Monday, November 18, 2013

My Baby Turned 3!

I typed up an entire blog post and then Blogger erased it and saved. I couldn't get it back and now I am a sad panda. Now I'm going to shorten what I had and just show you pictures.

Miss Maggie turned 3 on Sautrday and I can't believe that my baby girl is growing up! She's slowly calming down but still has all the spunk in the world! And in case you wanna take a peek, here's Miss Maggie when she was a little baby! The very first time I introduced her to the blog world!

Of course we celebrated with our little on Saturday with presents and treats before we were off to the Tiller-Williams wedding!

one. Saturday morning snuggles
two. Princess Maggie lounging on her birthday
three. Attempting to get a picture of Moose but it's so hard!
four. Ready for the wedding!
five. Showing off my new dress and awesome modeling skills...okay not the latter
six. Tiller-Williams wedding
seven. They're married!
eight. I loved that their monogram and bible verse was everywhere!
nine. Now that is an Aggie cake...WHOOP!

Now it's time to tackle a busy week followed by a crazy weekend! I leave for Calgary in 2 days, John & Kelsey get married on Saturday and we're off to NYC in just 9 days! I guess I'll have time to sit back and breath in December. Or not. Maybe January :) We'll see! Happy Monday lovlies. Make it a good one!


  1. Happy 3rd birthday Maggie! I hope your mamma gave you lots of treats yesterday to celebrate!


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