Monday, August 6, 2012

Goals: Get to it

It's Monday but really like my Thursday because on Wednesday, this girl is headed to Gulf Shores! Sorry to rub it in, but this is my last real vaycay of the year!

Let's get straight to today's post. Goals. I love setting goals. When I reach any goal - weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly - I feel so accomplished! I actually wrote about goals back in March but I figured it's about time to share some of my goals again. It's best to be held accountable!

Before we get started, let's take a look at -
Last Week's Workouts
Monday: OFF - injury
Tuesday: OFF - injury
Wednesday: 2 mile walk
Thursday: 30 min on Elliptical - abs and push ups
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 3 mile run {8:30 pace}
Sunday: 2 mile walk - broken up 1.5 miles morning, 0.5 miles in the evening

Definitely not my best week, but not my worst week either! It's rough having to recover from Vegas, nurse and injury and complete a cleanse. Despite all the off days, I feel accomplished.


1. Work out 4-5 days a week - not including walking unless it's a walk/jog. I know that this may not always be possible due to scheduling and how I feel, but it is definitely reasonable. I believe it's attainable because on Saturday, I started training for the Houston marathon! {Ongoing goal - could evolve with time}

2. Train for and complete my first full marathon. I'm registered and ready to go. I've got my training schedule all lined up. Have a look:

It's kind of hard to read, but just know that I'll be running about 5-6 days a week. I will definitely sub in the elliptical for a run every so often to go easy on my knees and to account for some cross training! I'm also looking to cross train with some spin {to improve leg strength and endurance} and yoga! {Deadline: January 2013}

3. Start yoga classes. I have a Groupon for 25 classes at a studio near my house. I plan on starting yoga after I get back from my vacation in order to assist my running. Yoga and running really do go hand in hand. Another goal of mine that is associated with taking yoga is to build up my flexibility again. {Deadline: Start in August and continue through training. Will re-evaluated after race is completed}

4. Complete the Rock 'n Roll San Antonio half marathon {in November} around 1:55:00 or less. This would be a PR on the course for me. My current PR is 1:50:44. I wouldn't be upset if I beat that time either, but I'm thinking a PR on the course would be just as satisfying given the different weather conditions in Texas vs  Pennsylvania! {Deadline: November 2012}

5. Buy a car. That's right. I said it. I need a new car. JP and I have never done this before! Both of our cars were gifted to us by our parents: mine for Christmas in 2006 and his for Graduation in 2008. We don't have a car payment right now which is amazing, but the time has come for my 2002 Ford Taurus to be traded in. She doesn't have much life left in her! The hubs and I are actually going to test drive a few more cars after work today! {Deadline: 2012}

6. Finish painting and decorating my house. I know that decorating a home is an evolving and ever changing process, but I would like to have my first version complete. This includes painting a few rooms, getting a bit more furniture and putting up the rest of our pictures/art/diplomas/etc. {Deadline: December 31, 2012}

7. Plan a European trip with the hubs! We're really doing it! London, Paris, Bordeaux here we come! My goal is to research and ask everyone I know about where to go and what to do in each of these regions. I want to make sure we don't miss a thing. {Deadline: Summer 2013}

8. Meal plan more often. Life has been crazy lately with vacations, summertime, etc. Once we get back from Gulf Shores, my goal is to meal plan each week through the rest of the year {hopefully to continue on}. Obviously we won't be cooking everyday and weekend trips will be taken often with the start of football. All these weekend trips and tailgating should just encourage us more to eat at home during the week. This was we'll save money and calories! I hope hope to share more of our weekly meal plans and recipes with y'all! {Continuous and evolving goal}

9. Go on a date once a week. Whether it be a dinner date, out to see a movie or some fun activity, we need at least one night a week to do something together that we don't do every day! {Deadline: Weekly}

I just adore this man :)
10. Calm down, let loose and don't get so worked up about things. This is a goal of mine that I've been working on for quite some time. I am a type A personality and sometimes I get too worked up about something and have trouble just letting it go. Maybe I should just drink more wine :) {Evolving goal}

So there you have it folks. 10 of my current goals. I think they cover various aspects of my life and everything is important to me. They are all SMART as I discussed in my original goal blog post. What are your current goals? Anything you want to share to be held accountable? In order for me to be held accountable, I'll go ahead and do an update at the beginning of September to see how far I've come and add anything else I feel is appropriate! That's one of the best things about this bloggy world, blog friends to help you out!

Happy Monday y'all! Here's to another week to live life to the fullest!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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