most nights) and stay asleep until 3-4am! Mommy is so thankful for that nice long stretch. Then you wake up around 6-7am ready to eat and start the day! Since mornings are your favorite, I don't mind getting up with your beautiful smiling face.

I can't wait to continue watching you grow and develop into a little girl. My tiny newborn is no longer a newborn. You are officially in the infant stage and becoming your own little person. I promise to teach you everything I know and to make sure that you know and love God. You are blessed beyond measure with so much love in your life baby girl!

Mommy and Daddy love you beyond words! Here's to the first two months of your life. Let's see what the future brings.

I love you forever,

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One Month Update

Monday, September 28, 2015

twenty eight.

For as long as I can remember, 28 has been my most favorite number. Kind of strange, I know. There is always a method to my madness though. On September 28th twenty eight years ago, I was born! Birthdays have always been my favorite. Not just my birthday, but everyone's birthday! I love to celebrate an individual and get them awesome presents. (Though they are often late lately! Thanks mommy brain.) Naturally, as a lover of birthdays, I love my birthday the most. Thus making 28 my favorite number. It also helps that it's even since I really don't like odd numbers. I was born in an odd month, during an odd year, but luckily on an even day. Twenty eight. It just has a nice ring to it. Today is my golden birthday. Today I am twenty eight.

I received the most amazing gift this year. My angel baby. She's already making twenty eight even more magical. She was the first person I talked to and hung out with on my birthday during our 3:30am feeding. She really wanted to be the first person to wish me a happy birthday since I was born at 3:42am. Thanks Chloe! She was the first person I saw beside my bed when we finally got up. She was the first person to give me a birthday smile and a birthday hug! She's a pretty considerate baby if you ask me!

It also started out wonderful because my main squeeze went to Whole Foods to get me my favorite iced coffee to start my morning off right! While he was at it, he picked up a pancake and biscuit for me since carbs are my favorite. He also took his 7:30am call from home so he could see us for just a little while before going to work. Yup, twenty eight is going to be great. I just know it. Especially with these two in my life!

I gave myself this last week off of work for my birthday. Chloe and I are going to do lots of fun things to make sure it's the best birth week ever! It's raining today, so we'll have rainy day snuggles and tonight my girls are coming over for pizza and Pitch Perfect 2! Later this week, we'll definitely go to the zoo for the first time, and a walk on the bayou is definitely in store.

This weekend we were able to celebrate a bit by heading up to Dallas for a quick trip! I got to see my brother(Ben), sister-in-law(Kate) and one of my best friends(Kristin)! We also got to see a bunch of our besties from college to celebrate Hanna Jo's 30th birthday! Birthdays are awesome, but 30 is a milestone and I'm so happy that we were able to be there to celebrate with HJ and watch the Fighting Texas Aggies pull through with a victory in overtime against Arkansas. It was a stressful game for the guys. Chloe was not impressed. She looked awesome in her cute Aggie gear, but it was her awesome monster jams that helped the Ags pull off a win. Something about adorable monster footie pajamas on a little girl just makes football teams win. It's the truth.

Now I'm off to do some awesome twenty eight year old type things. You know, like eating pancakes for breakfast, playing on the floor with a baby and some puppies and if I'm lucky, watching Disney movies, Harry Potter and Pitch Perfect all day long. Here's to twenty eight and another year of just being awesome!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Booty Burn

Good morning and happy hump day y'all! Monday marked exactly 2 weeks until I go back to work. What?! Are you kidding me? From the first week I took off to the time I return, it will have been gone a total of 10 weeks. 9 of which were spent with my little angel baby! I ended up taking a week to myself before she was born because of some serious back pain that I was dealing with. Back pain, pregnancy and being a personal trainer/group exercise instructor do not go together. That was about the same time I stopped working out. Again, due to the back pain.

I started working out again about 3 weeks postpartum which meant I took a month off from working out. That was a long, but necessary month for me. I've been easing back into working out over the past 5 weeks. The most exciting bit for me was running! I had to stop running back in February when I destroyed my ankle at 16 weeks pregnant. Not being able to run was torture. I hadn't taken a serious amount of time away from running since 2010. What I didn't realize is how hard it is to start again once you've stopped. It's even harder since I'm postpartum and my body just isn't the same as it used to be. It never will be exactly the same and I'm okay with that. I do, however, want to lose the last bit of my baby weight. It'll make running easier that's for sure. So in order to get back to my pre-baby runner lower body, I've been working on some killer leg and booty workouts to help me tone and strengthen! Here is one that's awesome for the booty, quads, hamstrings and inner thighs!

Here are some links to provide examples of the exercises in case you have no clue what I'm talking about. You can also reach out to me with any questions!

Plie Squat
Split Lunges
Plie Squat Heel Lift {Not required to pulse during this exercise unless you want the added challenge!}

Be sure to give this a try on your next lower body day! You'll be sure to feel the burn after!

What are your favorite lower body toning exercises?

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekends are for...

...visiting family in College Station. day in Aggieland!

...beating the hell outta Nevada!

...enjoying the air conditioning in the Zone Club (thanks Rob and Sarah Lee!) when it's sunny, hot and 95 degrees at the game.

...Chloe snuggles with her JoJo and Paz while mommy and daddy escape to the game for a few hours.

...Texas sunset while heading back home.

...Sunday morning runs because you couldn't get up and ready fast enough on Saturday. Oh the joys of motherhood and breastfeeding! {More to come on running and breastfeeding soon!}

...jams all day! That's my favorite kind of day. Who doesn't love PJs? girl snuggles. time on the couch watching football and relaxing.

...Packers football!

Weekends are for having fun. Just saying. And this weekend, we had a lot of fun. Now it's Monday and only 2 more weeks until I'm back at work...yikes! Better soak up every minute with this little baby...who is currently screaming her head off. Time to go!

What do you think that weekends are for?

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

It's kind of weird to think that this week is the last full week of summer! Granted, summer-like temps will stick around here for another month at a minimum. At least we're on our way to my favorite season of the year....fall! Fall is my favorite for several reasons:

  • My birthday! Duh, number 1 reason right there. It's at the very start of fall. In fact, just one week in and I love it.
  • Fall clothing. It's the cutest. Boots, sweaters, skinny jeans, darker colors, all the pretties.
  • Holiday season. The majority of the holiday season is during the fall. Christmas is only a few days into winter, so all the prep and excitement happens in fall.
  • Eventual cooler temps. They do come. It just takes time. 
Since my birthday is in 10 days, I thought I'd do a Friday Faves as in some of my favorite things on my wish list. So they're my favorite things that I do not currently have in my possession. But I will. Or will at least try very hard to :)

Here's the top thing on my birthday wish list that I already have. It's my most favorite present of all time. Like ever.

I seriously had no idea that such a tiny little thing could bring so much joy into so many people's lives!

Birthday Wish List 2015

Kendra Scott {here, here, here, here}
Pretty much anything Kendra would make my heart happy, but these are a few of my faves. I love dangle earrings, but prefer studs. I can wear them to work and around Chloe! She's not grabbing at dangly earrings yet, but that's in our near future!

Lululemon {here, here}
I'm going back to work, so work clothes are required! It also helps that my work attire is the same as my running attire which is the same as my stay at home with Chloe attire! I really like the Wunder Under Crop for work and I like the color and style of this fold over crop! Super cute and comfy to wear. I'm also in dire need of a heavy duty sports bra for running and HIIT training. My girls are much larger than I'm used to and they need some support!

Other Workout Clothes {here, here, here, here}
Because you can never have enough awesome shorts and witty tops!

Mizuno {here}
I need new running shoes! I've been reviewing Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes for the past few years and usually, their new shoes come out just as I need new ones. Well, since I haven't been blogging as much or doing product reviews as often, I haven't been able to do Mizuno reviews. Plus, they haven't come out with their new Wave Riders. I'm not sure when they will, so I need new Mizunos! I'm thinking about trying out the Wave Sayonara 2 because I loved the original Sayonaras when I was able to review them a few summers ago! If I don't love them, then I'll get another pair of the Wave Rider 18s. Crossing my fingers that the 19s will come out soon and I can give them a test ride!

Disney Movies {Blu-ray on Amazon}
A girl can never have too many Disney movies. Especially when raising her mini-me the right way! I have several on DVD already and now I'm really trying to make sure I have all of the necessities.

Polar M400 {here}
My old Garmin watch is well, old. My old Polar Loop, also old. This baby puts the two together and makes for one happy Amy. I blogged about my favorite fitness gadgets last week and it made me REALLY want this bad boy.

Cute Maroon tops {here, here}
Football season is here. You can never have too many cute clothes to support your team. Plus, maroon is an awesome fall color! I have tons of cute Aggie dresses, but not as many tops as I would like. Since I'm breastfeeding, dresses are a bit more awkward because you can't just pull your dress up. You could, but that would be a little weird.

So there you have it, just a few things on my birthday wish list. Nothing completely mandatory for me to have for my life to go on, but since people were asking, I thought I'd share.

Now go off and have a fabulous Friday. Because you deserve it!

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P.S. I started writing this blog post at 8:00am. It's now 11:20am and I'm finally finishing after starting and stopping 100 times. Oh the joys of motherhood :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Game Day in College Station

Last weekend was our first game day weekend in College Station this season! There is something special about being in College Station on a home game weekend and each year it gets better and better. (Last year and the year before!) Of course, this year was a little different for us. Here's why:

  • We didn't tailgate in Spence Park on campus.
  • I didn't actually go to the game.
  • We have an extra addition to the family!
Yup, Chloe's first game day weekending in Aggieland! It started with our traditional Friday afternoon trek up 290, pitstop at Buc-ee's and then up Highway 6 to College Station! I love wearing my Lalabu Soothe shirt when we go on road trips, so I can just stick Chloe in the pouch and wear her around our pitstops. It's way easier then carrying around her carseat or putting on my Moby Wrap or Baby Bjorn for a quick stop.

Friday night in College Station, we were reunited with my wonderful in-laws and some of their friends! We had a delicious dinner and lots of good conversation before I left Miss Chloe with her daddy and JoJo. I definitely needed some shuteye, so off to bed I went!

Saturday morning I woke up and was determined to go for a quick run because it was so beautiful outside! It takes me a bit longer to get going these days. I have to get out of bed and get myself ready, feed and change Chloe and pee about 10 times before I'm ready to run!

I was able to squeeze in 2.25 miles before I needed to shower and eat in preparation for game day. Well, really I needed to do that so I could go shopping. The Warehouse has awesome Aggie gear for great prices and Chloe and I needed more stuff. There is NO such thing as too many Aggie outfits! I got this cute shirt that I'm wearing in the pictures below!

After shopping, everyone started to arrive at JP's parents' house! We decided to tailgate here for the first game. It made the most sense since there aren't as many people in our tailgating group plus this allowed for quick access to air conditioning and flushing toilets. The A/C is important because Miss Chloe Grace had to tailgate with us!

It's safe to say she had a great time! Tons of people to love and snuggle her. We had a great time too because we had food, drinks, A/C, toilets and family at our finger tips. Tailgating at the Gougler's was a win-win for all!

 When it was time for everyone to go to the game, Jody, Chloe and I stayed back to watch from the comfort of the couches! Actually, I dropped my friends off near the stadium since they had a car parked to take back to the Gouglers. This kept them from having to walk miles to get to the stadium! When I got back, I found Jody and Chloe so perfectly content and snuggly. Chloe loves her JoJo so so much!

We enjoyed hanging out just us 3 girls during the game. While I missed the excitement of seeing the new stadium, that's about all I missed. The game was a complete blow out, luckily in our favor. I'm glad I stayed home since our group left at half time anyway!

My Aggie Princess was decked out in her Aggie onesie, a maroon bow (not on her in these pics!) and her Aggie blanket that Aunt Julie made her!

Sunday I set my alarm for 7:30am because I knew I wanted to get out and run again! The overnight low was in the mid-60s and we haven't seen anything below 75 in months! I also knew that it wouldn't last long, so even though I was tired, I went through my morning get ready routine and was out the door by 8:30am and it was 65 degrees with only 50% humidity. Y'all, we live in a constant 80-100% humidity and it's always upwards of 90% in the mornings, so this was unheard of for September! I got 3.5 miles in which is my current longest distance since starting to run again 2 weeks ago! And it was a very hilly run but I maintained an average pace of 9:30...score!

After my run, it was time to pack up and head to Sugar Land. One of my dad's best friends recently passed away in a freak accident, and instead of having a funeral, we had a celebration of his life. Of course, my dad wanted to have it at our house because my parents are awesome like that. Not to mention my dad is an amazing friend (and dad and poppa!)

 There were about 60 people there, an awesome turnout. So many people brought food to contribute that we ran out of space to put it all! It was a beautiful celebration for a wonderful man. We all miss Walter so much already. I'm glad that we were able to be there to support his family and my daddy.

Unfortunately or possibly fortunately, the only pictures I took yesterday were of Chloe. I can't stop snapping pics of this girl! She was the hit of the party and brought even more joy to a potentially sad event.

Sunday we also watched our first full day of FOOTBALL! Unfortunately, the Texans got their butts kicked, but the Packers beat the Bears! Seeing the Packers win always lights up my Sunday. Beating JP in Fantasy Football also lights up my Sunday. I'm beating him in our friends league, but might lose in the family league. I also joined a Houston Blogger league this year and I'm pretty sure I'm going to win...sorry Emily!

Yet again, we had a wonderful weekend with friends and family. Weekends with this girl in our life are more full then I could imagine. How did we do life without her?!

Did you cheer on your favorite football teams this weekend?
Who do you root for?

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