Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend List!

Another fresh start to the week is among us. So I'm going to do what I do best on Monday's, relive just how much fun I had this weekend! List style! I love lists :)

Sleepover party at my parents house!
Fell asleep on my dad's shoulder at old am I?
6 mile run with Chandra and Melaine

Lunch with my amazing mother-in-law
Surprise going away party for Nathan! He's moving to Russia!

Lots of fun shenanigans with all my amazing friends from Sugar Land

Woke up far too early after getting only 4 hours of sleep
Cheered on runners at the Rhythm and Blues half marathon

It was weird not to be running!
Watched the Olympics with my parents
Napped on the couch
Drove to church with my family only to get a call from strangers who found Maggie and Moose. They escaped from my parents' backyard and were frolicking around New Territory :(
Went back to church for the 2nd half
Ate too much yummy mom made food
Took the hooligans back home and passed out in bed :)

And that's about it. Busy, busy and fun with a little bit of down time. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Now it's time to tackle another week! Happy Monday y'all!!!

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