Friday, March 14, 2014

Rodeo Friday Shenanigans

Oh hey Friday, thanks for joining us! It's finally time to link up for Friday Five!

1. Kristin is coming! And it's March which means RODEO!!! It's kind of a tradition. This year we're going to see Keith Urban...and it's tonight! I am super pumped because I love Keith and I've never actually seen him in concert before!



2. Planning bachelorette parties is fun. Bed and breakfasts...limos and wine. Sold! Come on May, I'm ready for a girls weekend in Fredericksburg!

3. These two. No words. Just love.

4. I taught 10 classes this week! Considering I only teach 3 on a weekly basis, I'd say that's pretty awesome. 4 alone were on Tuesday and my legs have been screaming at me since! Running hasn't been a priority, but I'm itching for a long run. 9-10 miles Sunday morning....bring it!

5. This has felt like the longest week ever. Blame it on daylight savings? Or maybe all the classes I'm teaching. Or maybe because I'm just excited about the weekend. Who knows. At least it's Friday!

Happy Friday y'all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend sunshines.

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  1. Im so bummed. We were gonna come this year but A cant take off more work cause hes basically taking all of October off for our wedding/honeymoon. Next year we are going for SURE!

  2. I am so jealous that you get to see Keith tonight! I wanted to go so bad. I saw him this summer. He's amazing!

  3. Hope you had a blast at the concert!! Hope your week goes well :)


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