Friday, January 24, 2014

All the Sugar!

Happy Friday to all and happy Icemageddon to my fellow Houstonians! I'm not going to lie, this whole ice thing is kind of cracking me up. Us southerners can't handle things like this! I will admit that there are several roads that are dangerous though.

Anywho let's get back on's topic...sugar.

I talked about decreasing my sugar intake as one of my 2014 health and fitness goals. I knew that I wasn't going to change my diet much until after the marathon so I wasn't too worried about it...until now. Guess what y'all, the marathon is over and I need to tame my sugar cravings! I love cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream and all of life's deliciousness. I love them too much. My goal is to bring it down to once a day. Right now, I'm good in the morning but after lunch I feel like I need something sweet as a nice little finish to my meal! Not cool. Then again after dinner, it's ice cream time! Am I alone? Anyone else crave sugar too much?

So here's my plan of attack, I need to find something that is healthy and slightly sweet to have with my lunch to keep my sweet tooth toned down. This way I can still have a little something after dinner and not feel guilty. Here are some of the foods I'm thinking may work...

Fresh Fruit (I eat this with breakfast a lot but may be a good afternoon snack too!)
Pitted Dried Dates
Small Smoothie

Unfortunatley, our pantry and fridge has not had the best snack foods lately. I've been trying to clear out things in the freezer and pantry this year. It's great for making new dinners out of things I have, not so great for an easy grab and go snack. JP and I are tackling our big grocery store trip this weekend! Any thoughts on some good afternoon snacks that I should have on hand? I'd love to hear what y'all do to tame your sweet tooth!

And because I don't have a picture in today's post, here is an adorable one of my babies snuggling me last night when the temps dropped outside!


  1. Not going to lie, I love me some dark chocolate.

    I find that unflavored greek yogurt with berries and a little stevia helps. Sweet potatos, broiled carrots, and almond butter is nice (not all together, of course!).I also love cinnamon- it seems to quench the craving a bit!

  2. I'm definitely a sugar lover! "Sweet tooth" is saying it nicely. I would love to cut down on how much sugar I take in...but it's hard! I'm going to start back with smoothies. They're easy and delicious!


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