Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pinterest + Birthdays = Hump Day

Happy hump day my lovelies! I don't know about y'all, but this week is actually going by pretty fast. No complaints from this girl! I'm so ready for this weekend. So I have 2 things on the agenda today.

1.) Wish my not-so-little brother a super happy 21st birthday.
2.) Oh! How Pinteresting!

Benny Boy,

I hope you have an amazing birthday today. I honestly cannot believe that you are 21 years old! You're my little brother, you shouldn't be able to buy alcohol legally! But you can, you're growing up and transforming into such a wonderful young man. I am beyond proud of you and who you are becoming. You have definitely been through a lot over the past several years, but you have stayed strong and persevered through it all. I look up to your courage and strength. You are a man of God with strong beliefs and morals. You are such a good person. Remember to tell yourself that every single day. I know I don't tell you enough, but I love you. I love you so much and I am so honored to be your sister. Even though you're far away, I hold you close to my heart. Happy birthday my Benny Boy! I can't wait to see you in just 2 1/2 weeks!

Your not-so-big Sister

Next up, Oh! How Pinteresting! It's been far too long since I linked up with Michelle! This may be a little all over the place, but you may see a few extra running pins since we all know that's been on my mind this week!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

So perfect for my Disney Princess half coming up in February!

I'll be able to say this after Sunday!

Love these...especially with all the rain around here lately!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Banana Chocolate Chip Baked Donuts...I don't like fried sugary coated donuts, but these sound delish!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. What a great post, I LOVE your glitter peplum top!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Can't wait to read about your marathon adventure this weekend!


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