Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 Reasons why I am ready for Fall!

Summer has flown by and fall is creeping around the corner. Back to school commercials are back and it makes me wish that I had a reason to go get new clothes too! Fall is by fall my favorite season for many reasons. I know that a lot of my northern buddies are cursing my fall wishes right now, but trust me, we need fall in Houston. And fast!

1. It is just too hot here! 

Do you see all that light pink and pink? That means our summer midpoint hasn't even happened yet. Our hottest time frame is right around...now. Hence the reason why most Texans have had enough of summer by August. We never see 70 degree days from May to October really. You can check out the entire US summer midpoints here.

2. I want to enjoy running outside.
I guess this goes back to the weather thing, but it's too hot to run outside and enjoy it. My pace deteriorates, I want to give up and no run is really a great run. I'm looking forward to 50 degree mornings so I can run like a rock star.

3. Football Season.
Enough said right? I'm ready to go and cheer on my Aggies and Packers. I'm ready to spend the weekends with my best friends. I'm ready to tailgate. In fact, it's calling my name...

4. September is my birthday.

Again, enough said. September is my month. Happy birthday to me.

5. Fall clothes are my favorite.
Scarves, boots, skinny jeans, sweaters...I want them back in my closet! The beauty of southern fall is that one day you may need a scarf and the next you're in shorts! I'm not sure if that's really a beautiful thing, but it's definitely versatile.


7. I love the holiday season!
It all starts in fall! My birthday at the end of September. Halloween at the end of October. Thanksgiving at the end of November. And fall goes all the way until December 21st if you want to get technical, so we have a good amount of Christmas cheer in the fall as well. If that's not a good reason for fall to come around, then I'll just call you Scrooge :)

6. Fall Decor.
Pumpkins, deep jewel tones, rich hues, leaves, burlap, the beauty of nature. I love it all. Bringing fall decor into the house is so refreshing. It also looks great with my red accent walls in the living room!

8. Pumpkin flavored everything.
Yes, I'm obsessed. I try to keep my pumpkin flavored recipes at bay through most of the year so that they're special again each fall. I love pumpkin flavored everything! Lattes, cookies, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal, pie, you get the picture. I have a habit of making goodies and bringing them over to my parents so that I don't eat them all. They help out, so clearly the fam likes pumpkin too :)

9. Change.
Fall represents change. I need change this year. Really I do. Good changes are coming and I can see them, almost touch them. Change is scary, but change is not bad. I'm a girl who loves routine, but right now, change is on my brain.

10. Really, I just am ready for the weather to change.
I know I've already said it, but it's just too dang hot. Walking the dogs is miserable. Being outside for too long in anything other than a bikini is miserable. Running outside is the most miserable thing ever. I'm an outdoorsy kind of girl. I love spending time outside, but it's hard to enjoy my porch and watch the dogs play unless it's first thing in the morning. I'm ready to enjoy being outdoors again. And that my friends, won't happen until fall shows it's pretty face.

Did I mention fall in Houston isn't really fall at all? We don't really get the changing trees or beautiful weather. We do get cooler weather though and I will take that!

Are you ready for fall?
What your favorite season?

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. A girl after my own heart. I seriously LOVE Fall! There's really nothing I don't like about it. We had a rather mild July for Alabama, but August is killing that good vibe we had. It's HOT, probably not as hot as Houston, but trust me, I was not made to be HOT!

  2. Fall is my favorite too! :) I can't wait for it!

  3. I want fall without having to work!! Let's make that happen, k? LOL


  5. I think you should move to a part of the country that isn't so hot. I can't even imagine how you run outside in the hot months. I can understand why you are ready for fall. I'm just hoping it stays hot a bit longer here in Boston.

  6. Football and fall clothes.. I can't wait!~

  7. I love fall. Although not going to lie, I loved fall 10x more when I was in Minnesota just because it's prettier. I miss the colors.

  8. Oh my gosh I love fall and I can't wait!!!!!

  9. I'm really trying to savor every moment of this Summer but Fall is my favorite season, so I can't help but be excited!

  10. I would second everything on the post, except my birthday is October, but it's the 2nd so still in the early fall season. Woohoo for birthdays and fall! So exciting. I can't wait to not have to wake up to finish working out before the sun gets up not to keel over of heat exhaustion.


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