Friday, September 28, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Swap!

Two posts in one day! Happy Friday!

A few weeks ago I signed with for the Stocking Stuffer Swap with Darby over at Life with the Hawleys! I mean, who doesn't love Christmas and more importantly, who doesn't love Christmas to come a little early?!?

I was lucky enough to be paired up with Katy from Southern by Marriage and y'all, she is just the sweetest! Her blog is adorable, so go check it out! My favorite part is her tag line "Just a girl trying to earn her pearls"! As a southern girl myself, I just love this! Even though she currently lives up in Ohio, her really goal is to move down south and show Paula Deen what she's made of! Girlfriend loves to cook! {Katy, you're welcome to come and cook for me in Texas ;) }

Katy completely spoiled me! Take a look at what I got!

Super comfy socks...they're pink and I love wearing cozy socks when the temps drop!
Fun, pink watch!
Essie polish...obsessed with these colors!
EOS lip of my favorites
Playin' Footsie pedicure set...this thing is legit, see below :)
Fall scented candles from Bath & Body Works
Buckeyes! Peanut butter + chocolate = Heaven

Okay, let's take a closer look at this awesome pedicure kit! It has everything I need: Toe spacers, nail clipper, emery boards, callus rasp, INFLATABLE FOOT BATH, manicure sticks  hand & foot lotion and a footsoak. They seriously thought of everything and put it in this neat little bundle! As an avid runner, pedicures are a necessity. Calluses, blisters, you name it, I've gotten it. Now I don't have to spend a ton of dough getting pedis all the time because I can do it myself {don't get me wrong, I'll still splurge because I love it, but now I can go less!}   

To go with my sweet new pedi kit, I got these awesome nail polishes! Maroon for my Aggies and pink for my obsession! 

Okay check out these little Buckeyes - I heard about them when I lived up in Pittsburgh from all my Ohio State friends, but never had them. Since peanut butter and chocolate are two of my favorite foods ever that are even better combined, this treat just screams my name. I haven't tried one yet, but I'm super excited!

Thanks so much Katy! I've had a great time getting to know you and can't wait to keep getting to know you better! I just love making new blog friends :)

Head on over to Darby's blog to check out all the fun goodies everyone else got! And don't forget to stop by Katy's! Happy Friday y'all!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

Flashback Friday: 25 years of Amy

I'm going to go ahead and toot my own horn a little bit and say Happy Birthday to me!!!

So far so good! This morning started out with a 9 mile run in 100% humidity and free Starbucks on the way to work! Not too shabby :) I also receive what could quite possibly be the best birthday text ever. I mean I've had 25 birthdays, 9 of which I had text messaging, so that's a pretty big deal. Take a look:

Awesome way of putting it right? I love my Andrea!

 In honor of my birthday, I'm going to go ahead and embarrass myself a little bit and share with y'all Amy through the years!

My first Christmas! I'm only 3 months old and check out all that hair!

Weird to think that I was born with black, curly hair huh?

Sass and drama has been part of my personality since birth.

Chillin' with my sissy 

Some would call me a girly girl. And by some I mean all. Check out that pinky...and my rockin' jeans!

First Communion!

Girl Scouts Father Daughter Dances were the best!

Dancing Queen!

I don't have any pictures from my awkward middle school days. I'm sure my parents can help me out with that and I can embarrass myself a little bit more!

High school cheer.

Senior portraits...not my favorite one, but it's the one my mom posted on Facebook :)

Freshman year of college Spring Break!!!

So there you have it, 25 years of Amy...minus middle school. Hope you enjoyed a blast from the past!

Happy happy Friday everyone! Have a fun and safe weekend! This girl is headed to College Station to celebrate this weekend! WH09P!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tale as Old as Time...

True as it can be
Bearly even friends
Then some body bends

Beauty and the Beast was amazing last night! I want to share a few pictures, but first, it is Thursday so here are...

Last Week's Workouts
Friday: 3 mile run
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 11 mile run {9:09 pace}
Monday: 2 mile walk with Andrea & Joey plus at least an hour of walking at the airport
Tuesday: Abs and Upper Body
Wednesday: 6 mile run
Thursday: 3 mile run this afternoon before my massage :)

Don't worry I didn't take too many :)

I'm pretty impressed with my camera set up and timing skills!

Before the show we went to dinner at a cute little Italian restaurant called Birraporetti's. Of course wine was consumed along with a large seafood appetizer, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus! 

And we had to get a birthday dessert! Oh and it was free! Yay for birthdays and tiramisu! 

Then it was off to the theatre! I love being downtown and having the ability to walk just about everywhere! 

We had pretty good seats in the center of the second level! My hubs is so good to me :)

On the balcony before the show enjoying one more glass of wine.

Our view of the stage before the show began! {Clearly an iPhone photo}

My favorite scenes were easily Be Our Guest and the Gaston Song which is when the towns people are singing about how great Gaston is in the know what I'm talking about? Not the most memorable song in the movie, but amazing choreography in the show and I loved it!

Belle has always been my favorite princess. I'm not sure why, but she is and I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. This show was an amazing experience and now I just want to go back to Disney World! 
What's you favorite Disney movie or Disney princess? Have you seen any Disney movies in musical theatre form? Sometime I really want to see The Lion King! I hope it comes back to Houston because I missed it this summer!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I've come to realize...

1. I've come to realize that my hair:
Will always grow back so I'm thrilled that hopefully I'll be able to make some woman or child a wig with my donations!

2. I've come to realize that when I talk:
My husband only listens about 50% of the time...or less. 

3. I've come to realize that if I make a mistake:
I can always recover. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them along the way!

4. I've come to realize that all I really need is:
Love, friends and family.

5. I've come to realize that I've lost:
A pair of my Nike running shorts. They're maroon, pink and white and I wish I had them. They were my faves!

6. I've come to realize that I hate:
Cheese. Oh wait I knew that. I also hate people biting their nails and people who do nothing but complain.

7. I've come to realize that if I were to get drunk:
...not sure...

8. I've come to realize that money:
Truly can't buy happiness.

9. I've come to realize that when I get old:
I want nothing more than to have the hubs by my side. I want to be that cute old couple with their own rockers side by side in front of the tv :)


10. I've come to realize that I'll always be:
Loud. I just can't help it. I have volume control issues.

11. I've come to realize that I have a crush on:
Aaron Rodgers, Michael Buble, Ryan Reynolds

12. I've come to realize that the last time I cried:
Was yesterday because I had a headache for 2 days straight. I'm not talking a mental breakdown, just a few alligator tears running down my face when the hubs got home.

13. I've come to realize that my cell phone:
Holds my entire life 

14. I've come to realize that when I wake up in the morning:
I'm ready to go! Yes, it's true. Some people hate me for it, but when I'm up, I'm up.

15. I've come to realize that before I go to sleep at night:
I have to have the tv on and it has to be something happy or Harry Potter.

16. I've come to realize that right now I am thinking about:
How excited I am to see Beauty and the Beast the Musical tonight!


17. I've come to realize that my life:
Has its ups and downs but when it comes down to it, it's pretty darn amazing

18. I've come to realize that when I get on Facebook:
It's usually just to stalk people's pictures.

19. I've come to realize that tonight I will:
Get all dressed up for a date night at the theatre with the hubs!

20. I've come to realize that tomorrow I will:
Get a birthday massage.

21. I've come to realize that I really want:
To finish my first marathon in January! Got to stick to my training! I also really want a kitchen table and an island for my kitchen...

22. I've come to realize that fitness:
Keeps me going. It's such an important part of life. It keeps me healthy, sane and feeling great!

23. I've come to realize that love:
Lifts us up where we belong. All we need is love. {Thanks Moulin Rouge}

If that's not love, then I don't know what is :)
24. I've come to realize my best girl friends:
Are always by my side no matter how far away they may be. In fact, most of my closest girls don't live near me, but we always make an effort to talk and see each other!

25. I've come to realize my best guy friends:
Are my hubs best friends as well...makes life easier.

26. I've come to realize food can:
Make me very sick. Stupid allergies.

27: I've come to realize that this summer:
Flew by like the blink of an eye. Where is life going? 

28. I've come to realize that my sister(s)?brother(s)
. Are the best. I've actually known this for a long time. We may fight, but when it comes down to it, we're inseparable and would do anything and everything for each other.

29. I've come to realize that crying:
Can clear your soul.

30. I've come to realize that death:
Is part of life whether we like it or not. 

31. I've come to realize that if I'm sick:
I am very stubborn. 

32. I've come to realize when I'm bored:
I find something to do. I'm rarely bored since I find myself over committed most of the time!

33. I've come to realize that work:
Pays the bills, but it's more important to love/appreciate what you do then to get a bigger paycheck.

34. I've come to realize that family:
Is everything we have, the most amazing support system and the best friends a girl could ask for.

35. I've come to realize:
That their is still so much more to realize about life!

What have you realized lately? There's always so much going on in our world today, sometimes it's good to just sit down, think and realize what is really going on around you!

Happy hump day y'all!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Showering Andrea

I'm back :) Did you miss me? I missed y'all. As always things have been running at full speed the past month and I didn't have anything for y'all yesterday while I was in Huntsville still! I had such an amazing weekend with my Andrea and I can't believe it's the last trip I'll take to see her without Charlie! Here's a dump of pics from our super fun weekend together!

We spent Saturday running errands for Anne's shower on Sunday! We also got our toes done and went to dinner at Tavern at Bridge Street

Sunday was shower day!!! It all started with an 11 mile run for this girl! Andrea's mom, aunt and mom's friend ran 8 miles while I tackled my 11 and we all met up at Panera Bread for breakfast afterwards before it was time to get ready for the shower! Here are all the fun details!

Coffee Bar! How cute are those cups?!?

Chocolate fountain...I think I ate my weight in chocolate covered carbs :)

Bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes!

My favorite pregnant person in the world :)

Anne definitely scored some amazing gifts! This isn't even all of them! I totally forgot to take a picture of what I got her! I'll have to take a picture of it when I'm back for Charlie's birthday :)

Andrea's little cousin Sophie was the best helper ever...seriously, she's a doll!

Exhausted! Only 3:00pm and such a long day!

Gina - Sophie - Andrea - Lisa

We spent the rest of the day sitting down, being lazy, watching movies and TLC. Excellent decision.

Monday morning we got up and went on a fun little walk with Andrea's Dad's dog Joey! About a mile away from his house is a family who raises alpacas and they have a horse and some donkeys too! it's always fun to go visit them and little Joey just has a blast! (Joey looks so much like Maggie it's crazy!)

Then we met up with Lisa, Gina and Sophie for some shopping at Bridge Street before it was time for me to head to the airport to go home :( Luckily, I'll be heading back that way in just 3 weeks for Charlie's arrival!!!

Now I'm safely back home, back to reality and back for my birthweek of course!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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