Friday, September 6, 2013

This Friday I have five super random things to share with y'all :)

one. I love September. September is my birthmonth and there is so much to love about it. The start of fall {September 22nd}, the start of football season {college and pro}, Labor Day is in September {as is National Return to Work Day}, and the best part of all is the celebration of my birth {September 28th}. Since my birthday is at the end of the month, I get 27 days to talk about how it's my birthmonth before it's my actual birthday. Pretty fantastic if you ask me. This year, my hubby is spoiling me. I'm getting fun little gifts {mostly from the Target dollar section and things like that!} for each day of my birthmonth. So far I've received EOS chapstick, Bert's Bees, a koozie that says "Sorry, I've got class", and the cutest Mason Jar tumbler with a lid and straw! LOVE!

two. NASM studying is going really well and I've had a few things come up recently that are super exciting. If things go right, I may start training at Houston Gym before the end of the month! Also, nerd alert, I found a super fun app for my phone that has quiz questions for the CPT test! It's great practice and it's kind of fun so yeah :) On the plus side, it's making me smarter!

three. You know what else is going pretty well that I haven't talked about much lately? Half marathon training. My half marathon is in exactly 22 days. My birthday is also in exactly 22 days. Pretty exciting I know. Here's how it's been going the past week:

Friday (8/30): 10 mile run {1:32:30}
Saturday (8/31): OFF - I did sweat buckets at the game and dance my bootie off at the wedding!
Sunday (9/1): Step {60 mins}
Monday (9/2): Alaina Dixon 5 miler {42:13}
Tuesday (9/3): 7 minute workout {3 rounds}
Wednesday (9/4): 45 min tempo run {5.4 miles}
Thursday (9/5): 1 mile walk and teach Pilates {60 mins}
Friday (9/6): 3 mile run {26:10}
Saturday (9/7): {tomorrow} 11 mile run!

I've been on it for my training the past two weeks. The long runs are super hard and a bit slower than usual because of the heat and humidity. I'm trying not to let it get me down. Luckily, Cape Cod weather is way better than Houston weather. Honestly, most places have better weather than Houston this time of year!

four. How cute is this little accessory pouch?

Active Accessories sent me one of their On-the-Go Accessory pouches to review and share with y'all! Here's what I think....I love it! Now that I'm up at the gym more often, I want to have as little as possible up there with me. I also don't want to leave anything important in my car. The accessory pouch has a zipper pocket where I can keep my ID, credit card and some just in case cash. There is another elastic pocket where I can store my head phones or even my iPhone. My favorite part is the attachment in the middle that I can clip my key onto {it has a snap button}! No more worrying about losing or forgetting your keys at the gym. Best of all it zips up nicely with a wristband so you can carry it around super easily. It's my go-to gym wallet and I can throw it into my bag when I'm teaching as well.

five. I'm ready for another weekend in College Station! This will be another pretty quick one. We're heading up after my Runner's High group long run tomorrow morning and we'll be back in Houston Sunday for me to teach my 3:00pm Step class. The things we do for Aggie football :)

Well that was a lot of words for a Friday post. Sorry about that friends! Hope y'all have a wonderful football filled weekend! Can't wait to watch my Aggies tomorrow then my Packers Sunday afternoon and the Texans for Monday night football!!! TGFFS...thank God for football season :)

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  1. Get it GIRL! Your training is awesome! I'm proud of my 10 miles total this week, hopefully going to spin class tonight (I can feeel my tush aching already) and hopefully barre class in the morning with a friend (again, I feel the burn already). Thanks for your running inspiration!!!!!

    And how do you run in the Houston heat? I guess SC is just as bad but at 8:30 Wed night it was 79* and 89% humidity = miserable.

  2. My birthday is on Oct. 31st so I may have to see if my husband will get on board with 31 presents. He hates shopping so it's unlikely but how fun!!

  3. Happy Birthday Month, my dear!! It's also my hubby's birthday month (September 25th) but I wasn't nearly as prepared or as clever as your hubs! I'd say you got a keeper!!

    Have a great weekend lady!!

  4. I just found you though 5 on Friday, and I love your blog!! I'm from Texas too, and my eye caught your link because of your hubby's A&M hat!! I just graduated from there in Dec! :) I love finding other Texas blogs, especially Aggies! (And I love that Mason jar tumbler is too cute!!)

  5. It's nice to find another blogger in Texas. I currently blog out of Austin. Cheers to you and your birth month! :)

  6. Okay, JP giving you a gift each day of the month is the most precious thing ever!!!


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