Monday, July 22, 2013

Extravaganzas, Mimosas, Sleepovers and Dates!

Hola my lovelies! It's Monday. New start to a new week. So instead of complaining about how sad I am that the weekend is over, let's just have a chat about how fun this past weekend was!

one. The most necessary thing on a bad Friday. Margaritas. Yuck day at work + hubs getting off at 7pm + STARVING = Necessary Margarita at El Tiempo
two. Post Saturday morning run pancakes! Ran 6 miles with Chandra before whipping up these beauts!
three. My little girl posing for the camera.
four. Mimosas at the Bridal Extravaganza! We ended up being there from 11am to 3pm!
five. Me and the bride to be, Chandra!
six. Just showing my love of mimosas :)
seven. My husband takes attractive pictures.
eight. Dinner with friends at Ninos
nine. Sleepover party in the living room since our upstairs A/C is out! GROSS.

So in a nutshell, Friday sucked. Saturday included running, Bridal Extravaganzaing, mimosaing, and dining at Ninos! Sunday was filled with studying, lounging, teaching step and dating my husband. 

 Those of you that follow me on Instagram know that I set up a Christmas in July date night for the hubs and I! I totally stole the idea from Mrs. Erin! Jared planned the night for her and I just had to steal the idea! So much fun. More details from the entire date to come!

One more thing before I go...since I'm officially in training mode, I figured I could use Monday as a recap of my previous week's workouts to keep myself on track! Here's what last week looked like and what actually happened!

Week of 7/14 Step Strength + Stretch 3.5 mile run 3 mile run + Strength 6 x 400 @ 5K pace Rest    5K Race or 6   mile run
Actual Step 30 min PT + Stretch OFF 30 min PT + 6 x 400 @ 5K pace  3 mile run 1 hr Boot Camp    6 mile run

So not bad overall! I missed one run and added in boot camp on Friday! I'll consider last week as a win!

Sami's Shenanigans

Did y'all have any awesome weekend adventures?
What do y'all do to keep dating your significant other?

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. What a fun weekend! I love the idea of a Christmas in July day!! How precious!!!

  2. My husband would flip if I did this so I think I need to steal it! I love Elf but he loves Christmas Vacation, so we may have to swap out movies but this needs to happen in my house in the next few weeks. Christmas in August can be a thing too, right?

  3. Such a cute idea about Christmas in July! I love it!

  4. I love your Christmas in July date!! So fun!! I might just have to do that with my guys!!
    And why aren't weIG friends?!? :) I couldn't find your name on here so find me, woman!! @kbeavtann

  5. The Christmas in July date is a great idea! How fun to get to pretend like it's cool outside and Christmastime. And you did a nice job on your workouts. Some rearranging is always going to happen! And you were close!


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