Friday, November 16, 2012

The Season for Sweaters

It's official y'all. Sweater season is upon us. Even in Texas. It may still be in the 70's come mid-afternoon, but those chilly morning temps that make you want to remain under the covers is sweater worthy. 5 days in a row is pretty official if you ask me. In honor of my declaring official sweater season in H-Town, I bring to you, a few of my faves!

Sweater Season

1. The Express Sweater. I love Express. There I said it. A solid chuck of my wardrobe comes from there mostly because a lot of their clothes look nice and expensive without the ridiculous price that can come along with it. Okay back to their V-Neck sweaters. I love these. They're comfortable and versatile. You can wear it like shown in the picture or you can throw a button down underneath! You can pair it with a scarf and it's not too bulky so you can slip a coat on without becoming the Michelin Man. The best part for me is that you can take it from work to play! That's pretty much how I buy my clothes these days...when did I get so old?

2. The Sweater Dress. Feminine, dressy and warm. I know that most of my favorite dresses are generally put up for the colder season. {We rarely experience anything called winter here.} Enter sweater dresses. You can wear them with or without tights and you can dress them up with heels or go more casual with boots!

3. Embellished Sweaters. Sometimes you want a little more umph while staying warm! These days there are plenty of sweaters out there with added buttons, jewels and feminine silhouettes to change things up a bit!

4. Colorful Cardigans. Layering is a must in Texas. It may be cold in the morning, but not so much in the afternoon. Cardigans are a quick fix for changing temps! The best part is that you can go really bold and wear a more subtle shirt underneath. This year's trending is color, color, color! The bolder pops of color the better!

So there you have it, my fave sweaters {or similar ones} of the season! Now time to sit back and remember what I'm thankful for this year.

November 10: I am thankful for Aggie football. Well football in general but I really just love my Ags. Can't wait to see them BTHO SHSU tomorrow! 

November 11: I am thankful for races. Races give me a way to set my fitness goals. I have the chance to achieve my goals, hopes and dreams with my loved ones cheering me on.

November 12: I am thankful for my home. It is the first home that the hubs and I purchased that we can call ours.

November 13: I am thankful for yoga. I am thankful that yoga gives me time to find a balance between mind and body and helps me to relieve my daily stresses while strengthening my body to enable me to do all that I desire.

November 14: I am thankful for my seester. My Emma Roo is my best friend and the greatest sister I could have hoped for. We know how to laugh together incessantly, console each other when we're feeling down, act like fools and be serious if we need to. Not everyone is luck enough to have a sister like mine.

November 15: I am thankful for my ability to travel. Traveling to see the world or friends is such a blessing. I'm so happy that the hubs and I are at a point in our lives that we can get up and go. I know there is so much out there waiting to be discovered. I'm thankful that we can plan a 2013 Eurotrip!

November 16: I am thankful for Alison 'Stern' Crowson and today is her birthday! Alison, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I love you so very much and cherish our friendship dearly. You have the brightest of smiles and your laugh brings laughter to those around you. You are one of the most light-hearted, loving and happy people I know. I am blessed to have you as such a dear person in my life. You always know how to cheer me up and motivate me to continue on. We have the best girl talks and too many memories to count. I'm so glad that we became friends 6+ years ago and can't wait to see what the next 60 bring to us. Happy birthday sweet girl and I'll see you tonight!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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