Wednesday, January 16, 2013

two years ago...

On this day, exactly two years ago, I wrote this post. My very first blog post ever. I really can't believe it's been two years already! I started this blog to keep my family updated on our life in Pittsburgh. Two years later, we're back in Houston and I'm still doing this. Here are just a few reasons why I blog:

  • The blogging community: I've made great friends! Some I've met in real life and some I have only exchanged e-mails with. It doesn't make us "less" friends since we've never met! The blogging community is so supportive and a great place to meet people you may have never met before.
  • An outlet: Over the past few years, I've found that I truly love to write. I enjoy writing for me. Writing what comes off the top of my head. This little blog gives me a chance to release emotions into words that {for some reason} people actually read! 
  • A journal of my life: I can't wait to look back on this blog one day with my kids to show them that Mom and Dad were actually cool once and did fun things. Of course, they'll probably think I'm ancient for using a computer or the internet {there's bound to be some huge IT revelation in the next several years}. Even now, I enjoy reading posts from Christmases or races past. It allows me to live in the moment.
  • It's really fun: I love link ups. I love sharing recipes and DIY projects. I love reliving my adventures as I write up recaps. I love looking at pictures. I love taking pictures. I love learning new things. I love documenting. Actually getting to do the things you love is so fun! 
  • A chance to help and inspire: Since I do blog about health, fitness and running, it gives me a chance to help, motivate and inspire others. One of my goals for this year is to go back to writing more health and fitness inspired posts because that is my passion. I think I'm doing pretty good so far since running has been on my mind this year!

So in honor of my blog turning two years old, here are some blogging pins for y'all to enjoy!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest - WOW dinner ready? Clean house waiting in that outfit? Was your blog down for the day?

 - Don't ever question my blog's page views again

Linking up with Michelle!

Okay so here's the best part, come back tomorrow for a giveaway! That's right, in honor of my 2 year blogiversary and reaching over 300 followers, I've got a pretty awesome giveaway to share with all of you!

Don't forget to enter my Marley Lilly personalize scarf giveaway over at A Complete Waste of Makeup too!

So happy blogiversary to me and happy Wednesday to y'all! It's finally a sunny day here in Houston, so I'm planning on my first post marathon run after work! Wish me luck :)

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. Happy 2 years of blogging friend!! :) You rock!!

    Also- I cracked up at BOTH the ecards!! lol

  2. Yay!!!! Happy Blog-o-versary! So glad that I have gotten the chance to meet you!

  3. what a great idea for a post! happy two years :) xo annalizbeth

  4. I am so excited to follow your blog!
    This is exactly why I started my blog two months ago!

    I really hope you follow back so we can stay in touch.

    You are wonderful! xox

  5. On another note, would you be willing to do a guest post on my blog in the near future? your site is just lovely and i know all of my followers will just adore you :)

  6. Happy two years -- loving these pins!!



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