Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Disney Day!!!

It's official y''s Disney Day!!! That's right, the girls and I are flying to the Sunshine State to see Julie and the Most Magical Place on Earth. Here's proof...

If that's not official proof, then I don't know what is. I mean, today is the 21st and that means 0 days until I go to Disney World! All I need to do is make it through work today. A few clients, a little down time, teach a spin class and then I'm off and it's time to go!!!

I've got my nails done, tutu prepped, tiara in place, bags packed and I'm ready to go! That being said, other than Disney excitedness, I don't have many important things to say. So I'm going to leave you with these fun facts...

Disney animators like to hide classic characters into newer movies. Goofy and Donald Duck are in the opening scene of The Little Mermaid as members of the audience in King Triton's concert!

Disney World has something called "Smellitzer" around the park to product certain smells in specific areas such as salt water around and in Pirates of the Carribean.

Simba is Swahili for lion and Bhalu (Baloo) is Hindi for bear.

The people behind the voices of Mickey and Minnie were married in 1991 and were married until his dealth in 2009.

Speaking of weddings, those of you with big deal coming up, if you send Micky & Minnie a wedding invitation they'll send you a 'Just Married' pin. If you send an invitation to Cinderella & Prince Charming they'll send you an autographed congratulatory certificate! Why didn't I know this 4 years ago!!!

Walt Disney was presented with one normal sized Oscar and 7 smaller ones for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1938.

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is about the size of San Francisco. And I'm about to be there!!!

Now try not to get overwhelmed and excited by all these fun facts. If you're dying to know more, take a look at this site. 90 fun facts about Disney that you probably didn't even know!

Have a wonderful weekend y'all! I know that I will! Queen of Hearts last year, Cinderella this year! Watch out Disney World, here we come!

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