Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't eat the eggs!

Guess what?! It's Monday again. I surprised you didn't I? Guess what else? I don't have anything too exciting to tell y'all today. Most of my weekend was great, but rather uneventful.

There were two rather unpredictable things that this weekend was focused around: My Stomach and The Weather. Weird I know.

Friday was fantastic. My momma came to my house bright and early so that she could go with me to the ultrasound of my belly. Fun stuff let me tell you. After the ultrasounds, we grabbed breakfast at Le Peep and then I had to work. Boo. Luckily I was able to work from home the rest of the afternoon though. When the hubs got home we decided that it was too pretty out, so we went to Little Woodrow's for a few drinks on the patio. Later that evening, my love Kathy came over and we downed a bottle of wine together, talked too much and caught up since it had been FOREVER since we saw each other!

Saturday started out great. I woke up way too early, cleaned up the kitchen and made coffee for everyone! Then JP, Kathy and I went to Barnaby's for breakfast. This is where things went downhill for me. I decided that I really wanted a few bites of eggs. Y'all I took 2 bites. Just two. No more, no less. Let's just say that about 30 minutes after leaving the restaurant, I spent the next 30 minutes removing everything from my stomach. Note to self: You are allergic to eggs. Don't eat them. No matter how bad you want them. Just don't do it. Yup, I was real dumb. Instead of taking it easy, I decided to go about my day as planned which involved yard work. Fun stuff. The hubs and I did that for a few hours and then ran a few errands. After running around, I was supposed to meet up with Ashley & Alison at the dog park, but my stomach had other plans. It's plans involved taking a nap on the couch. I'm glad I actually listened this time because it ended up practically monsooning in Houston! I ended up on the couch for the rest of the day and the hubs put me to bed at 8:30pm. I'm a real party animal, let me tell ya.

Sunday I was still off, but better so we loaded Maggie into the car and ventured up to College Station for the day to see JP's parents! It was fantastic :) We had lunch a Blue Baker, lounged, chatted a bunch, played outside with the pups and had a delicious dinner all in the 8 hours we were there. Definitely something we need to do more often!

1. Miss Maggie and I showing off her new leash and matching collar!
2. The hubs and I at Little Woodrow's
3. Beautiful morning in Houston
4. Crazy rain on Saturday afternoon. It was pitch black after 4pm
5. Perfect day for a Sunday day trip to CS

Like I said, pretty uneventful weekend, but I probably managed to bore you with too many words about practically nothing. Sorry about that. I promise I'll be more entertaining the rest of the week...

Hope your Monday is almost as awesome as your weekend. If it is, then I'd say that's a pretty good Monday :)

Oh and CONGRATS JAMIE @ Handing with Grace!!! You're the winner of my PowerSox giveaway :) Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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