Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Olympics, Fashion and Friday


Dear Friday, thanks for coming around! It feels like it's been forever. I'm going to blame it on Vegas :)

Dear me, I'm so proud of you for finishing this cleanse and not cheating! It wasn't easy, but totally worth it. Here's to healthy changes - less sugar! I'll for sure blog about you next week to share my unwanted opinions with the world my readers!

Dear Vegas, you kicked my butt. Well actually my leg. However, I had a blast - too much fun in fact. Can't wait until we meet again next year!

Dear Leg, thanks for healing up pretty quickly. I was happy to be able to do the elliptical after work last night! Now we just need to get rid of the nasty scrape and wicked bruises before the beach!

Dear Gulf Shores, I can't wait to see you next Wednesday. It's going to be a blast!

Dear Weather, please don't rain in Gulf Shores all week next week like said you were going to. I really want to layout on the beach, get my tan on and play in the water like I'm 6.

Dear Fab Five, you rock my socks off. Serious, amazing. I think each and every one of you has brought so much to the team. Obviously, that's why y'all are gold medalists! Oh and get it Gabby! 3 for 3 in gold medal all around the past 3 Olympics! My heart breaks for Aly and Jordan.

Dear JP, thanks for putting up with me with my bum leg and through my cleanse! You're the best :) I love you to the moon and back, a circle all the time every day. Times five. 

Dear Olympics, I am complete mesmerized. I can't stop watching you. I am in awe of the strength and determination of these world class athletes. Does this motivate anyone else to work out harder? Let's just say I busted my bootie at the gym and I believe I have the Olympics to thank. 

Olympic Lovin'

Here's my Olympic inspired t-shirt outfit. The cut of this shirt is adorable and what Olympic nut wouldn't want it? I also love the red shorts! They aren't too short and the color is perfect! I have similar ones in pink and love them! Just saying, I'm also a fan of these Sam Edelman strappy sandals. They're so comfy and versatile, plus they're in USA blue :)

One more thing before I leave you for the weekend! What do you think of these:

They're the new ankle zip legging jeans from Gap! I'm kind of liking the look and the color! Let me know what you think...I'm seriously thinking about buying them!

Well, that's all for now! I'm off to finish out Friday for a weekend to include Olympic watching, swimming, Tim & Kenny concert, car shopping {maybe}, and more! See y'all Monday! Have a great weekend.

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Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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