Friday, July 26, 2013

Fitness Friday: The Long Hot Run Necessities {& a giveaway!}

Happy Fitness Friday! Guess what y'all, it's HOT outside. We are smack dab in the middle of summer and nothing sounds better than a pool, bikini and cold drink in my hand. Unfortunately, I don't have a pool, I have to work and I don't always have time to lounge around like a princess. Oh and I have to get my workout on.

Since I'm currently training for the Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon, I still have to squeeze in my long runs despite this nasty heat! Here are my go to, MUST HAVE long run necessities to get me through running during Texas summers!

Long Run Hot Weather Necessesities


  • Tops: Light weight, dry fit shirts are a must. Preferably not something too clingy. I love my Lululemon and Nike tops for this. So comfortable!
  • Shorts: not to clingy, nice and light, ready for sweat. I love my Lulu Run Speed Short as well as my Nike and Brooks running shorts. No long shorts or capris during the summer for this girl.
  • Socks: Dry fit, hot weather running socks. I like Target's Champion brand as well as Power Sox!


  • Mizuno Wave Riders...I've moved onto the 16's from my 14's and 15's. Wasn't too sure about them at first and now I'm in love.
  • Mizuno Wave Sayonara: an awesome, more minimalist shoe. Check out my review here.


  • Headbands: I already have sweat dripping down my face, so I'd rather not have my fly away baby hairs plastered to my cheeks. Bic Bands and Sweaty Bands are my go to headbands of choice!
  • Water bottle: I NEED to run with water. It isn't an option especially with the humidity and my asthma. I have a Nathan 2 bottle fuel belt that I use for runs longer than 8-10 miles. {Depending on if I know there is a fill up spot or not!} I recently bought this handheld bottle for shorter runs. It's not too heavy, sits securely on my hand and has a pouch for car key/ID/whateva.
  • iFitness Belt: {Yes I realize a Spibelt is pictured...I couldn't get a good iFitness belt pic.} Good storage for iPhone/iPod, ID, car key, money, etc.
  • Garmin Forerunner 405: Love my Garmin to pieces. I love knowing how far I've gone and what my pace is. Great for training, but it doesn't help you get un-lost...yes I know this from experience :)

And just because I feel like it, I'm offering one of my lucky readers a chance to win one of the Nathan Handheld Water Bottles! {I'm giving this away because I want to, no sponsorship involved. It's really just because I love running and my readers!} Enter using Rafflecopter below for a chance to win! You know you want to :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway will be live for one week! Winner will be announced on Monday, August 5th!
Don't forget to hop on over to Amber's blog too! She's having a birthday giveaway with a little help from her bloggy friends including me!

What's your MUST HAVE hot weather workout gear?

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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  1. I love lululemon shorts for running in the summer as well!

  2. I have to have my UnderArmour mesh tanks in the summer. They are like wearing nothing but a bra top and that can make or break a hot weather run!

  3. I have to have my Nathans water belt too and fill it with some Nuun

  4. That bottle is so cool! I am always carrying 20 million little things into the gym so it's a great invention! And I am with you on the headbands - sweaty hair in my contacts? Eww.

  5. I am loving those tennis shoes!! I've always strictly been an Asics girl, so I might have to step outside of my comfort zone and give those a try...I am due for a new pair, anyway ;)

    And is it true? Do those bands not slip? I'm always so hesitant, because every band I have ever tried does not stay in place! But coming from another runner, I trust your advice!!

    Thank you for all of these picks! I will definitely be checking them all I'm considering doing my first full marathon next May!! EEEKKK!!

  6. I am in love with those shorts! I need some! That water bottle & belt also look super helpful. I am dreading returning to Texas in a couple of weeks & running in the heat.

  7. I am in love with those shorts! I need some! That water bottle & belt also look super helpful. I am dreading returning to Texas in a couple of weeks & running in the heat.

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments Amy! Have the best weekend!

  9. I have to have tank tops and TONS of Nuun!

  10. SHORTS!!! I can't do capri's. I really want to win! I'm started long runs & I need a water bottle.

  11. I really like the bottle and I really like how you put all your necessities together! It is via Polyvore!! Found you via running bloggers, have a great day!

  12. I love sweaty bands, my spibelt and my garmin to bits. Also like the fuelbelt for longer runs.

  13. I need to buy a headband for the 50 mile walk I'm doing. Bought one at Lululemon last year and didn't like it. Which if the 2 do you like best? And when is the 1/2 on the Cape? Hope we can meet!

  14. Water... Lots and lots of water. Also, a hat.

  15. I love my moisture wicking tank tops!

  16. WATER! :) Definitely a must have for summer running!

  17. Everything moisture wicking is my must have for running in hot weather. Especially a hat!!

  18. I have to have my BondiBand headbands! Not much keeps my hair and sweat out of my face but these do the trick!

  19. I need lots of things haha, water, head band, shorts, tank!

  20. I will totally need this for when I am released to run from surgery!

  21. Run Guard to prevent chafing.


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