Friday, August 16, 2013

Letters to...


Dear Friday, for once, I wasn't actually craving your arrival. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled you're here because weekends are the best. But, I'm pretty happy with where I am right now. Dear Life, I'm feeling pretty good about you right now. Lots of good and exciting things in the works. I've been pretty down the last several months. A lot of crappy things happened and now I'm excited to see the positive road I'm heading down now. Dear NASM PT test, you kind of terrify me. I've definitely been studying, but I haven't taken a test in several years. I'm going to be cracking down over the next few weeks! Dear DVR, we've been a little too close for comfort this week. It's weird being at home all the time. But not for too long! Dear Friends {blog & IRL} and Family, THANK YOU so much for all the support you've shown me over the past few weeks. I wouldn't be strong enough to be where I am today without each of you. Dear Darby, Amy & Lauren, I had such a blast at our happy hour last night! Let's repeat soon. I love my happy hour blates with my girls! Dear Maggie and Moose, could y'all chill out for 5 minutes so I can finish typing this blog post? No, fighting is more important? Okay, y'all don't listen to me in the morning anyway :) Dear September Half Training, I totally rocked you this week and I'm super sore now. 9 miles tomorrow morning with Chandra. Bring it! Dear JP, thanks for being the best rock and support system I could ever ask for. I don't think I would have been able to chase my dreams without your constant reassurance that everything will be okay and that I'm doing the right thing. I love you to the moon and back. Can't wait to spend the weekend with you!!! Dear Weekend, let's do it!

Photo courtesy of Darby!
Please excuse the hot mess which is myself. I went straight there from the gym :) Now just look at my gorgeous friends!


Have a wonderful and safe weekend my lovelies!!!

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  1. "Dear Weekend, let's do it!" Love that! Happy hour was a blast with you girls :)

  2. haha I agree with's only Friday, but I want to put the weekend "on repeat"

  3. It sounds like life is going great right now! Good luck on the NASM PT test!!

  4. Amy, I don't think I've gotten the chance to congratulate you yet, on your new career change! I am so excited for you and happy that you actually get to do what you've always dreamed of! Good luck on your new adventure!

    Have a great weekend, lady!

    P.S. Loving the new blog design! I just got a new one this week too, and it just makes me excited about blogging again! Sometimes it's the little things that make me the most happy!

  5. Loved last night and you are the furthest thing from a hot mess! You are going to kill that test and wonder why you worried about it so much, I can feel it! Now go have a fun weekend!

  6. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Being home all the time is great sometimes, but after a few months of summer I know what you mean about spending too much time with the DVR.


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