Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Beautiful Wednesday

At the beginning of May, I started the Under Armour What's Beautiful challenge sponsored through Fitfluential. I was able to state my goals and create a team to encourage other women to join me in this fitness journey to discover the true meaning of beauty.

I did my initial post to inform and update my lovely readers on how to get involved.

I stated my goal.

To set a new half marathon PR (sub 1:50) in 2013. And along the way, I will challenge myself with yoga & short distance races and challenge my friends to follow their love of fitness. I WILL!

I gave you links to my site and asked you to join my team!

I told you about the prizes and awards from Under Armour.

What I didn't really get the chance to talk about is what truly is beautiful.

As women, we have a tendency to nit pick our bodies. {Yes, I understand this is a generalization, just work with me here.} I know that I am in shape, but even I can find issues and "problem areas." By doing this, we are just bringing ourselves down. We say that the scale is just a number, but do we let it define us? Sometimes I think we do. Instead of reaching down from within, we take our external appearances and tear them down. Not always and not necessarily everyone, but we all have weak moments when we can't help but notice our imperfections.

But aren't our imperfections what make us unique? Don't our imperfections make us who we are? The Dove Real Beauty video that went viral hits the nail on the head. We don't see ourselves as others do because it is so easy to be critical of the one person you should appreciate most: you.

So what is beautiful?
Society makes us think that beauty is external. How thin are you? How pretty are you? How feminine are your features? Or for men, how muscular are you? But that isn't what we should let define us.

To me, beauty is confidence.
Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.
Beauty is walking around with a smile on your face.
Beauty is kindness.
Beauty is being proud and knowing what you are capable of.
Beauty is finding what makes you, you.
Beauty is working towards something you love.
Beauty is developing your strength.
Beauty is sweat.
Beauty is working towards bettering yourself in any way possible.
Beauty is feeling beautiful.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We all need to feel more beautiful on a daily basis. My goal is to hold myself in a high regard {without being self-righteous}, to stop nit picking my body, to continue working towards being the strong, confident woman that I know I am.

Thanks Under Armour for helping us to take the time to really look at what's beautiful. It's something we should all focus on more often!

What's beautiful to you?
What will you do to become the most beautiful you?

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. I need to go back and read your original post, because I have no idea how to update my goals on that website. It's so confusing! Great post btw. ;)

  2. This is a good post. I like the one about beauty is feeling beautiful. I think that's definitely true.

  3. Go Amy Go! I love everything about your workout pics! How about beauty is doing zumba even though you look like a fool because it forces you to sweat for an hour?

  4. I think it is so great that you are doing this! I know how important running and working out are to you and I hope you inspire many others!

  5. A true inspiration. I, unfortunately due to bad knees, am no longer able to run. I miss it. I am in a workout slump. Your writing and sharing your views on beauty and your goals have given me pause. I viewed the Dove video and it brought tears to me eyes because of the brutal truthfulness of it. I have to get back on the healthy living wheel. Thanks for the inspiration. Your Cara Box friend,
    Barbara @


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