Monday, January 20, 2014

This Weekend I...

...ran a marathon!!! 

Let's rewind a bit first shall we?

This weekend I...

...went to bed between 8-9 pm every night,

...explored the Memorial Hermann EXPO and bought lots of Sweaty Bands!

...hung out with some of the coolest ladies I know.

...ate lots and lots of carbs.

...sat on my bum most of the day Saturday.

...woke up really early on Sunday morning with lots of pre-race jitters!

...ran 26.42 miles (according to my Garmin) in 4:03:39 and couldn't be more proud of myself!

...sat, rested my legs, soaked in the bath, sat some more and enjoyed a mimosa with my hubby!

Full recap with pictures to come tomorrow! Just gathering all my thoughts and pictures to share with y'all!!! Happy Monday my lovelies! I hope that walking, sitting and standing is easier for you than it is for me!

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