Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Never ever ever...

It's been a while since I linked with with Neely, Steph and Shelley, so I bring to you...

Never ever ever...

Will I be a night owl. {I promise I'm in bed by 10pm at the latest during the week. Oh and last weekend I didn't stay up past 9:30pm. Ooops!}

Will I absolutely love Halloween. {I love dressing up, but don't care for Halloween that much anymore. I guess I don't have good parties to go to? Maybe I'll love it again when I'm a momma!}

Will I stop online shopping. {It's just so convenient and there are so many cute online shops...with the best deals!}

someecards.com - I shop online to make it easier to brag about the savings on Facebook and Twitter.

Will I be able to contain my love for the Holidays! {Right now I keep thinking of shopping for Christmas gifts! I mean November starts this week y'all! I'm ready to be in the spirit.}

Will I regret my decision to become a full time fitness professional. {My clients this morning really just made me feel great and they resigned for another 3 months!!!}

Will I regret running a race. {...even if it's pouring outside, my feet are water logged and my stomach is in knots. I still feel good about running and proud I pushed through!}

Will I not be competitive. {I really don't like losing...like in Fantasy Football. I'm not pleased that since I lost my husband is now in 3rd and I'm in 4th by only 1.1 points. Not cool.}

What are your never ever evers?
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