Monday, April 7, 2014

SHO Weekend

This past weekend was fantastically busy and relaxing all at the same time! We packed a ton of activities into Friday and Saturday before a perfect lazy, rainy Sunday! I would mind having that lazy day continue. Alas, Monday is already upon us and I must simply reminisce...

Friday we...

...met baby Penelope! My best friend from high school, Nicole, had her little girl two weeks ago and she's just perfect!
...hung out with my dad in Sugar Land for a bit. free samples at Spec's
...had a dinner date night at home with my love!
...took lots of pictures with the pups :)
...ate Crave cupcakes!!!

Saturday we...
...hosted a Zooma end of training run at Memorial park! Turn out was pretty good with 6 people. Considering I wasn't certain that anyone other than myself and my usually running buddies would be there! We knocked out 6 miles before celebrating with free shirts, Muscle Milk and Cytomax! ready super fast before heading to the Shell Houston Open!
...watched lots of golfers tackle the 16 hole.
...drank several glasses of wine.
...met JP's boss, former boss and some colleagues.
...made it home from SHO without getting rained on!
...met up with Philip, Alison and Alex and went out to midtown for drinks and dinner at Cyclone's!
...still went to bed by 10:00pm

Sunday we...
...had an early morning coffee run.
...did some spring cleaning on our main floor!
...whipped up some goodies in the kitchen! Recipes coming soon!
...went on a lunch date at Russo's simply to get out of the house for a bit.
...relaxed, laid around, read and watched tv all afternoon! It was glorious!

And like I said before, now it is Monday. Another fantastic weekend is behind us. Time to kick butt and take on this week!

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