Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When all else fails, turn to Pinterest!

Oh hey! It's Wednesday! Thank freaking goodness! It may only be my second day at work, but yesterday lasted forever. I was exhausted and bummed that I was no longer at the most magical place on earth. But I am in Houston, Texas where some of my favorite people are :) This is my city and I'm cool with that.

So let's rewind to yesterday and talk about how I did practically nothing. I came home, put on yoga pants, did not work out, watched the Biggest Loser, got Pronto to go for dinner, took Miss Maggie on a walk, watched The Bachelor and fell asleep at 9:00pm. Exciting, I know. It was glorious. Now I'm rested and ready to take on the rest of the week. Notice what I did not do above? Upload pictures or touch my camera. That being said, I have limited material for y'all today. But since everyone loves Pinterest, I'll link up with Michelle and show y'all everything I'm currently obsessing over. Why not?

I love this song :)

Chocolate peanut butter banana bites...3 of my favorite things :)

Crock pot enchilada chicken

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

No bake popcorn balls!

Okay that's really all that I have for y'all today. Get excited because tomorrow I'll begin recapping my Disney trip! Day One - Animal Kingdom and Epcot!!!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. Darn you, I wanted Disney recaps TODAY! ;) Butttttt, since you pinned so many awesome things I'll let it slide and just be patient- hehe!

    I LOVE that first song too, I might have to print that out for Easter!! And my gosh, that grill is fantastic haha, I would grill every day if ours looked like that!!!

  2. I seriously need both that grill, and that beautiful coral outfit! So perfect!

  3. haha love that panda pup! and chocolate peanut butter banana bites hello i am going to eat you!

  4. Hi! I found your blog today and realized you were also a native Texan and a runner! Just wanted to stop by and say hi!
    <3 your new follower


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