Friday, September 20, 2013


Today's Blogtember prompt is React to this word: Comfort.

I feel as though this is so appropriate for me right now! I am so far from my comfort zone right now. I love routine, security and the known. Now my routine is lacking and different every. single. day. While I have a job, it's not the 40 hour a week, full time salary that I'm used to. It's absolutely okay, but out of my comfort zone. Oh and as for the known...there are SO many unknowns right now. Will I pass my NASM CPT test? Will I fit in at the gym as the only female trainer? Will my clients like me?

You know what the best part of feeling uncomfortable is? The risk is worth the reward. I feel as though I have grown so much and have found more of myself through this chapter in my life. I feel stronger than I've felt in a while. I needed to be uncomfortable. Despite the discomfort in my life, I have SO many things that still make me comfortable. I guess finding comfort is really just a balancing act :)

To me, comfort is... morning cup of coffee.

...watching football on Sundays in my jammies with my hubby.

...snuggling with my puppies.

...cookouts with my entire family.

...warm, home-made chicken noodle soup. chocolate with peppermint schnapps on Christmas Eve spent in the hot tub with my whole family.

...running for me for as long as I want as fast as I want.

...Aggie tailgates with my friends.

...the holiday season. It's my favorite and everything about it makes me feel like everything is just right!

Comfort at its finest :) Christmas 2009

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  1. You WILL pass your test. I'm guessing you will the 1st time but if not you'll take it again. And yes your clients will love you b/c you love what you do and it shows!!

  2. Comfort is definitely the holidays in my opinion! I cannot wait for Oct/Nov/Dec! :)


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