Friday, September 13, 2013

This Friday Five

Well, it's Friday! Postin yesterday somehow escaped me and today I'm blogging from my phone. NBD. 

Today's Friday Five is focused on what this weekend is all about for me!!!

1. Running. No new news there. It's running season so long runs will consume my Saturday mornings and in some cases my Friday mornings. Like today!

Bam. 12 miles done at about a 9 min/mile pace. Finally felt good during a long run. Very promising since I have a half marathon two weeks from tomorrow!!!

2. Mimosas. Morning tailgates equal mimosas. I'm responsible for bring mimosas this week, so you know I'm going big and making a mini mimosa bar for us!

3. Tailgating {as always} with the best friends imaginable. 

4. Rivalry. So excited/nervous/slightly terrified to actually watch te game but I'm pumped to see us play Alabama at home! I remember watching the game last year on the edge of my seat and thinking it was beyond crazy that we won. Can we do it again? Crossing my fingers :) Oh and to my Bama fans out there, I still love y'all. What's college football without a little friendly rivalry?! 

5. Go Pack Go! I'm hoping the Pack can actually pull through with a victory this Sunday! It killed me a little to see them lose to the 49ers last week. Crossing my fingers tht all my teams {of course that includes the Texans} pull throug with victories this weekend! TGFFS. Thank God for football season!

And that's all folks! Happy happy Friday! I'm off I College Station in just a few hours! Thanks and gig 'em. 


  1. I'm pulling for Texas A&M this weekend. As a Mississippi State fan... hearing the Bama fans smack talk this week has really turned me off even more. I love a good rivalry too, but I'm ready for this game to be over! Happy Friday!!

  2. Woot! Go Bama, Roll Tide! Sorry, couldn't help it! :D

  3. The A&M / Bama game is sure gonna be a nail biter! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. You're there now. I'm here on my couch. Have fun for me, but not TOOOO much fun ;) Yes! Rivalries make things more fun. Nice long run yesterday. Killer pace!


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