Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Full Body Blast!

Since I am officially a personal trainer, I figured it was only fitting for me to share a fun workout with y'all! I did this on Monday and actually get it to one of my clients this week as well. It's a winner in my book. Take a look below at my first attempt at a video of the moves!

Happy HUMP DAAAYYYY y'all!

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  1. Get it girl!!! You are always so motivating, so plan on me stalking your blog even more than normal :) Now that I've joined a gym and I'm seriously motivated to shed this gross extra weight and get fit- I'm going to need your help!!

  2. So I saw the other day you posted your time and calories burned for this workout and mine was way off. It took me 20 minutes to run through the whole thing and my calorie output was 102. Any ideas?? My level of fitness is pretty high because I am a runner but don't ever incorporate much in the way of strength circuits besides the occasional Jillian Michaels DVD. I was nice and sweaty though =)


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