Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekends are for...

...spending time with your husband and puppies.

...long walks on sunny days to the park!

...eating Mexican food and ordering sopapillas because you're "carboloading" for your Saturday run.

...snuggling on the couch and watching Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.

...waking up early on Saturday for long runs with your best running friends!

...riding with the sun roof open.

...Houston blogger meet ups! I had such a great time that no pictures were taken! Ooops :)

...relaxing in Sugar Land with my family!

...laying out by the pool, getting some Vitamin D and exercising my brain (reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

..."sleeping in" Sunday morning and drinking coffee on the couch.

...running errands and feeling productive.

...going to the movies with friends. I loved Divergent!

...spending Sunday evening the same way as Friday evening...Harry Potter weekend on the couch with my little family.

That's right...weekends are for doing whatever I feel like whether it be relaxing or not. For someone who doesn'gt relax very well, I think I did a good job this weekend. When the sun is out and I have no plans, you better believe I'll be in my parents' oasis of a backyard. Come on summertime!

What is your favorite way to spend the weekend?
I would say that mine would involved a Saturday morning long run with friends, limited plans, sunshine and a healthy dose of Mexican food.

Yup this weekend ws bliss. Now let's do this Monday!

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