Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Howloween!

Maggie's banana dog costume is being reused! That's right, meet Banana Moose :) As you can see he's thrilled to be testing out his costume. Above is Maggie in 2011 and Moose this morning with Maggie photo-bombing :) Here are Maggie's costumes from Howloweens past...

Banana Maggie - 2011
She didn't mind the costume quite so much when we took the hat off!

TinkerMaggie - 2012
We were all going to be princesses and of course my sister comes over with an alligator hat on. Just one of the many reasons I adore her.

DinoMaggie - 2013
Here is her costume for this year. As you can see, she is beyond thrilled to be wearing it. And by thrilled I mean pissed/terrified. 

I'm going to try and get a good picture of them together later today. Wish me luck. 
Until then, I'm going to lay on the couch and watch all the Halloween movies on t.v. I can't kick whatever is wrong with me. Dear sore throat and cough...go away now. On the plus side, this may be the best way to spend a rainy Halloween.

Be safe and have a Happy Howloween y'all!

What awesome costumes have y'all put on your dogs?
Any exciting Halloween evening plans?

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