Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Home is where the heart is.

It's true y'all. Home is where the heart is! I love the home that JP and I have built with our little family of four (you know, with my two fur babies). But there is something about escaping the comforts of your day to day home to your "other" home. I still consider my parents house home. I still have, and will always have, a room there. I feel comfortable, loved, at ease and most of all happy when I'm there. I can leave my home where I can think of tons of chores, tasks and other things to do. Instead I can relax, help out my parents and not worry about all the little things at home. This weekend, I escaped to my parents while JP was away on a guys weekend!

I drove to Sugar Land early Saturday morning to meet up with Emily and Matt. My parents both had to work that morning, so Emily and I took Matt to the first game of his basketball tournament. Dad met up with us there and we watched Matt's team dominate!

Then it was time for some poolside sunshine. Of corse the dogs had to be involved. They make it quite hard to relax sometimes. It's too bad they're so cute!

After being outside for several hours, Emily and I went to the store to buy discounted Easter candy and then we stuffed Easter eggs for our belated Easter celebration. We're overgrown children, so we LOVE to have Easter egg hunts! Post stuffing eggs, we just hung out outside with the family: joking around, taking pictures of how much bigger my baby brother is than me, burgers for dinner and then back out to Matt's basketball tourney for another game at 9:20pm! The team won, but Matt sprained his ankle towards the end...it doesn't look too good.

Sunday morning was pretty much as perfect as can be. The weather was beautiful, so we sat outside for a few hours sipping coffee, enjoying the weather and just chatting. Once we decided to join society, Mom, Emily and I went on a grocery run to Aldi's! I only go there when I'm with my mom and I really found some great deals this time around. Good thing too because JP and I had an empty fridge and freezer. Now they're both overflowing!

We didn't get home until after two, so we headed up a pizza we picked up at the store and munched on that while we lounged for a bit. Later JP came back from his boys weekend and my Uncle Mike (Mom's brother) came over! He's in town for work and is able to spend some time with us so that's awesome. Before dinner, Dad and Uncle Mike played Easter Bunny and hid all of the eggs that Emily and I stuffed on Saturday! They boys acted less than enthused, but Em and I had a blast. Secretly, I think the boys loved it. I mean, candy! Come on!

The rest of the day was spent opening Easter baskets, playing corn hole and eating a yummy BBQ rib dinner!

Yup, it really doesn't get much better than that. No worries, just relaxing and spending time with some of my most favorite people on the planet. They only thing that would have made the weekend better is if Benny Boy was home from Colorado! 

Home really is where the heart is!

Do you love going to your childhood home or do you prefer your own home?
What makes a perfect weekend for you?


  1. I completely agree with you. That's why even though I moved 1300 miles away & don't get home all that often I get sad when my parents talk about moving. That's my home...that's where I grew up...any new house I won't have any tie to.

  2. Love your easter basket! Nothing is better than home!

  3. Fun weekend! My parents sold my childhood home a few years ago. I expected it to be really sad but it wasn't. I guess I'd been gone long enough that I'm more attached to my own house. Looks like you got some great stuff in your Easter basket!


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