Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five!

Happy happy Friday my lovelies! Friday mornings make me happy just knowing about all the wonderful things the weekend brings. It also helps knowing that I'll be done at 1:00 and my wekend begins. So here are five things that have made me super happy this week!

1. More Group Ex Classes!
That's right, I've gone from teaching 3 classes a week to 5 classes a week :) Now I need to find a good balance on when I try hard in class and when I'm pushing my students. I need to stay healthy and get my workouts in too! I've cut back on a lot of running and I'm missing it. Here's what I'm teaching:

Tuesday: (1) Lunch Cycle (2) Evening Cycle
Wednesday: (3) Morning Cross Training (4) Lunch Boot Camp
Friday: (5) Lunch Cycle

2. Tone It Up Girls
Has anyone seen their show on Bravo? Well I recorded it a while back and started watching it recently. These girls are hilarious and incredibly fit! I've been looking into their workouts and fitness plan lately to see if there is anythig I can relay to my clients! 

If you're looking for something new at the gym, here's a great workout to really change things up and try new cardio machines!

3. Crock Pot Recipes
I go through phases with my crock pot where I use it a ton, then I forget about it. I'm entering the use it a ton phase and I'm cool with that. Check out my pulled BBQ chicken and healthy coleslaw! No mayonaise y'all! I hate mayo...bleh.

I need to get better at taking food pictures for blogging recipe purposes. I'm always just so hungry and ready to eat!

4. Ratio Bars
These things are delicious and it lays out the protein to net carb ratio right there for you! They are non GMO, gluten free and soy free but they are far from taste free! I was given several flavors to sample via FitFluential and I've enjoyed them all so far. Looks like my pups want to give them a try too! 

I've tried them in the morning, a higher protein one post workout and the one below was for an afternoon snack pre-walk at Memorial Park with my little hooligans!

5. Jilliam Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour
I saw Jillian Michaels last night and y'all she is awesome. I'll post more about her talk next week! If you're interested in seeing her, you should check out her remaining tour dates! She'll be in Dallas tonight and Austin on Sunday for my Texas friends! 

Even though I'm healthy and in shape, I was still able to take away several things from her talk. I'm looking forward to sharing the information Jillian relayed with some of my clients. I love being a motivator and hearing from one of the best motivators herself was pretty amazing!

So there you have it! 5 awesome things from this week that I wanted to share with y'all! I didn't realize until now that everything was kind of health and fitness related. I swear I'm not a super freak, but when you work in the fitness industry, it's amazing how much your life revolves around it! 

Now I'm ready for the weekend! Don't forget to join me at Memorial Park tomorrow morning at 8:00am for freebies and a run around the Memorial Loop! I have Zooma shirts, bags, Cytomax and Muscle Milk! Come out for a run. No need to be registered for the race. Just come ready to run with some pretty awesome women! We'll be meeting at the stretching area at 8:00am. E-mail me if you need more details!

What made you happy this week?
Do health and fitness related thing make your Friday Five?

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