Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend!

Happy day after the Super Bowl! And an interesting, unpredicted Super Bowl it was! Before we discuss the interesting game, let's jump back to Friday!

JP was actually gone all last week. I was a single lady, single lady! Which also made me a single dog mom! Lots of extra duties and waking up extra early. Needless to say that I was so excited when he came home on Friday!

His homecoming called for a date night! Nothing crazy, but we wanted to get out of the house. We decided to take a trip to Spec's for free samples and to pick up some booze for Super Bowl Sunday! After Spec's we walked over to Russo's for New York style pizza and wine! Cheers!

Saturday was a busy and fun day! It started with productive house cleaning followed by breakfast and coffee at Whole Foods! Later we went off to The Boneyard to meet up with some friends and let the pups run around like crazies! Maggie and Moose had a total blast running around, sniffing other dogs and tackling each other without getting yelled at. We had a great time too since The Boneyard is also a bar! The Boneyard let to a late lunch/early dinner at Canyon Creek which included a frozen mimosa. Yum. Just yum! Before we called it a night and put on jammies at 8:00pm, Ashley and Tyler came over with little Calla (bottom right picture)! They're fostering her and picked her up from an adoption event at the shelter. We had to meet her since she seriously could be Moose's little sister! 

Sunday started bright and early with an 8 mile run with Chandra and Melanie. Definitely a good start to the day considering the amount of food that I ate yesterday! It was very humid and kind of rainy, but we pushed through and got a solid longer run in before the shenanigans began!

For the Super Bowl, we headed to my friend Ashley's house for their annual Chili Cook Off and Super Bowl party. There was SO much delicious food. Too much. I really ate too much. Oh well, such is life. We had a great time and JP got to be a Chili judge again this year. With my stomach, you better believe I steered clear of the chili! I ate plenty of other foods though: sweet potato fries, buffalo chicken, chicken and waffles, hummus, chips, queso, sweets, all the food! We definitely enjoyed the pre-party more than the actual Super Bowl. The game was just not interesting. I wanted to see Peyton win. Not that I have anything against the Seahawks...I do really like their colors and uniforms though! I was hoping for a close game, not a blow out. We left Ashley's parent's house at half time and I watched the rest of the game in my jammies. Okay, really I feel asleep of the couch during the 4th quarter. Don't judge me.

And as always, another weekend turns into Monday. I think this week will be a good one, so bring it on!

Have you ever been to a dog park with a bar?
How did you feel about this year's Super Bowl shenanigans?


  1. What a great weekend! I love sampling trips to Specs!!!

  2. I wanted to see Pey Pey win. I don't have anything against the Seahawks either, well, except I don't like Pete Carroll. Oh well! We stayed home so I didn't eat too much! YAY!

  3. It's always nice when the boy is home!!


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