Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

I now present to y'all 12 pictures to review the shenanigans of 2012. 2012 was a good year for the Gougler's and I can't wait to see just what 2013 has in store for us!


We officially closed on our very first home. I ran the Houston half for a 2nd time. We watched two good college friends get married!!!


We watched football season come to a sad end. Boo Giants. You read about my Disney Princess obsession. I went to Disney World with 3 of my favorite people to run the Disney Princess race again!


Kristin and I had some fun at the Houston Rodeo. We spent St. Patty's Day in College Station drinking green beer. I shared one of my favorite workouts with y'all...and I really need to start doing it again! We watched two dear friends {Meghan & James} get married!


I went to my first Open Golf Tournament. We had a very Timmer Easter. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in NOLA. I jumped on a plane to go see my Andrea in Bama!


I began discovering the issues with my tummy and allergies {a terrible ongoing process}. We hosted a Cinco de Derby Party! My little sister graduated from college. I got to stand by my best friend's side as she married the love of her life.


We did our first adventure mud run in San Antonio with Julie! Maggie got to go to a Sugar Land Skeeters baseball game. I had a girls weekend getaway with my GroupEx girls from A&M. I finally got to meet some amazing blog ladies in Houston!


We traveled to Dallas to see Kristin for her birthday! We showered Andrea and Charlie with so much love in Houston! I let y'all get to know me just a little bit more. We celebrated Courtney's bachelorette party in VEGAS {here's the full recap}!!!


I started my training program for the Houston Marathon! We vacationed with our friends in Gulf Shores, AL.  I talked about my love and obsession with running. I wore two different shoes to work.


Aggie football season started again! I ventured to Huntsville, AL to see my Andrea again and shower Charlie again! I came to some realizations just as I turned 25 years old!


I discovered I have an online shopping problem ;) I spent a week in Knoxville, TN welcoming Charlie into the world. We witnessed two high school friends wedding day. We got tickets to see the Packers beat the Texans at Reliant Stadium! And I got a new job!


I shared an awesome chicken spaghetti recipe with y'all. I ran my 4th Rock 'n Roll San Antonio half marathon. We celebrated Maggie's second birthday. And celebrated Thanksgiving in Sugar Land with a Turkey Trot and the Timmers.


I ran my first 30K. I realized that the hubs is such a funny sleeper. Andrea came to visit with Charlie and we celebrated Kate's graduation. We celebrated the Christmas season with so many friends and family. We truly are blessed beyond belief.

I hope everyone enjoys their final hours of 2012. Have a fun and wonderful New Year celebration, be safe and remember what you had to be thankful for in 2012. Here's to a new year and another chance to get it right!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

Friday, December 28, 2012

Final Friday of 2012

It's the last Friday of 2012. This is it. only 4 more days of 2012. You know, 2012 really wasn't bad for me. So many people seem to be glad to have 2012 behind them. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited at the thought of a new year, but 2012 was great! We moved back to Houston, bought a house, traveled a ton, went to so many weddings, spent time with our loved ones, went to the Aggie home games, saw my little Charlie come into this world, and so much more. 2012 was great. I guess that means that I have even more to look forward to in 2013.

You know what I'm not looking forward to? Working today. Motivation is low. The office is empty. It's super gloomy outside. And I want to be snuggled in my jammies under a blanket with my pup and my DVR. Doesn't that sound fantastic? Instead I have this.

Here's to hoping that some Starbucks will get me through the day. Let's also cross our fingers that I get to leave early. Clearly I am typing this post while I'm at work. I've been lazy. I didn't plan ahead. In fact I didn't really even get on a computer from last Friday through this Wednesday. It was pretty glorious I might add.

This post is seriously all over the place. I'm slightly surprised y'all are still reading right now. Thanks means you love me despite my wandering Friday after the holidays brain. So let's jump back to 2013 and the New Year! Do y'all have any fun plans??? The hubs and I will be heading to San Antonio to spend NYE with our best friends from college. We're such a tight knit group but spread out across Texas so it's great to have everyone together again! Seriously one of the best parts about NYE :)

Another reason I love NYE is because of champagne and sparkles. They're two of my favorite things and they're always socially acceptable and in abundance on NYE!

NYE is also the end of the holidays which means it's the end of the calories don't count season. That being said, I'm going to be making a treat or two to bring to our NYE party! I have an easy, yummy idea for one, but I really need another! Do y'all have any fun/delicious NYE dessert recipes that I should try? It has to travel well, so probably no cupcakes, but I'm definitely not opposed to decorating to make my treats all decked out for NYE!

Okay, I suppose I should get to work now. I'll be back on top of things next week for sure. And don't worry...I haven't forgotten the rest of Christmas...I'm just behind :)

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's OKAY + Pre Christmas Celebrations

Happy day after, the day after Christmas! Kind of happy I guess. If you ask me, it's a bit of a bummer. Now we have to wait another 363 days to celebrate Christmas again. However, the past several days have been absolutely amazing and this Christmas was perfect. I'm sad it's over, but ready for another amazing year.

I don't know about y'all but I'm back at work today and let's just say it's been an interesting morning. That being said, I've updated this post to include a link up to It's OKAY Thursday with my girls Neely & Amber because it's just necessary :)


Its Ok Thursdays

...that I left my computer at home this morning and didn't realize it until I got into the office.

...that I locked my key in my car and didn't notice until I was about to go home to get said computer.

...that I've totally got the post Christmas blues. I love the build up to Christmas, so once it's over, it makes me a little sad. At least the New Year is right around the corner!

...that my previous employer just now cut off my phone. I got 2 extra months of them paying for me...not to bad. Too bad they cut me off the day after Christmas. Looks like I'm going to the AT&T store during my lunch break.

...that it's not even 10:00am on a Thursday and I could really use a glass of wine...or a margarita.

...that I've been gone a few days, so let's play catch up. Prepare for picture overload.

First up...Wednesday, December 19th cookie decorating with my running girls Chandra and Melanie!!!

Of course Miss Maggie had to help out!

We are awesome decorators. It probably would have been better had I not made runny frosting on accident...ooops. It was super fun nonetheless and our running buddies appreciated them after our 22 mile run on Saturday!!!

Friday, December 21st, we had our little family Christmas! We exchanged our little gifts followed by dinner and a movie :)

I've learned that Maggie is very intrigued by presents and enjoys opening them. Especially if they aren't hers!

Saturday, December 22nd we had our friends over for a Tacky Sweater Christmas party!!! Even the liquor was dressed in tacky attire!

Corley brought over his 12 week old pup and her and Maggie had a blast playing. Maggie wasn't too sure about her at first. I love this pic because Mags looks so fierce!

Perfect photo op!

Philip & Alison

Tyler & Ashley

JP & Yours Truly

I hope y'all are able to make it through the work day. I have a computer now, so I may be able too :) More Christmas recaps to come. It's hard to be down today considering just how blessed I am. I'm a lucky girl.

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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