Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30 Days of Commitment Challenge: May

Once upon a time, I set a challenge for myself. Each month I would select a different area of my life I wanted to improve and try challenge myself to sticking with my goals. Guess what? I made it through month one. It wasn't always easy and I definitely cheated a bit {we'll get to that later}, but overall I'm proud of what I did and I'm looking forward to month two. Not sure what I'm talking about? Take a look at my
30 Days of  Commitment Challenge.

Recap of April: 
My goals...

  • Cut out as many processed foods as possible
  • Eat lots of plants - fruits and veggies - anything that comes from the ground, tree, plant or bush
  • Include lean meats - chicken, turkey, fish, seafood
  • Whole wheat - I will still be eating bread, but less often. Only whole wheat bread will be in my diet. Pasta will be avoided, but I may have a whole wheat pasta dish or two over the next 30 days.
  • Eat more often. I already eat smaller meals, but no every day. My goal is to have 5-6 smaller meals!

How I did...

  • 85% - Yay for cutting out processed foods! I had some cheat days when travelling, but at home we were eating fresh and making healthy choices when we went out to dinner!
  • 75% - I had to cut back on eating some many veggies a few weeks in. I noticed it was hurting my tummy and my doctor told me, no raw veggies and only certain fruits. Not being able to eat them makes it hard to give myself a better score :)
  • 100% - I had at least chicken or fish for one meal a day! 
  • 100% - The bread and pasta I ate was clean! I rarely ate pasta and could have probably had less bread, but I think I did great.
  • 85% - Some days it was harder to do this, but overall, I'm a pretty good grazer.

I give myself a B+ for achieving my goals. It would have been higher if I had been better about sweets! Going forward I plan to continue eating about 80% clean. If feel better putting these foods in my body!

Here's how I plan to be successful in May...

  • Practice yoga every day for a minimum of 15 minutes {preferably more!}
  • I bought an unlimited month of yoga at Happy Belly Studios from Groupon! It's so close to my house! Let me know if anyone wants to join.
  • Goal is to go to the studio a minimum of twice a week but I would rather go 3+. It all depends on my schedule. May is a busy month!
  • Utilize Yoga Download's free classes. I'll be sure to share the one's I like throughout the month.

Let me know how your April clean eating challenge went!
Anyone want to join in on my May yoga challenge?!

I can't wait to share everything I find about yoga with y'all! Happy May and don't forget to link up your monthly goals!

Monthly Goals

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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