Tuesday, February 11, 2014

These are my confessions

It's been a good long while since my last confessions post! Some days you just need to let it all out there and I suppose today is one of those days :)

I confess...

...I actually like gas station coffee! Maybe not all gas station coffee but I like the one by my parents house and the one by my house. I guess I'm not too picky :) That or those two stations just know how to make a good cup of joe!

...lately practically everything I wear is made of spandex. I swear it's not all the fits :)

...I pick my tv shows based on things I can multitask during. I have a hard time just sitting and watching tv, thus TLC, Bravo and other trashy reality tv are my usual go tos.

...sometimes I skip the soap and just assume that the shampoo running down my body will suffice. Don't judge me. :) I smell good most of the time!

...I'm incredibly obsessive. Shocking, I know. For example, I only watch one show on Netflix at a time. I'll watch that show until I'm completely caught up with all the seasons before choosing my next victim. I get so into my books that I have trouble putting them down. If it's a series and all the books are out, I'll finish them in less than 2 weeks. I get stuck on a certain food and eat it until it practically makes me sick. So on and so forth...

...I don't always enjoy working out. GASP! Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy working out even when I'm doing it most of the time. But you know, sometimes you have just one of those days!

...when I get home from work, I sit on the couch...a lot. Too much some days. I'm so pooped from waking up at 4:00am that by 2:00pm all I want to do is chill. I have to give myself chores to get done each day so that I actually do something!

...I don't like cold cheese, anything cherry flavored, whiskey, bacon, most pig products really, or anything greasy. Crazy I know. And I'm dead serioius about the cheese and bacon thing.

...my puppies are far from well behaved and I guess it's kind of, sort of, maybe JP and my fault. Maybe. They need to go to puppy boot camp. It's safe to say their escape act on Sunday proves that!

Now tell me...what are your confessions???

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