Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OHP: Almost Halloween!

I know I've already said this both days this week, but I'm still in shock that it's October. I mean if this month goes by as fast as September, then it's going to be November {which equals holiday season} before we know it! I have a strange feeling it'll zoom by since this coming weekend is my only "calm and lazy" weekend! Then I've got weddings, football and baby Charlie's arrival! Also, before November arrives, we have Halloween! I'm not going to lie, I'm really not the biggest Halloween fan in the world. However, I do enjoy a little bit of decorating and giving candy to trick-or-treaters! I think the main reason I don't care for Halloween too much is because I hate being scared more than anything in the world. I get nightmares. I'm talking serious nightmares where I wake up panicked, sweaty and can't go back to sleep. So I like my Halloween with more treats and less tricks!

Here are a few treats and fun Halloween decor that none other than Pinterest has supplied me with!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

If only I was actually creating enough to make this jack-o-lantern!!! Check out mine and Maria's from last year!

As you can see, we're pros...

Source: via Minerva on Pinterest

I seriously want to make these! I love that I can change the letters with the season {boo, joy, maybe make a 4th for love???}

Source: via Cheng on Pinterest

Source: via Susie on Pinterest

I love this! It will probably never happen but it's my October mantel inspiration :)

Do you decorate for Halloween? Any fun ideas I should know about? I'll show y'all my decor once I get it all up! Anyone out there a Halloween lover? Tell me why! I'm thinking about doing this race on a running...probably dressed like a princess :) Now to convince my hubs, sister and others to do it with me!

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