Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I work out!

I walk in the club, this is what I see. Er'body stops and they're starin' at have it in your head now don't you? You're welcome. I'm sexy and I know it! Cue dance party. Happy hump day y'all! So I've decided to dedicate Wednesdays to workouts because a) they start with the same letter and I love alliterations b) I love sharing new workouts with y'all c) I love getting new workouts from y'all  and d) I love being held accountable. Lots of love. That being said, here we're last week's workouts!

Wednesday: Strength and Spin class. Lots of upper body weights and resistance on the bike!

Thursday: 3 mile run (8:04 pace)

Friday: 45 min spin class. I taught my killer tabata workout! (Side nite: are y'all interested in me sharing spin workouts at all??)

Saturday: 12 mile run (9:19 pace)

Sunday: REST!

Monday: 2 mile run (8:22 pace) + this killer workout!

Tuesday: 20 minutes of kick boxing and 2 45 minute spin classes! 

Wednesday: Today will be a much needed rest day! I'll be doing minimal work during my class today that's for sure!

Let's just say that my glutes, hamstrings, chest and shoulders are KILLING me right now. In the best way of course. The workout above is so awesome. I taught it in my Monday class and everyone really "enjoyed" it. As in, they got a great workout and didn't hate it. I'll take it! It's all about pushing them until just beofre they break and totally wearing them down. I'm excited to come up with more workouts similar to this one to share with y'all!

What's your current favorite workout that you found via a blog, Pinterest or DVD?

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