Friday, November 15, 2013

Pretty in Plaid

I must say that I absolutely love when Friday rolls around because it's like my Saturday :) Not for long though! {Secrets are fun!} I also love Friday because I feel like I generally have a lot of thoughts and ideas for blogging in my head. Plus there are several fun link ups that often inspire those thoughts. Once upon a time, I linked up with Mrs. Alison all the time and lately I just haven't been sharing my Friday Fancies with y'all! Well today is the day because the Pretty in Plaid theme got me super inspired to create an outfit for me to wear in Calgary! I mean, I'm leaving next Wednesday! So pumped.

Pretty in Plaid

I love me a good plaid shirt. I have a few in different this maroon one spoke to me and I kind of want it! Best part is that it's affordable and from American Eagle. To add a little warmth I went with a fleece vest and knee high boots. As always, I swoon over Tory's riding boots. One day I'll break down and buy them I'm sure.

So now I have an idea for a super cute outfit in Calgary! The top with be more purpley and the vest is black. I'll look super cute when walking around the second biggest mall in the world :) 5 more days!!!

What are your thoughts on plaid?
Do you have a favorite plaid print color?

Happy Friday my lovies and have a great weekend!

Had to add my old Friday Fancies badge just because!

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