Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hump Day Halloween!

Happy Halloween y'all!

Remember how I went to go hang out with my momma yesterday? It was amazing! All we did was run some errands, lounge around, watch reruns of America's Next Top Model, chit chat and VOTE!

Oh and after the rest of the family got home we carved the pumpkin!!! I'll go ahead and admit that it was Emily's design we decided to go ahead with. He's's kind of funny...not going to lie :)

My sister and I love our family traditions. Carving pumpkins for Halloween, Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room, hot chocolate & hot tub on Christmas Eve and opening presents first thing in the morning Christmas Day...just to name a few. I think Emily and I have become the upholder of family traditions.

So do y'all have exciting plans this Hump Day Halloween?

My baby sis is coming over to the Gougler household and we're going to make some of this...

...but it's my own recipe so I'll hopefully share soon!

We're also going to attempt to make this...

Source: via Amy on Pinterest some of this...

...drink some of this...

Source: via Joel on Pinterest

...or some sort of Oktoberfest beer. Probably Saint Arnold's. I won't be drinking it, but Emily and JP will be :)

I'm also crossing my fingers that I have at least of few of these come to my door!

Source: via Seba on Pinterest

I hope that everyone has a super fun, happy and safe Halloween!

Lots of love from two of the loves of my life!!!

My little bud Charlie in his Halloween onesie from his favorite Auntie!!!

And of course my little Maggie...I mean Tinkerbell!
More pictures to come tomorrow!!!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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