Monday, June 24, 2013

#recreunion weekend

You know, weekends really are the best. We complain about the work week, but let's be honest...the weekends wouldn't be nearly as fantastic as they are without the build up and stress of the day to day M-F. It's kind of like distance makes the heart grow fonder :) Speaking of which, I had a fantastic reunion weekend and I'm convinced that I need to see these girls far more often!

I started my weekend a bit early :) Sarah, Ashley and I took off for North Dallas a little after 10:00am and were at Katie's house by 3-ish! We started the afternoon with some drinks and learning how to twerk {the usual of course} while everyone arrived. Then we were off to Uptown Dallas for dinner, drinks and dancing! {a lot of D's for one sentence}

Clockwise from top left
one. Lauren - Sarah - Alison learning how to twerk
two. Sfuzzi's menu! Delicious pizza and wine!
three. Back seat snuggles on our way to Uptown
four. Mid-afternoon drinks. The best way to start a reunion weekend.

Saturday was a nice slow morning. We sat around, had breakfast and coffee and just chatted for a while. Then it was time to move our conversation to the pool. Somehow we managed to stay out there for about 5 hours...with a lunch break of course! After quick showers and primping, we were off to Fort Worth for dinner and drinks. Of course we were drained from Friday night and the pool so we only made it to about 11pm before calling it quits. #whendidwegetsoold

Clockwise from top left
one. Obligatory toes and pool picture.
two. La Familia for dinner. Hello yum.
three. Group shot!
Bottom: Sarah - Katie - Alison - Ashley
Top: Gretchen - Lauren - Jenny - Me!

All in all, it was pretty much amazing. I ate too much food. Drank too much booze. Laughed too hard. And had too much fun overall! Definitely not a bad thing in my book. Looking forward to #recreunion 2014 in College Station! I love you girls!

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Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. Looks like a fun weekend, although I have to say your weekends always make me jealous. Especially your pool time lol!

    I totally expect you to show everyone your mad twerking skillz at the next Houston blogger meet up lol!


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