Monday, August 5, 2013

Country roads, take me home... the place, I belong...College Station...yeah, I changed the lyrics. Sorry West Virginia, not home to this girl...

Oh good morning Monday! How not so lovely to see you. You see, I feel as though you pop up around here too quickly. I am personally okay with a delayed appearance. I hear it's the social norm to be fashionably late. In your case, a day late would be fantastic.

Unfortunately, I can't turn back time or make Monday follow societies norms. I can talk about how much fun I had this weekend just like every other blogger does on Mondays. On Wednesdays, we wear pink. And on Mondays, we blog about our weekends...

On Friday I...

  • Woke up and ran in my awesome new Bondi Band from the amazing Kyra! She is too sweet and sent this to me for participating in the Race Face link up...which is probably one of my favorite link ups and posts to date. Check it out...
  • Made my sister-in-love a birthday card while working hard at the office
  • Drove to College Station to spend some family time including dinner and margs at Fish Daddy's and lots of time to chat and catch up.

one. Pre-run selfie! Please excuse the mess that is my bathroom!
two. Kate's awesome birthday card.
three. Kate's even more awesome birthday basket from the hubs, Char and me
four. Cheers at Fish Daddy's
five. Kate is prepped and ready for Shark Week
six. My love
seven. Seester at TexAgs Luncheon
eight. Hanging out in the Zone Club
nine. Girls! Hannah - me- Kate- Char - Rachel

On Saturday I...
  • Tortured myself with a nasty hot 8 mile run. Despite my 6am wake up call, it was already over 80 degrees, crazy humid and not a single bit of breeze to make me feel better. But I still did it!
  • Went to the TexAgs "tailgate" for yummy food, Aggie camaraderie and listened to a bunch of people talk.
  • Prepped for Kate's birthday party.
  • Had several margaritas.
  • Put my jammies on before everyone else went out for the night so they couldn't convince me that I needed to go to North Gate...because trust me...I didn't need to go!

one. Margarita machine. Enough said.
two. Flip cup. A little father - son competition
three. Seesters
four. Happy birthday Kate!
five. I love Cookie Cake
six. Maggie and Moose were exhausted from all the people so they showed themselves to bed.
seven. Up and at 'em really early despite keeping her mom awake most of the night
eight. Can I do this every morning? {Maybe with some cooler temps}
nine. My time outside led me to explore and find some neat things!

On Sunday I...
  • Woke up too early because of the pups so I enjoyed some time alone outside in College station
  • Had to go back to Houston
  • Taught my step class
  • Lounged for the rest of the fave!

Now onto last week's workouts!

Sunday: Rest/Active Recovery / ~400 meter swim + treading water for 5 min straight!
Monday: Strength + Stretch / Strength + Stretch + 25 min on elliptical + 1 hr Pilates
Tuesday: 4 mile run / 4 mile run
Wednesday: Strength + 3 miles / OFF {miserable pain}
Thursday: 7 x 400 @ 5K pace / OFF {root canal, hence miserable pain}
Friday: Rest / 3 mile run
Saturday: 8 mile run / 8 mile run

Planned Mileage: 17 miles
Actual Mileage: 18 miles {if you include the elliptical which I am :)}

I give myself an A for last week. It was a ROUGH week for me to say the least. I'm glad it's over with and that we're on to a new week! 

Hope y'all had an amazing weekend that involved the ones you love and taking too many pictures on your iPhone! More importantly, I hope y'all have a wonderful Monday :) because we all need a good Monday every once and a while!

Sami's Shenanigans

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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